Your average human is stuck in
    Must Do - Can't Do
    (Must Do something about - Can't Do Something About)
    They wish to go OT so that they Can Do.

    They have no hope of handling the Must Do.
    A Superman is one who Can Do.

    An OT is a Superman who no longer Must Do.
    Part of what keeps us interior is the overwhelming Must Do/Can't Do
that comes from being able to see what is going on in the universe. 
    No being is big enough to DO something about it all. 

    One can not become big enough to DO something about it all, until he

    You can not move a mountain until you can create a mountain.

    You move mountains in fact by first creating them where they are, then
uncreating them where they are and then creating them again somewhere
    The being who can not create evil, can never vanquish evil.
    Thus on first exteriorization into the physical universe, one's
protections of 300 feet of sensory radius expands to thousands of miles,
and the being is totally unable to put any of it there willingly, so
he goes into a massive MUST DO something about it.  But since
he can't put it there, he doesn't have the horsepower to actually DO
something about it, so he collapses back into non observation, namely
being in a head.
    There is something Adore calls the Radius of Murder.
    How far out would you have to be able to look in order to see
at least one murder going on?
    This is the inner radius of murder.

    How far out would you have to be able to look in order for there
to ALWAYS to be at least one murder going on at all times.
    This is the outer radius of murder.

    A being who can not stand to simply observe murder, a being who must
do something about it but feels he can't do something about it, will limit
his vision inside his inner radius of murder.  Just so with any other
thing he can not simply observe without doing something about it.

    Observe and Do are a dicom of sorts.
    The OT creates the scene and then Observes it as it is.
    The Superman observes the scene and then tries to DO something
about it.
    What kind of superman would create criminals to sic upon good
people, only to then go out and do something about them?  One would
think this was a very sick kind of superman, trying to give himself
work, no?
    So your average human, in trying very hard to become a superman, is
trying just as hard to NOT become OT, and thus becomes neither. 
    This IS the chinese finger trap.

    It is based on Observe/Do, Must Do/Can't do, and Start/Stop.

    Insanity is trying to stop what you consider you did not start.
    The Superman is totally insane.

    So is the human.


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