FREESOLO ( wrote:
>Which of the people in the first paragraph is the "good guys" and
>which are the "bad" ones?

     Good people are cooperative in their quest for survival, they
make honest agreements in good faith with each other to engage in
production and consumption and to maintain fair chosen exchange and
the balance of negotiated duties and rights.

     Bad people are ex-cooperative in their quest for survival, they
make treasonous agreements in bad faith with each other to engage in
production and consumption but their inner intent is to rip off the
production of others so that they do not have to produce themselves.
This violates the tenet of FAIR CHOSEN exchange, and produces an
inbalance of duties and rights.

     Adore says : "The last effort of a being trying to give is to
take", and this is why CRIMINALITY (which has nothing to do with
ILLEGALITY) is at the bottom of Hubbard's Awareness Characteristic

     ...erosion, dispersal, disassociation, criminiality, uncausing,
disconnection and unexistence.
>And why would YOU "divide people into two kinds" ?

     Only for the purposes of rhetoric.  In real life everyone is
somewhere on the gradient scale of Cooperation - Ex Cooperation.

     When people begin to hallucinate evil into others, they will
preemptively act evil themselves against the perceived evil ones.
     When scarcity of survival needs sets in, people are pressed into
an 'every man for himself' mode of operation, it is part of the animal
kingdom modus operandi.

     Civilized spiritual man sees this kind of activity as evil, but
it is in fact natural and necessary for the survival of the species.
Evil people will act this way however even when not pressed by
survival scarcities, they dont want to work and want others to work
for them, even when abundance abounds.