Continuing to run respect and no respect on mother, demons, mother
demons and demon mothers... :) 

    The Christ Consciousness is unconditional respect for all things. 
    The Anti Christ Consciousness is unconditional no respect for all
    That's unconditional contempt for all things. 

    It is thus tempting once one falls down below Christ Consciousness to
fight the Anti Christ Consciousness with unconditional contempt towards
it.  That however uses its own power against itself and leads to becoming
what you fear most.
    One resolves this by running unconditional respect on the Anti Christ
Consciousness instead.  That is very enlightening and robs it of its power

    I have never been able to run ARC straightwire, possibly because
affinity, reality or communication don't really run for me as items, but
respect does. 
    "Spot a time you had respect for another."
    "Spot a time you had no respect for another."

    "Spot a time another had respect for you."
    "Spot a time another had no respect for you."
    others to others, self to self and others to themselves, etc

    Also one of the problems of running ARC straightwire on a pc
that had a real bad life is he doesn't have a lot of ARC moments
at all.  He may have the misunderstood that in order to run the
process he needs to have a lot of them or else why bother as
it just reminds him how few he had and makes him worse and madder than
hell.  And maybe he doesn't want to admit he had any because others
will say "See it wasn't all that bad after all!"
    But the truth is, the out of ARC moments stick to him because
of the in ARC moments *EVEN IF ONLY JUST ONE*, so really the point
of running ARC straightwire is to find and locate those possibly
hidden moments of ARC that are causing the rest of the non ARC to
be a problem.
    He's a sad effect about having had a whole life of lousy
demon mother, because he had an angel mother for one microsecond
earlier on.
    Other items that came up to run for me were,
    God Monster -  
    God King
    Omni Operating Anti Lord God Almighties -
    Omni Operating Lord God Almighties
    Got laughter on unconditional contempt on all things, session ended
later flat, no F/N but lots of TA, needle active loose, reading and
running well, not soaring and jamming high, ended at about 4.0 after
having been down to 3.25 a few times. 

    Don't know if I am looking for another item pair like
respect - no respect, or another terminal like mother, demon etc.

    Respect continues to run, its a major item in my life, respecting and
not respecting things and letting people know it! :) 

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