This piece references a number written on a 3x5 card taped to the
back of the preclear's head every session.  When he exteriorizes, he
should be able to tell the auditor what the number is.

     This doesn't mean he can see next door, but it does mean he can see
the back of his own head as it actually is.


LR1467 (lr1467@aol.com) wrote:
>Ext from body is no guarantee of ext from mind.  PC could take occlusions with
>him as well as consids that he needs eyes to see with.  So not seeing the
>number wouldn't prove anything anyway.

     Yes of course, but with the number there, you could catch those who
have full perceptics.  Roland said he could see the back of his head, he
probably has more evidence than he is willing to admit, should run the
incident R3R.

     Maybe a speck of dandruff on his back collar he saw, he could have
checked it out later when he stumbled home.

     That would be a joke no?  See the evidence, bypass it, then
complain forever afterwards that he needs Proof!
     I have been auditing Interior-Exterior extensively.

     There are many levels of interiorization.  One can get out of body
and be in the physical universe, or one can get out of the physical
universe, or one can get out of UNIVERSES, etc.

     This physical universe probably has a heavy track of suppression
about getting out of the body, as that gives one immense and dangerous
physical universe powers, to perceive into other people's business and
be invisible yourself etc.  Forget moving the marble.  No money in that.

     Power lies in PERCEIVING.  This universe, other universes, co
universes, higher universes, lower universes, other beings, melded
beings, spiritual teammates etc.

     If you look out there and all you see is a wall, there is something
you are not perceiving.


     "Get the idea of perceiving."
     "Get the idea of not perceiving."

     So the being exteriorizes from the body and suddenly is faced with
overwhelming fear, fear of finding out, fear of being found out, mustn't
perceive lest they come and do it to him again, etc.

     The being has an ARC break about having been in a body and
believing he was mortal, but he's too scared of being out to find out
why he is in!  So he tries to find out without getting out!

     If he does get out, he takes a quick non look around so to speak
and jams back in again, usually on sympathy for the body etc, and then
can't be gotten out again.

     That may be the next higher exteriorization kicking in and needing
to be run.  He just got out of his body and it was too scary, so he went
back in and now he's trying to ext from the physical universe completely
while still inside his body.

     Well that's workable, and may fool the THEY he is so scared of who
are outside the body just waiting for him to get out again, but he's
gotta spot that is what's going on, he's trying to get out of the
physical universe without getting out of the body first.

     So each universe had a reason for interiorizing into the universe
within it, and finally into a body, and that's a lot of pressure to stay
in and not get out.  But if you exteriorize to the Sovereign Universe
before universes, then its just peace and yourself and your desire to
engage space time for thrill and romance.

     Its SAFE there, because no one is forcing you to come in, no one is
chasing you, no one is punishing you, executing you forever and ever,
burying you, entombing you etc.  All there is, is you and a whole hell
of a lot of Class, universal friendliness.

     Now you take this poor meatball and exteriorize him from his body,
and suddenly his whole world view changes, whaddya know the world is a
dream and I didn't know it!.  
     But he starts asking questions, questions can kill you, what am I
doing here, what did I *DO* to get here, what should I *DO* to get out,
you see querying cause, cause, cause...

     Along with who, how, what, where, when, why, which, and he also
runs into his ridge about perceiving the answers to the questions, very
deadly consequences to answering any of them, and so he is stuck
exterior wanting to know and not daring to know lest THEY pick up that
he has found out and knock him out again for another trillion years of
suffering thinking he is made of meat.

     So he goes back in and won't come out again.

     But that means he now needs to exteriorize at the next level up,
ext from the physical universe, the next dream up, where maybe the same
thing will happen, and then he exts the next dream up, until finally he
exts to his Sovereign state, at which point the *FEAR* goes away.  He
still doesn't know, but he finds one safe place in all of existence,
namely himself, and that provides the infinite confidence to start
facing all the reasons he shouldn't be exterior lower down.

     So later he is auditing again, and starts to get lose in his body,
and the fear turns on and he says "Oh to hell with this!, Come get me
you big over blown asswipes."

     Joke is, when the fear ridge is gone, they can't grab him, he's
just a ghost to them!

     So I would surmise that the process of ext with full perceptics,
involves ext from all known and unknown universes all the way back up to
Sovereign state, and then he has the confidence to come back down and
start getting out of each layer one by one.

     You know Sovereign State doesn't have to be this huge super nova
explosion, you can just touch it for a second, total beauty, humor,
peace and healing etc, and suddenly you KNOW what you can do and how to
do it, even if you don't know who you are or where you are.

     Probably many people have touched this state and bypassed it, it
needs to be rehabbed and recognized or else the rest will stick.