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>I know, from my perusings, that the PL "Keeping Scientology Working" is 
>anathema to many on ARS and ACT, but you again point to it in your 
> is not the "Public RelationsR" that will make Scientology
acceptable or
>sought after as a path of enlightenment or betterment, but the exact
>application of not only the tech...

      "Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."

      'Exact application' of the tech is a service fac.

      Truth works, approach doesn't.

      'Exact application' needs to be balanced by technical advance,
growth, research and correction otherwise it leads only to making
better crosses with better nails.

      Permeation of the pc is more important than permeation of "The

      Knowing the tech and not knowing the pc is a sin.

      LRH was a GREAT auditor long before he knew word one ABOUT auditing.

      LRH unfortunately erected more dramatization than he tore down in
the process of clearing the planet, he couldn't or wouldn't walk his
own talk and no one else can or will either.

      They pick up on the parts that are pure Service Fac and
Dramatization and march with them as off to war.

      May the sun set happily on their dust when they are done.

      Run on the Church:

      "Spot a moment of Granting of Beingness."

      Or run by any orthodoxy you wish:

      NO   Granting Beingness.
      SOME Granting Beingness.

Fri Mar 20 14:21:39 EDT 2015