>>     When anger because beautiful, literally dripping in
>> gorgeousness, you will be free of the anger problem.

Lyn Keller ( wrote:
>I'll admire it tomorrow - right now I'm too pissed.  (joking)

     OK, just to clarify Delicious Anger is not something one does to
anger, the anger itself changes from pain to pleasure, and drips in
glory and beauty and majesty.

     It's a visionary experience.

>>     Most have a long ways to go.  Anger is still dark and evil
>> for them.

>Most people are stuck looking at the consequences of their

     There are many different tone levels of anger.

     Adore discriminates between Classy Anger and UnClassy Anger, but
really they go up and down the tone scale in octaves.  Just like there
are many G's on the piano scale, there are many angers in different
octaves on the tone scale.

     The basic difference between Classy Anger, one octave up from human
life, and Unclassy Anger, is the intent to cause permanent damage.  The
intent to help is gone, and is replaced by the intent to harm, punish
and destroy FOREVER.

     Anger is basically an effort to stop.  One can stop by destroying
the other entirely, or permanently wounding, crippling or disabling
them, or one can stop with firmness and good humor.

    "Class is an attitude,
    That *ALL* should live forever and be my friend."

     Lower octave anger throws Class to the winds and says "To hell with
     It's a form of disowning the other person as one's friend.

     So one can deal with lower tone angers merely by kicking them up an
octave or two by as-ising the intent to destroy forever as a means of
stopping, and replacing it with the intent to help and make laugh as a
means of stopping.
>Not easy when you're IN anger or IN a rage.  Takes
>practice :).

     Depends on which octave you are operating out of.

     In part UnClassy Anger arises because you yourself feel under
threat of permanent damage, and thus are inclined to use threat of
permanent damage in return.

     Change the consideration on personal permanent damage, and you no
longer need to use permanent damage in return.

     The item is "Permanent Damage".  Spot it, and the anger will rise
an octave to Delicious Anger.