Humor and self love are the motivating power behind manifestation.

     You find the Joke to existence when you find the humor at the point
of coming in, on the verge of time, the big PUTTING IT THERE.

     At that moment you are out by definition, before the verge of time.
     You don't HAVE to put anything there.

     Wouldn't that be a hoot.

     Everything else after that is lost with the goal to find your way

     Remember the purpose of the Divine Creator is to cast doubts
on its own existence.

>Homer wrote:
>>    You been there, done that.  You did get out, you have gotten out
>>numerous times, it was too sad the ending of it all, so you dove
>>back in.  Rehabbing the times you got out and decided to dive back
>>in is imperative to going full OT.  

RVH wrote:
>Do you mean the PU or creation generally, as opposed to "not being" as Static?
>I want out of the PU, not existence itself.

     That's for you to determine.  The PU definitely.  How high you went
is for you to tell me.  The point is you went high enough to *DECIDE*
freely to turn it around lest you go too far out and never come back.

     This happens in any game that we don't want to end, it starts to
end, we have won it, and we pretend we didn't and take a dive for the
worse just to keep it going.  Then again and again.

     4 times later we are complaining about how we never win.

     Loosing too much comes after winning too much and a lot of love.

     But its all intentional.

>Maybe the problem is that in order to experience any thing it has to be created
>from Static, which is totally balanced. Therefore, for example, in order to experience 
>something pleasurable something unpleasurable also has to be experienced.

     Blecch.  The only reason anyone has to experience pain is to
experience humor.

     There is *LOTS* of pleasure without pain.

     The pain however forms the basis of the joke.

     The pain doesn't balance the humor, the pain *IS* the joke.

     The humor, once the joke is seen, washes the pain away.

     The pain is humor in reverse polarity.  The pain releases AS humor,
and once the pain is gone, the laughter fades, and peace regains.

     The joke is thinking there is no justice and wondering why there is

     Justice reigns at all times, it can not but otherwise than reign.

     Justice doesn't mean that bad guys get theirs in the end, that's
two wrongs make a right.

     Justice means, if you want something, and you intend that it exist,
and you get it, then you deserve what you get exactly as you wanted it.

     The correct E/P to any somatic release is "Christ I deserved what I
got!" Not because you were bad, not because you did someone in,, but
because you violated YOUR truth and YOUR sovereignty EXACTLY as YOU
determined to do so.  Justice is exactly and only getting what you want
exactly and only as you wanted it.


     "Spot a Justice"
     "Spot an Injustice"

     If it doesn't turn on hysterical laughter, you are in over your

     Like anyone isn't.

>The alternative is not that desireable - to not experience, and remain unmanifest
>as static. If this is the case, and I have suspected it is for a long time, then maybe
>I should just shut the f..k up and accept the unpleasant along with the pleasant.

     Acceptance = apathy.

     Rejectance = humor = vanishment.

     You don't have to hurt to feel orgasm do you?  You don't have to
break a leg to enjoy sex?  It's nonsense.  You don't need black to
appreciate white, you may not CONSIDER that there is white, but there
will be white and you will appreciate it.

     Besides, if you are really bent on having differences, all it takes
is a little color to realize there is also white.

     Look, *THIS* universe is a universe of conflicts, of things trying
to survive while the entropy of the expanding universe destroys all in
its path.  This universe is its own bull dozer, and you are trying to
build sand castles.

     Take a gander at the enterprise you have taken on.

     *ANY* game you play here you are going to ultimately lose, there is
nothing that can be protected or built forever.  In 10 billion years it
is *All* going to be Dust in the Wind as the color form board is erased
for the next cycle of finger painting.

     Joy can be brought to any game and any tone, no matter how badly
you are losing, as long as you are playing willfully and don't mind

     Tones are a kind of action, they have nothing to do with pain or

     You can enjoy running away, or you can hate running away, both are
fear.  It's a matter of 'ARE YOU THERE ON YOUR OWN DETERMINISM." If fear
were so bad, no one would go near a roller coaster.

     People can add a whole hell of a lot of considerations onto losing,
like mainly that they loose parts of themselves when they loose their
little light picture of a body, so they take loosing very seriously
because loosing parts of self violates sovereign desire.

     But its all a lie, sovereign desire can not be violated, even if it
wants to, and it doesn't want to, all it can do and all it ever wants to
do is play with ILLUSIONS of violation of sovereign desire.

     That's its roller coaster.

     Each person is an arcade game writer who has become his own
characters on purpose a little too much.  He thinks he is his light
picture, and once the little color form doll dies that's it for him.

     The minute an OT does this to himself he swamps himself with
infinite charge of infinite loss of infinite self, and he becomes solid
as a rock.  It takes guts to do that to yourself, guts however come easy
to an infinite omni operating lord god almighty.  You see?
     The problem is DOING IT AGAIN, now *THAT* takes guts because we are
these little fragile creatures weighed down by the load of an infinite
bomb of tears, and the only way out is the way in, which means we can
not reach out to become what we were unless we reach out to become what

     I can't say that often enough or strong enough.

     Once you can come in again, you can also decide not to, but talk
about danger, who the hell knows what you are going to stick yourself
with next time.

     Better to stay in this time.

     OT's are very dangerous with themselves, they just can't stand it
when games end, they will go to every extreme to make sure it doesn't.
The solutions to this one problem alone are legion, and are the main
burden the being carries.
     But once you point that out to them, pop, they are on their way out
again.  It is almost impossible to stay in a game.  It's hard to get
out, impossible in fact, until you get it just right, then poof, you
can't come back, can't even figure out how you managed to stay in that

     A few millions years down the road, once you are done laughing
yourself to sleep about it, you might pick up the pieces and start to
build a new game that will never end.  Not.

     The one thing that peace does not have is humor.

     It is the quest for humor, that is the driving force behind peace's
movement into manifestation.

     It's not that peace is dissatisfied, it is emensely satisfied,
infinitely satisfied, satisfied beyond all human understanding, but it
wants to share this satisfaction once in a while with others, and that
manifests as these descent and ascent cycles into fear and laughter, via
logic and illogic, lies and truth.
     The truth is too weird, a normal garden variety human can not
conceive it.  Whatever they conceive just ain't it.

     Once that dawns on them, and their minds come to rest about what's
it all about, cuz they don't know, and now they know they don't know,
the stuff starts to break open and the joke shines forth.

     But its easy enough to press the matter:

     "Who or what made the world and why?"

     If you like your answer, you got the truth.  If you don't like it,
you don't.

     Don't expect to run this in a day.

>I really dont believe this. Could everyone be mistaken about this? I'm doing my
>best to find out, which is why I have looked/am looking at so many areas of tech.

     Yeah I don't believe one needs to suffer in order to enjoy either.

     It's a bogus justification, making a virtue out of a horrible
necessity.  Minds in apathy do this.

     One only has to suffer to experience humor, the release of fear.

     It's like you got peace at one end, and anger, fear, sorrow and
apathy at the other, and then there is the transition between.

     "High Cool is Home.

     Thrill is always the effort to get Lost,
     Romance is always the effort to get Home.
     Halcyon (Humor) is bemused relief on the verge (of time).

     It's the humor that makes it all worthwhile.

     It's what you like to cry about, Classy Tears."

>>     Audit hurry.  Hurry and relief are dicoms.
>The hurry of impending mortal doom is because at this stage I cannot guarantee
>I will be in a position to continue with tech that works in my next life. 

     Life is like a prison.  We all want to get out, but we don't want
to leave our friends behind.  When someone dies, we cry because they got
out of prison and left us behind.

     While we are here, we consider that no way would we have ever
chosen to be here.  So we fear death, BECAUSE WE FEAR LIFE, we are safer
alive nailed to our present carrion crucifix, because once we die, WHO
KNOWS what hell hole me might end up in.

     Being a baby in the arms of a psycho mother is the pits.

     That's the FEAR talking.

     You know the drill.

     You getting this picture yet?

>I dont
>want to spend half my next life looking for tech that works before getting on
>with it. 

     Well if you post it to the internet, then actually once you are old
enough to type and read, you will have it again.

     That's why I put The Proof on the internet.

>>     You want to get out to a place where you never would come in again,
>>or never would have come in in the first place.
>>     The only out there is that is real, is the out that led you in.

>Could this be false data?

     If so, then you did not knowingly and willing create or enter the
situation you are in.  That is a violation of total responsibility.

     Now you have a choice.

     Which is better.

     To wake up in hell having chosen to do so as a practical joke on
yourself of magnitude which you can't quite remember.

     Or to wake up in hell having been put here against your will and
without your knowing by god knows what?

>>     You WANTED TO COME IN.  Is this the out you would like to return to?


     OK.  This is called an ARC Break with Source.

     It's a form of Sin Song,
     "Sin Song means to sing another Source done wrong song.  Sin Song
is not Sin as long as it is just Song."

     It means you are pissed as hell, burned actually, by your present
state, and you wish it had never happened and you can't see *ANYTHING*
making it up to you, and all you can hope for is to get out and make
sure you never come back, and then forget it, after perhaps helping a
few of your buddies out and pushing a few of your enemies back in.

     But that involves learning a lesson you will never forget, lessons
make good yokes around your neck that eventually sink you to the bottom
of the sea.

     However you are right, no further good thing will ever make up for
the bad thing that has occurred.  So what are you going too do?

     Adore says, Find the Joke.

     "Laughter is all the Kind Justice there is and all the Justice you
will ever need forever for real.

     This thing ain't called a religion for nothing."

     You see, the *ONLY* thing that will resolve your burn with Source,
is finding the Joke, then you will be glad it happened, and you will
remember why you crafted it in the first place.

     "High Halcyon is High Appreciation for Ludicrous Demise."

     Notice the word LUDICROUS.  It comes from LUDERE meaning game.

     Ludicrous Demise results from Beautiful Illogic.  Lies in others

     Notice I said BEAUTIFUL Illogic.

     This is hand crafted with PRIDE by the OT as he designs his own
demise into the valley of death.

     "Pride is Operating Craftsmanship of Class".

     "Class is an attitude, that *ALL* should live forever and be my

     "Cool is the ability to maintain Class."
     "This must be the valley of death, everyone looks at me like I am a
part of their nightmare!!"

     Trying to make up for that burn, is a nonconfront of that burn, its
a moving away to something better, which creates time, and distance and
further separation from the moment of coming in and the artistic sense
of humor that inspired it.

     The burn can not be made up for.  The burn can only be resolved
with humor which is the universal solvent.

     Not OTHER humor, but humor to the burn itself.

     God is not a God of Love, God is a God of Fear and Laughter, and
you are that God.

     Creation is a joke that encodes the beauty of Eternal peace in the
MECHANISM of pretended and apparent Eternal Loss.

     That mechanism is beautiful illogic.

     "The purpose of Creation is to Trade in Expressions of Discovery."

     The only discoveries of any intrinsic worth are the discoveries of
wisdom leading to humor leading to resolution of the burn.  All else is
instrumental to these intrinsic goals.

>>     Once you were out, where would you go after you were rested for
>>a trillion years?

>Not the PU for me, but some higher level of experience. Can't I just mock up
>my own universe and have it just the way I want it. 

     Yes you can have anything you want.

     That's the point.  You been there, did that, bought the tee shirt.
Then you went on to more adult entertainment.

>Exactly, this is what I want, and this is why I have been jumping from tech
>to tech. This wimpy stuff is for girls (sorry, no offence to our female subscribers)

     Don't get me started on girls.

     Closets and collars come to mind.