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>I gotta go do something for LaMMie.

      Continuity of love.

      Beings are a composite of creator and creature, they are the
creator of the creature identities they wear and wore in this life.

      As such, we rarely get to know the creator as well as the creatures
the being is wearing, and our love therefore is more a love FOR the
creature than for the creator.

      It is a love in fact between creatures loving each other, rather
than between creators loving each other.

      So when LaMMie comes back next life time, it will be with a new
robe, a new adornment of creature aspects, and we will meet again, and
perhaps have a moment of recognizance, and again we will fall in love
with that next lifes trappings.

      When he dies again, we lose those trappings, and our love is lost
with it, for the creature is gone, and thus is sorrow and despair.

      Each Creator has a different flavor, the creatures they create
carry a bit of that flavor and a lot of their own temporal flavor
which is goregous enough in itself.  We get lost savoring the creature
flavor and miss the creator flavor which is a higher and more
beautiful thing but lost in the loud gawdy experience of the creature

      We run into the same creator in another life time manifesting a
different creature flavor, and we fall in love all over again with the
creature flavor and miss the creator flavor, so we do not recognize
the same creator when we see it again.

      As we ourselves become more clear and in contact with our own
Self as Creator, the many creatures we have been and mourned the loss
of give way to the continuity of love that is appropriate to the
Creator that we are, which is unique among others but never changes.

      Being in better contact with our own Creator, we can be in better
contact with others Creators too.  Thus we meet two people in two very
different lives, and we see the common Creator between them, "LaMMie
is that YOU?", "Nah, LaMMie was last lifetime, now its ..." and
suddenly we are relating not just to the present set of creations but
to the eternal being and it's and our eternal goals.

      What was love between creatures is now love between Creators.

      Thus continuity of love between creators is continuity of
intention across games, because the game that is being created is not
a one life time, one creature game.

      Thus death should no longer be the loss of the game, but only the
present creature trappings, the game continues, the bigger game, which
once recognized, one can be grateful that one section is now done and
about to be replaced by a new section.  It was about time for it to
happen anyhow wasn't it?  Don't you see?

      We hang onto the Creature for want of the Creator.

      When people die, the sorrow is on the loss of the creator, we
ourselves are only able to know the creator through its creature
trappings, so when the creature dies, the creator is gone too.  But this
is because we only know ourselves through our present creature, once we
see ourselves as we really are then death becomes merely another birth.

      The prior life is the egg of the newborn of the next life.

      Of course the egg has to break for the newborn to be born.

      How's that for Christmas every day of the year?


Mon Jun 26 12:16:18 EDT 2017