Women seek men who can teach the woman how to be a better man in
their next lives.  Woman are terrified of being men in their next lives
and need a man in this life who has mastered that terror to help them
master it themselves for the future.
     Women who seek men in order to teach the MEN how to be better men
by being more like women in their next lives, are incipient dykes.

     It's a kind of backseat driving.

     "I can't be a man, but be like me anyhow."

     That said, the *JOB* of a woman is to raise women who can raise
men, and to raise men to be leaders of both women and men.

     Men who abuse women, hate their mothers for trying to demasculate
     If all men were like women, there would be no men or women.

     Women like to complain that men don't understand women.

     The truth is men understand women a LOT better than women
understand men, the men just don't want to admit it, even to themselves.

     You tell them the truth though and they will quietly nod their

     So it might seem like men don't understand women, they do but they
are blocking it out intentionally.

     Women actually don't understand men as they have have little to no
experience from which to understand them except maybe from succesful
past lives.

     If their understanding of themselves as men in past lives is gone, their
understanding of men is gone with it.

     Although estrogen CREATED testosterone to protect it while with
chchild, estrogen hasn't a clue about what it has created.  It's always
a surpise, as any women will tell you once they have their first male

     Testosterone does not complement estrogen, testosterone ENCOMPASSES

     Just as the abilities of the mother do not complement the abilities
of the child, but instead encompass them, just so do the abilities of
men encompass the abilities of women and child.

     Word clear complementation and encompassment until you understand
the difference.

     Men need to give up the desire to get laid at the expense of being
dishonest about women, and women need to suck it up and take
responsibility for their juniorship.

     Women WILL be men in future lives and the kind of man they become
is very much a function of how well they did as a women with men and
their trainging in leadership BY WOMEN in this one.

     It is NOT true that all women are junior to all men, women are only
junior to men in their own spiritual grade and higher grades.

     The real question then is when they next become men, are they
graduating up to the next level with their own grade, or being set back
to a lesser man in a lower grade.

     Nobody wants to talk about this.

     Women are responsible for how their sons turn out as men, and men
treat women exactly as women have created them.

     Men can rise above this, but generally don't.

     Women will vocally disagree with the above.

     Men will agree with it silently, unless the woman married down, and
the men are thus attached to a woman in a higher grade.

     The need to get laid is strong.


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