Levi Murphy (CONFRONT23@aol.com) wrote:
>Well you seem to be arguing against logic and the syllogism at the
>same time, as Homer keeps the "Logic is logic" theme going and you
>keep arguing against logic. Although you didnt explicitly say that you
>think a syllogims is logic, your arguments seem to imply thats your

     There are two broad categories of Logic.

     They are inductive logic and deductive logic.

     Inductive logic allows us to make specific observations and
produce generalities.

     This dog has four legs, that dog has four legs, etc, so

     ALL dogs have four legs.

     Generalities as statements of truth can never be certain, as it
is impossible to observe all dogs.

     Deductive logic allows us to travel back down the tree of

     *IF* ALL dogs have four legs, AND Joey is a dog, THEN Joey MUST
have four legs.

     Inductive and deductive logic form a complete science of the
differentiating of objects out of the AllThatIs, the assigning of
qualities to those objects, and the grouping of objects into higher
classes, and grouping of classes into even higher classes.

     Joey is a Dog, Dogs are Animals, Animals are Living Things,
Living Things are Material Objects, and Material Objects are
     Inductive logic allows us to travel up (and create) the tree, and
deductive logic allows us to travel back down it.

     Logic completely covers the ground rules of the subject of
*OBJECTIVE KNOWLEDGE* (Know about), based on the observed nature of IS
and IS NOT, and there is no more or less to Logic than that.

     Those that argue about the validity or usefulness of logic are
Grace IV insane or have serious MU's on the subject, that should be
cleaned up.
     The insane should be quarantined as they are dangerous.  The
conclusions they draw from their experiences are unrelated to truth
and the actions they take cause more harm than good.