CB Willis ( wrote:
>Don't let logic get in the way of seeing the truth of a matter directly,
>or in grasping intent in a communication.

     So since your ACTUAL WORDS make no sense whatsoever, I should use
telepathy to know what you are talking about instead?

>You seem to be arguing that God is necessarily responsible for any
>bad/evil that man does.

     Yes.  God is necessarily repsonsible for any thing that God does,
and if he creates something that itself can create, and he knows what it
can create and creates it anyhow, then he is responsible, accountable
and culpable for the consequences of his creations.

     This does not deny that His creation may ALSO be responsible for
what the creation does.

     But God had infinite wisdom and foresight, man does not, and most
of what man does is born of ignorance and fear for his loved ones.

>I'm not buying that logically or on any other
>basis. Even if it were true and I don't believe that it is, it wouldn't be
>workable.  So why bother with it?  It's a major distracter, and not a
>useful focus compared to man's own responsibility for his actions.

     Again you raise workability over Truth.

     Concentrating on Man's own responsibility for his own actions to
the exclusion of God's responsibility for creating Man in the first
place with His own responsibility for outcomes, is not a workable path.

     The "God is all good and Man is source of bad" route is completely
unworkable and nuts to boot.  The logical disconnect is enormous.

     This route leads to religious fanaticism of the worst sort.

     Further just as your God denies responsibility for the actions of
his creation, so too does Man deny responsibility for the actions of his

     If you create something that can create something bad, and it
creates something bad, YOU created something bad.  No way around that.

     But here is the real point.

     The fact is Man IS God, God in Carnation, thus in a very literal
sense, everything that Man does, whether good or bad, comes directly
FROM God, because Man IS God.

     So of course God is responsible for what Man does, because God is

     The real question here is whether the bad that God/Man has
engendered serves any Good purpose or if God/Man is fundamentally
monsterous by nature.

      If we admit that all that comes from God/Man is Good, we have to
ask how then is the Bad that comes from God/Man also Good, and worth its

      That question is both logical and probably has an answer.

      This is what we seek on Clear-L.


Mon Jan 18 15:04:03 EST 2016