Adore considers that there can be only one pilot in the family,
the pilot's decisions are adhered to when there is absolute
irreconcilable disagreement.

     Whether the man or the woman is the pilot is unimportant, but
Adore would suggest that if the woman is pilot she is matched with an
inferior man unworthy of her.
     "Pilot and Co Pilot
     Your family and life are like an airplane,
     Once it takes off, it can't land just anywhere, lest all die.
     In such a case it is always wise to have TWO pilots, in case one
errs obviously.

     But what happens when there is absolute disagreement?
     One must be deferred to, particularly when no decision is worse
than a wrong decision.
     Co-Pilots choose their Pilots for the moments when the Pilot is
     Co-Pilots usually will not settle for a Pilot that does not have
3 or 4 times the experience.
     So, women listen closely.

     Your family is a Star Ship.
     A ship of stars, star captains and star capability.
     You are Co-Pilot.
     So pick your Pilots wisely then,

     And your children with be Pilots too."

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