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     OK, at least you answered the question.

     But I have to submit to you the following addition.

     Was I consulted before I was thrown into this gladiators pit of
challenge, growth, journeys etc?  Did I have ANY say in it whatsoever?
Or did God merely create me and throw me here?

     "HAHAHAHA you sucker!  Eat lion turd!" - God.
     Why wasn't I created in a state of total peace like God is?

     Why do I have to suffer to learn to grow to have journeys etc.

     Was this God's idea of fun?  Was it mine?

     Am I grateful for being in the Gladiator's Pit?

>If the bad bears any good fruit, then any good fruit therefrom falls
>into the catagory of "What GOOD is there to the bad"

     Yes, unless the good fruit could have been created without the
bad.  Remember we are talking about an all knowing, all powerful God
that can create whatever he wills.  So why go through the production
stage, why not just get to the end, save all those dear little beings
you love so much all that suffering and chance for error in each
others hands?  Why not just create them WHOLE, no growth, no lessons,
no errors, no mistakes, just perfect like God Himself is.

     No Carol's God created man in HALF his image, he gave man
free will but not the infinite wisdom necessary to handle it.

     Ever pull the legs off a spider and watch it hobble around in
circles.  That's what Carol's God did to humans.
>In order to make mushrooms, people shuvel horseshit to use as
>fertilizer, those mushrooms go on our pizza. The horseshit is bad, but
>the mushrooms are good. The good mushrooms came from the bad horseshit,
>and therefore "Mushrooms" is another answer to your question.

    Yes, well I feel like a mushroom.  God keeps me in the dark
and feeds me shit.

>However, your entire discussion assumes that God knew what was going to
>happen when he tried to do something good. 

     Yes, this is Carol's position.

     Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnibenevolent.
     All knowing, all powerful, all good.

     Classic Christian mysticism.

>The "All good flows
>from god" is not a veracious premise to use. Its better to say "All
>good intention originally flowed from god" at 0 time with 0 mass
     OK, well its a start.  You can say that God had good intention,
but did he know he could error?  Was it a surprise to him when things
went bad?  Now that he knows bad can happen, has he learned his lesson
and sworn off making a pain out of things?

     Will God retain his lessons forever like a yoke around his neck
with a book of wisdom hanging from it?

>     Now, gods abberated, or pretending to be aberrrated, or
>aberrating itself to have a game, or God just hasnt learned everything
>there is to know about the MEST universe yet...

     Well this view is a lot more realistic than Carol's, but I'll
tell you something, these Gods of yours should be given a speeding
ticket and told to slow down before they ruin everything forever for



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