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Date: Wed, 30 Mar 1994 05:09:31 GMT
From: (Adam M Gaffin)
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Subject: The Media List, 3/30/94
     This is a listing of newspapers, magazines, TV stations and other
media outlets that accept electronic submissions from readers and
viewers, alo with their main e-mail addresses.  It would be almost
impossible to maintain a listing of individual reporters, editors and
the like; if yo want to reach a specific person, try sending a request
to the given medi outlet's general address (but see below for a
one-time listing for the Ottawa Citizen).  If you are submitting a
letter to the editor or an op- piece, it's a good idea to include your
mail address and a daytime phone number.  Publications generally try
to verify authorship and will not ru submissions without some way to
check whether you really wrote the item to which your name is
     Please send any additions, deletions or corrections to the
address at th end of this list.  Look for new editions in the
alt.journalism, and comp.misc newsgroups.  My
thanks to all who ha contributed!  Because of these kind folks, this
list is now substantiall longer than it was just a week ago.
     SPECIAL NOTE: The last part of this list contains the e-mail
addresses for reporters and editors at the Ottawa Citizen.  Thanks to
the Citizen the information.
Middlesex News, Framingham, Mass.
Boston Globe
     Story Ideas              
     Circulation Requests     
     Letters to the Editor    
     Submissions to "Voxbox" column
     Comments on Coverage/Ombudsman
     Ask the Globe            
     Thursdays Calendar Section
     Health & Science Section 
     Confidential Chat        
     City Weekly Section      
     Religion Editor          
     Arts Editor              
Champaign-Urbana (Ill.) News-Gazette
Chronicle-Telegram, Elyria, Ohio
Colorado Daily, Boulder, Colo 
The Guardian, U.K.            
     Notes and Queries        
Morning Journal, Lorain, Ohio 
Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa, Ont.  
Portland Oregonian            
Sacramento Bee                
Phoenix Gazette               
St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times   
San Diego Union-Tribune       
San Francisco Examiner        
San Jose Mercury-News         
Santa Cruz County (Calif.) Sentinel
      Letters to the editor   
      News desk               
Seattle Times                 
Tico Times, Costa Rica        
Washington Square News, NYU   
Hill Times, Ottawa, Ont.      
Journal Newspapers, D.C. area 
The Mirror, Montreal, Quebec  
Palo Alto Weekly, Palo Alto, Calif.
The Village Voice, New York, N.Y.
American Journalism Review    
Brown Alumni Monthly, Providence, R.I.
Business Week                 
Chronicle of Higher Education 
Frank Magazine, Ottawa, Ont.  
Focus, Germany                
Illinois Issues, Springfield, Ill.
Mother Jones                  
The New Republic              
New Scientist, U.S. bureau    
Oberlin Alumni Magazine       
OutNOW!, San Jose, Calif.     
S.F. Examiner Magazine        
Scientific American           
Der Spiegel, Germany          
Stern, Hamburg, Germany       
Sky & Telescope, Cambridge, Mass.
Spectrum, New York, N.Y.      
Stern, Hamburg, Germany       
Ultramarathon Canada          
USA Weekend                   
U.S. News and World Report    
Cowles/SIMBA Media Daily      
Media Page                    
Information Law Alert         
Multichannel News             
Society of Newspaper Design   
Spec-Com Journal              
Western Producer, Saskatoon   
CJOH-TV, Ottawa, Ont. Can.    
KARK, Little Rock, Ark.       
KOIN, Portland, OR.           
WBFO, Buffalo, N.Y.           
WBFO-FM, NPR, Buffola, NY.    
WCBS-AM, CBS, NYC.            
WCVB-TV, Boston, Mass.        
WCCO-TV, Minneapolis, Minn.   
WDCB Radio, Glen Ellyn, Ill.  
WEOL-AM, Elyria, Ohio         
WNWV-FM, Elyria, Ohio         
WNYC, New York, N.Y., "On the Line"
WRVO-FM, Oswego, N.Y.         
WTVF-TV, Nashville, Tenn.     
WVIT-TV, New Britian, Conn    
WXYZ-TV, ABC, Detroit.        
WWWE 1100 AM  Cleveland, OH   
BBC "Write On"                
CBC Radio, "Brand X"          
Fox TV                        
Maine Public TV, "Media Watch"
Monitor Radio Int'l "Letterbox"
NBC News, New York, N.Y.      
NBC News, "Dateline"          
NPR "Talk of the Nation"      
NPR "Talk of the Nation/Sci. Friday"
NPR "Fresh Air"               
NPR "Weekend All Things Considered"
NPR "Weekend Edition/Sunday"  
Communications News           
Corporate Computing           
Communications Week           
Data Communications           
Datateknik, Sweden            
Enterprise Systems Journal    
Home Office Computing         
Information Week              
The Internet Business Journal 
The Internet Letter           
iX, Germany                   
Journal of C Language Translation
LAN Times                     
Network Computing             
Network Management            
PC Magazine                   
PC Week                       
Windows User                  
Ottawa Citizen (please note that all of these addresses save the last one
are at Ottawa Freenet, which has a domain of; to
reach Doug Yonson from outside the Freenet, for example, write
     af719 Doug Yonson             The Citizen's FreeNet coordinator
     ac583 Peter Calamai           Editorial Page Editor
     ae273 Johanne Vincent         Editorial Page assistant
     ae836 Tony Cote               Action Line columnist
     ah206 Alana Kainz             High technology reporter/columnist
     ac806 Deborah Richmond        High Priority editor
     ag955 Francine Dube           Social trends reporter
     af391 Peter Hum               Reporter
     ai997 Mike Shahin             Outaouais Reporter
     ae451 William Speake          Part-time reporter
     ag696 Hilary Kemsley          Years Ahead columnist (seniors issues)
     ai379 Drew Gragg              Assistant Photo Director
     af227 Jack Aubry              National Reporter (aboriginal affairs)
     ae379 Daniel Drolet           Reporter
     al715 Liisa Tuominen          Librarian
     ak570 Michael Groberman       Theatre critic
     am906 Robert Sibley           Reporter
     an643 Dave Rogers             Reporter
     ao096 Wanita Bates            Consumer, fashion reporter
     an552 Tony Lofaro             Reporter
     am100 Seymour Diener          Asst news editor, real estate columnist
     ao483 Mark Richardson         Reporter
     ap171 Karen Murphy-Mackenzie  Copy staff
     ao450 Bernard Potvin          Copy staff
     ap764 Massey Padgham          Foreign editor
     aq148 Carolyn Abraham         Police reporter
     aq438 Shelley Page            Science reporter
     Rick Laiken,  Assistant managing editor
                                             (OCRINET contact, newsroom
                                             computer systems specialist
                                             & libel expert)  Tom Brokaw
Adam Gaffin / (508) 820-7433
The big dummy behind the Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet.