That's because it's unfair that a game exists where the penalties
of losing are worse than the penalties of cheating.  So I would rather
take my risks stealing than starve to death.  At worst they will catch
me, put me in jail, and FEED me.  Sounds good to me.

      In other words, honor, decency and fair play follow a lesser master
than personal survival at all costs.  It's the way of all mortals.

      Such a postulate made during a very heavy engram, especially during
an engram where you perceive that others are cheating, and whom you
blame for getting the engram, will cause the engram to stay in full
restimulation as long as you carry its fundamental postulate along with
you and ACT OUT OF IT.

     This is because 1.) the postulate was made on the time track IN THE
MIDDLE OF THE ENGRAM, and also because the engram is needed to continue
the justification of the overt acts of YOU cheating that lead from the

     The being has to continuously remind himself of why he is right, To
Be a Master Scoundrel.

     The basic service fac computation that goes along with this is,

     'There is nothing I can LOOK at that will help me enhance my own
survival with regard to this matter.  Therefore there is no sense in
looking any more, it just reminds me of how bad things are, and clearly
cheating is more advantageous than honor, decency and fair play.'

     EVERY engram and secondary that still needs to be run out has a
negative postulate about life in the center of the engram or secondary.

     How do we know?  Because the engram or secondary is still there to
run out.  It is the negative postulate in the center of the engram or
secondary that WAS the justification for the act of NOT-ISing the
incident.  The incident won't AS-IS until you get the postulate, and
when you get the postulate and AS-IS that, the incident will AS-IS.

     Why?  Because the postulate SAYS that life is not worth LOOKING AT,
it hurts too much.  Not looking at something is NOT-ISing it, which is
the opposite of AS-ISing it, and that which is not AS-ISed persists.

     Cheating is the effort to live life by not looking at it.

     The pain of the engram or secondary confirms the truth of the
negative postulate to the preclear.

     Negative postulates come in chains, there are many engrams and
secondaries hung on any one postulate, wherein the pc re-made or
reaffirmed the truth of his negative consideration about life.

     The chain of incidents hung on ONE POSTULATE is more important than
the chain of incidents hung on one attitude, emotion, sensation or pain.
In other words if the chain you are going down is NOT a chain of one
postulate or constellation of postulates, then that chain won't erase.
You won't reach basic, because with each new incident you go back to on
the chain, you are jumping chains to a new POSTULATE CHAIN!  This causes
everything to be restimulated and nothing to get erased.

     (Reference ACT-23 "Basic Basic on the Chain of Chains")


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