C of A (cwtyler@hotmail.com) wrote:
>Itz rather early over here,Homer,n' I'm still catching up but could you
>explain what you mean by 'female' logic?.

     When a mind is not tested by the problems of survival
continuously in a life and death way, it never learns to think
straight and fails to learn the laws of IS and IS NOT, the laws of

     In the Western world for many centuries women were considered
chattle, not allowed an education, kept at home, and basically taken
care of like children for their whole lives.
     Because their minds were never pressed into service in the real
world problems of survival, women never learned to think straight.

     Just as their knowledge and understanding of math, physics and
science in general was blunted, so was their understanding of logic.

     This resulted in a warped form of argument that came to be known
as 'female logic', particularly when the female was on the defensive
about something, and winning the argument to her was more important
than being right.

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