Casper the Friendly Ghost (davesmith39@hotmail.com) wrote:
>     The scientology mgmt is doing the perfect 1.1 (covert hostility)
>game.  I don't believe that lrh was a 'drug addict' or INSANE or mr.
>evil himself, just listen to anyONE of his lectures.

      Correct.  However I think there is room for both viewpoints.

     There is a very wide range from the bottom where Hubbard and the
rest of us started to where Hubbard and some of us on this Newsgroup
have gotten to (not me.)

     From where I am looking Hubbard is WAY UP, from where Phil is
looking Hubbard is WAY SIDEWAYS and off course.

     I can see it.

     It's also not a problem to me.

     There is a real cool process anyone can do on someone with a meter,
it helps if the pc has some experience with auditing and wins etc.  Its
real powerful in good hands.

     Get the pc on the meter, and watch the needle climb, get it rising
smoothly with a little 2wc (two way comm) on rudiments etc, then run the

     "OK, why is the TA going up?"

     You tell the pc you are not auditing them, they are soloing
themselves, that you have no idea what is wrong with them or 'what to
run', that they are to let their bank talk to them and lead them to
where they need to look, hear and experience the bank talking to them,
and speak next.

     Its ok to tell the pc what his TA is at and what itis doing, rising
or stuck high etc.

     Whatever the pc says, if the needle continues to rise or doesn't
read or blow down, you say "nope that isn't it, still rising.".

     PC screams about murder, rape, incest, sucking blood, and the
needle doesn't even quiver, you say "Still rising."

     When it reads "That read, tell me more about ..." whatever item or
word or idea or phrase that read or blew down.  Only mention significant
reads, forget the ticks, although poke around the dirty skirting

     Don't steer on reads, don't say "there there yes what's that?", on
every little tick, trying to get the pc to talk.  Only when the pc says
something AND it falls or blowdowns do you say anything.

     When the pc says something and it doesn't read or reads and
continues to rise, you say, "Still rising" If pc asks what the TA is at,
tell him.

     When the needle falls, blow downs heavily indicate it with "Yup,
lots of charge there!".  If pc is interested tell him how much it blew
down, "Hey we came down from 5.3 to 4.2 on that one alone!"

     Pc will feel validated.

     Audit to a win, TA down from 5.5 and stuck to 4 and loose.  Ask
"Want to go on for another cycle?" TA starts to rise, goes back to 4.5,
blowsdown to 3.4 on the second round, say "Wanna continue for another
cycle?" Each time the TA should end up lower.

     If goes well a few cycles later TA will be at 2.5 and F/Ning.

     Each cycle is a little win, let the pc have it and decide on their
own determinism whether to continue or not.

     So you see, you can natter all day long about satanic roots and
philosophical underpinnings, or you can put all that crap aside and just
get on the meter and face the rising TA until it comes down.

     If you can't get the TA to go up, run "OK, how come the TA won't go
up" instead?  Get them talking, until it starts rising.

      Remember where you got this from, it wasn't me.


Tue Dec 13 21:19:51 EST 2016