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                         LIFE REPAIR SERIES 9.
                                MUM - 1
                             8 October 1993
                   Copyright (C) 1993 Dr. Keith Mumby
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     ((This is easily one of the most brilliant pieces on clearing
technology that I have read in a long time.  Dr. Mumby is a professional
doctor, and a clearing practitioner.  He is the head of Applied
Philosophics (AP), Manchester England.))
     Sooner or later you will come across an incident which is central
to shaping the preclear's experiential track this lifetime.  It is
severely aberrative, very traumatic and often TOTALLY OCCLUDED.  It
holds the preclear in thrall and defines that person's case for life.
We call it the core incident and you may encounter it as early as the
first few hours in Life Repair.
     This type of incident needs a particular handling, developed by AP
specialist Mike Wray, which is unlike any other type of auditing or
therapy.  The usual method of reducing traumatic incidents simply won't
work on core incidents.  Hence this issue.
     Despite being a current-lifetime event, the core incident is
completely unconfrontable to the preclear and remains shut off behind a
wall of pain and fear.  Sometimes the individual doesn't even know it is
there, much less the likely content.  We have learned that cases can be
audited for years, going on to the whole track and up the transformation
levels, yet totally fail to come to grips with the core incident.
     We know that whatever is the most unconfrontable is what aberrates
the most.  This means the greatest possible case gain gets missed.
     For obvious reasons, the core incident would normally lie in
childhood years (though not necessarily).  It is shocking, utterly
bewildering and painfully overwhelming, ((and beyond all
comprehension)), to the young person's mind.  Incidents of sexual abuse
are often of this type.  The event is so awful and frightening, the
being locks the memory away and makes a postulate to never EVER look at
it again.  He or she may know it is there (usually not) but cannot even
remember its content, much less run it to erasure.  Yet it cleaves to
the very heart of the identity they hold in this lifetime.
     Occluded it certainly is, but it is there, spreading its poison.
It is mocked up and held so obsessively and heavily that it gains a
powerful auto-hypnotic quality.  You could call it an implant, that's
how intense the thing is.
     Like any implant, it will stick the individual emotionally.  He or
she is driven down the tone scale, until being pinned down forcefully at
the level their resistance is overwhelmed.  Thus the incident is
characterized by intractable rage, fear, grief, despair or apathy ((or
all of the above plus more)).  The person has a fixed tone at this
     But here's the catch.  The secret revealed which will free so many
THEIR picture that is being driven in on them so destructively.  The
tendency is to mis-own the responsibility and blame the perpetrator of
the attack.  This is what locks it up.  We know from the mechanics of
auditing that anything which persists contains a lie.  Whereas it is
true that the victim had something done to them, the auto-hypnosis of
this implant is their own responsibility.  This is the ONLY way to
unlock the door.
     The fact of obsessively making the picture and using it to harm
their lives is an act of destruction the person does against themselves
on the first dynamic.  This is what destroys their self-respect and
dignity, because deep down the individual knows the truth.  The key to
lifting this trauma, you will see, is FORGIVENESS FOR SELF, much more so
than forgiveness for the oppressor.
     It is apparent that sexual abuse is widespread in our society.
Molestation and hurt of children has been described as the flaming
danger signal that any civilization is on its way out.  To my knowledge,
primitive people do not engage in this particular perversion.
     Adults who practise a wide variety of adventurous sexual activity
find it difficult to come to terms with these acts.  It is hard to
understand just how shocking a rape may be to an innocent child who
encounters nudity and sex for the first time.  Often it is not the
sexuality of the incident but the FORCE and FEAR that harms.  Children
who are lured or teased into depraved acts probably do not suffer so
much.  But the unfortunates who are held down physically and violated
can be crushed utterly as beings.  The betrayal and mystification is all
the worse to them because it comes from parents or close family members
who are, or should be, symbols of comfort and safety.  The only solution
they have to the agony is to shut it off completely and refuse to think
about it.
     The occlusion is made worse by the fact that the abuser will
usually add orders to keep quiet with such aberrative commands as "If
you tell anyone about this, I'll kill/thrash you/lock you in a cupboard
forever...etc", which only adds further to the inaccessibility.
     This is what you are up against as an auditor.
     It isn't all sexual, of course.  A child can live a life of terror
due to frequent physical beatings which over the years becomes gradually
locked up as a lengthy core incident, even when the beatings cease.  The
social welfare care of children is far from effective and cases
constantly surface in the press showing just what some youngsters have
to endure before anyone tries to call a halt.  Some are treated worse
than animals and indeed there have been a number of deaths due to
starvation and abuse.
     To make matters worse, some of the support institutions mete out
the worst imaginable treatment of youngsters taken into their care.  The
so-called "pin-down" tortures in Staffordshire children's homes which
came to light in 1987 is an example of the way children may be treated
as sub-human by adult bullies and perverts who call themselves "social
     ((Another kind of core incident is simple repeated starvation from
not being fed over and over again when one is hungry.  Or the baby is
ignored when it cries and the mother comes only when it has given up and
gone into silence and life apathy about anyone ever coming.  The mother
worries when the baby is NOT wailing!  This long term abuse ruins the
very core of the child's being, and is almost impossible to audit, as
the child is in a long term repeated near death engram, that may have
happened thousands of times.))
     The older a person gets, the more the optimism and vitality of
youth erodes and the more this incident comes to dominate the psyche.
Life, after all, will constantly hammer them up against the hidden
memory.  It is part of almost every mental computation - a true "held
down seven".  Sometimes a key-in will mark a major set-back in life.
For many it is downhill from there.
     This is the stuff of psychotic breaks and many cases live VERY
close to the edge with this.  It colours all the person's thinking and
destroys their self-esteem.  Some cases simply loath themselves and what
they have become.  Because of the self-implant effect, the individual
goes about with this nightmare twisting every perception and attitude in
life.  Often the person is so far out of valence, he or she will bewail
being "somebody else" or "not being me".  Family or spouses can come in
for harsh accusation for supposedly preventing the victim from being
able "to do what they want", when all the time it is the implant that is
in control.
     The "forget and move on psychologies", such as using neuro-
linguistic programming to rewrite a person's reality is VERY dangerous
for these people.  The monster can unleash its violence at any moment
when the combination of circumstances are right, with greatly
detrimental consequences.  Pretending it isn't there is exactly what is
wrong with the person's life.  Do NOT fall for this in therapy.
     The difficulty with core incidents is getting at them to run.  They
are so buried that the auditor may miss them on routine case procedures.
It is vital, therefore, to maintain a high index of suspicion.
     Important warning signs are fixed tone, no case gain, little or no
TA action, the case doesn't run well, despair in auditing and the
preclear out of valence.  The TA will often be high and the needle
stuck.  Or after apparently good sessions, the preclear keeps coming
back with a reading mental mass in restimulation.
     The really diagnostic signs, however are as follows:
         a sense of loneliness and isolation
         lack of self worth
         the feeling of being to blame
     These are persistent attitudes that come up endlessly on the case.
No amount of auditing seems to shift them.  Nothing AS-ISes.  The case
may be virtually unrunnable if this is the situation, until the core
incident is found and addressed.
     On no account try to put people with these manifestations onto more
advanced transformations.  They will simply become over-restimulated and
may go into a permanent decline.  The anguish and sense of failure seems
to intensify, the more the hidden memory is skirted around.  After all,
the being knows it is there and understands only too well the shame of
being unable (unwilling) to view it.
     ((The subject of why victims feel guilty or shamed of themselves is
a hot and controversial one, but the fact is one of the fastest roads
into the withheld motivator of this life IS guilt and shame.  There will
be overts after the incident, they won't be able to live up to their
fair chosen duties and so on, there will be overts IN the incident as
they try to strike back with all the intention they can, and there may
be co-excused withheld overts before the incident in past lives when
they did to their children what was done to them in this life.  All
these trails of guilt must be taken up in order to get at the anger in
this life that is killing the person.  The person is actually killing
themselves WITH the incident in order to stay alive THROUGH the
incident!  There will be such a computation in the incident that must be
gotten off for the the thing to fully erase.))
     The worst cases you may have to deal with are people who have
slicked over the core incident in other therapies, which bury it further
in evaluation and glibness.  The individual you may find has been made
to rationalize their experiences; made into a confirmed "victim" by
misdirected sympathy; bounced off the engram repeatedly and generally
made even more fearful or helpless in the face of its charge.
     The whole key to the case is to locate and reduce the core
incident.  Yet there is total somatic shut-off and no recall.  How to
     Firstly, any light auditing which gets off charge is valid.  Life
repair entry is excellent at unburdening.  Gradually, the individual's
confront is increased so that they understand the nature of mental
facsimilies and how to deal with them.
     The existence of a core incident may become apparent, or the
auditor may begin to suspect one.  As you learn more about the
individual's early life, the possibility of such an event may be
obvious.  Be on the look out.  You may be suspicious, due to the
character of the parents and immediate family members and the
relationship of each to your case.  Abuse incidents do not tend to take
place in loving balanced homes.
     If it is not discreditable ((a discreditable incident like sexual
abuse which the perpetrator is trying to hide)), such as an accident or
operation leading to an NED (near death experience), it is possible the
preclear may even have been told what happened conceptually.  Thus the
core incident can be fully described but he or she, of course, would
have no direct access via recall.
     ((It may be that there is a train of incidents that the parent does
not consider discreditable but also has little inkling of the damage
they cause, so they talk about them alot even though they were deadly.
'Oh you used to cry and cry, and we just ignored you, you were such a
noise maker, we thought you would drive us nuts, but eventually you
quieted down.  You were such a nice baby.'))
     The way to get into these heavy incidents is the technique of
"feeling repeater", as described in Life repair Series No. 8. We find
and work on the crucial feeling, sensation, emotion, attitude or pain
that characterizes the incident and let it drift us down into the
     Once sonic or visio gets turned on, it is easier.  More and more of
it comes into view; the preclear bounces out but you keep thrusting them
back in by focusing on the feeling - all the time the feeling or
attitude etc.  You can keep breaking off chunks.  The file clerk offers
a somatic or image but will seem to snatch it away again straight away;
it becomes re-buried.  Great patience is needed:  10 - 20 hours on JUST
ONE INCIDENT is not uncommon.
     With a psychometer, of course, it is much easier.  This will read
on charge in the pre-conscious area, just below awareness.  The auditor
guides with "What was that?" as he follows the reads and digs it out,
bit by bit.  When nothing is moving, a key phrase such as "I can never
forgive myself" or "This is hopeless" will read well and you can keep
bringing the preclear back to this over and over.
     You have to get at how the incident affected THEM, the way it is
used as a filter on reality and perception.  How does he or she THINK
about this incident?  The sense of being to blame or the sheer
unconfrontability often thrusts the person into a different valence and
he or she will not see it from their own viewpoint - WHICH OF COURSE IS
     It is said that 80% of life is how you take it and 20% is how you
make it.  You need to keep asking "How did you take to/respond to that"
at each stage, over and over.
     Mike Wray calls this the interface.  The preclear is controlled via
what they believe about the memory and its consequences.  This brings us
back to the self-hypnotism effect.  To those of you who know your
transformational grade material, it acts rather like a service
facsimile, as described by L. Ron Hubbard, circa 1951.
     ((The service facsimile is that incident the preclear uses to
excuse his failures, and has a computation at its core of the form, 'The
way to get disabled is to be able, so the way to remain able is to be
disabled.  These are called Safe Solutions because they help the being
deal with Dangerous Problems, but really they are Dangerous Solutions
because they are an attempt to handle a Dangerous Problem by being
dangerous to oneself.))
     It is something the person uses to explain failures in survival.
It has come to be USEFUL to that person, at some crazy computation
level.  At the very least, it is a definitive (prescriptive) view of
reality for them. ((Prescribe means to set down a rule about how one
should life to be safe, happy or able.))
     One of the major feelings to prevent running of CIs is the utter
disbelief of the case.  The person has a hard time accepting the truth
of what they recover as memory.  It may be weeks ((or in my case years))
after successfully exploding the core incident that the person actually
dares to believe it may have been true.
    ((Core incidents often restimulate whole track and magic track, also
one's own overts along those lines.  It is often a Withheld Motivator
sitting on top of a Co-excused Overt in a past life.  Thus there is
tremendous incredibility on the incident, much of which comes from what
is RESTIMULATED AT THE TIME OF THE INCIDENT independent of the incident
     Another is the tendency to give up.  The person will often cry in
anguish that "Nothing can be done.  It's hopeless.  I'm done for."
These can be terrible emotions for the auditor to have to confront and
you need to be in good personal shape.  But you can also use these for
repeaters and this may plunge you quickly into the heart of the
     Unconsciousness may surface and be reflected as falling into a
stupor while running.  Just keep going.  It will boil off.
    One of the most striking manifestations, says Mike Wray, is that the
individual seems UTTERLY BLIND.  They just cannot see what they have
been doing that has been so ruinous, if you can imagine a person blind
at the level of beingness.  The bewilderment persists and the auditor
may need to lead evaluatively by clever guidance, such as "Can you see
how this would lead to...etc?"  It is important to use only hypothetical
examples and show them on some "imaginary case" how if THAT occurred and
then THAT, the result would surely be...(whatever has happened to them).
     Slowly, chunk by chunk, it surrenders.
     After you have run the incident through plenty of times, take a
pause to review things.  Asking: "Let's take stock; how does this
incident seem to you now?" will update you on the PC's tone and
awareness.  You have got some charge off an incident which was clearly
shameful or hurtful.  Ask: "How do you feel now about yourself after
having gone through all that?"  He or she will probably not be feeling
very positive about themselves.  Also you want to know: "How do you feel
now about this other person in the incident?"  You will usually get a
charged up response, such as "bastard".
     If this is the attitude, you say: "I take it that it would still be
very difficult to forgive that person fully for what happened?" which
will probably read.  Explain that you want to really purge or cleanse
the thing fully out of the person.  Tell the preclear you can see there
is still some deep seated anger and ask him or her to GET THE IDEA, IN
     With luck, that will blow down and you will get a floating needle
and suitable realizations and smiles to end off.  The preclear will have
fully AS-ISed the incident and all its pain and be freed finally by that
last act of forgiveness.
     But more likely at first, they will try, yet be fairly non-
committal.  You may need to ask: "How did that go?" after they have
worked at it for a few minutes.  The reply is usually "I don't know" or
something like that.  It is obvious they haven't forgiven anything.  So
say: "When I asked you to do that, what feeling did you bump into?".  It
will start reading and you can call "That..that.." till they tell you
what it was - irritation, grief or whatever emotion turns on.
     Then you go back to repeater feelings, using this new emotion that
has surfaced.  "We need to confront that emotion if you are going to be
able to get free of this fully and erase it altogether.  Where do you
get that feeling inside?  Now really confront it..." and you are away
running it again.
     Some new material might come up.  You re-scan it over and over, TIR
((Traumatic Incident Reduction)) style, till that too all erases.
     Then you go back to: "How do you feel about this incident now?" and
so on, back to forgiveness, round and round, till it is GONE forever.
     You can tell from what has been run if the person has guilt and
self-punishment.  Shame, blame or regret means they are still beating
themselves up about it in some way.  You must also ask: "How do you feel
about forgiving yourself for getting into this situation in the first
place?  How does that feel to you?"  Probably there will be doubt or
resistance to this.  Tell him or her to: "Get the idea of completely
100% absolving yourself or all guilt, all blame".  Watch for a read and
ask "What's that?"  Get off the negative emotions as above.  Do the same
thing again.
     As I mentioned above, it is hating self and blaming self that locks
these up at core.  You must go down far to get this.  You are gouging
out stuff pretty deeply from the soul at this point.  Eventually all the
negativity will come out, the charge blow and the meter go free needle.
Up it comes and sooner or later he or she will recognize they no longer
feel guilt, no blame, no hurt...it's shiny and clean and NO PERSISTENCE
(see definition of AS-ISness).
     You cannot free the being fully until you have achieved this.  The
hurt will linger slightly, the sense of being somehow a "victim", which
is where most therapies squarely place the unlucky case.
     ((The whole theory of Co-excused withholds comes into play here on
Core Incidents.  The being receives an overwhelming incident in this
life that makes them want to kill or ruin the perpetrator WHILE the
incident is going on.  An effort to strike out and harm the opponent is
generated at the height of the incident, but it scuttled in mid stroke
by a sudden rememberance of a prior guilt.  If the being strikes out to
'teach the perpetrator a lesson' now, that means THEY deserve the same
treatment for what they did life times ago to their own children.
     There is little satisfaction to having killed your tormentor if you
now have to go turn yourself in to receive a similar execution for a
prior deed which has until now remained conveniently hidden.  It is
during these moments of High Injustice that the being's craving for
Absolute Justice comes once again to the surface, but as he prepares to
deliver the death blow, he remembers he has one coming to him too.  So
he sheepishly changes his mind IN MID STROKE and kind of shrinks back
into his suffering, lest anyone be reminded of his own misdeeds.
     Any thetan in any baby body can kill any parent dead by merely
throwing a bolt at him.  That he doesn't and throws the bolt at himself
instead is a sure sign of a Co-excused Overt / Withheld Motivator lock
     Later he ends up holding onto the present Injustice more out of a
desire to prove that he DIDN'T strike back and what such a good fellow
he is an all to suffer all this outrageous treatment so magnanimously,
so that when others finally find out what HE did many life times ago,
they will treat him with the same forbearance.  If he is still worried
about consequences of his own past actions being found out, NOTHING will
get him to give up the present motivator.))
     You may FN an incident fully and yet you find the preclear still
slightly hung up, or the auditor gets the sense that there is something
still there.  Many possible flows and feelings exist.  Top AP auditors,
from their wide understanding of the mechanics of the mind, particularly
"buttons", can pick up extra charge, such as RESPONSIBILITY, SUPPRESSION
and ADMIRATION.  The preclear will be aware of this at some level and
happily co-operate in releasing the last shreds of charge.
     Perhaps the preclear is still feeling blameworthy.  Get the person
to look up the definition of RESPONSIBILITY so they can see it is
different from shame, blame and regret.  Sometimes even clearing the
definition blows it totally.  The person realizes they had a false
concept of responsibility, which in AP means CAUSE, it does not mean
"fault".  ((Fault means something you did that you didn't mean to do,
responsibility means knowing willing cause.))
     In a more established case, incidentally, you can run any heavy
incident on this responsibility idea.  Once a certain level of awareness
is reached, the being knows that he or she is at cause over every part
of experience and reality.
     Similarly, you word-clear the meaning of SUPPRESSION: HARMFUL
often light up the person's awareness and you can re-run it all, lifting
the button.
     Once the person understands the mechanism of suppression, they
begin to realize just how "reasonable" they may have been for years
about the onslaught of events, or a certain person in particular.  It
may have become chronically instilled into a person to be "nice", even
when someone has intentions to harm them.  It can be a great relief to
waken up to what was happening and quite therapeutic to let out some
anger, rather than bottling it all up!  Forgiveness isn't what is wanted
for suppression: it's reverting to being at CAUSE with that individual's
     This again is a question of teaching the person to confront.  It is
usual to have a low confront of evil and assume people are OK, when
quite clearly they are not (see AP 000, the Stressful Personality).  By
being reasonable during auditing, the case may miss half the charge or
more.  Incidentally, "reasonable" too, has a special meaning in AP: it
means putting up with, accepting and even explaining away things that
are WRONG.  Clearly nothing will improve without the recognition that a
condition is non-optimum and so reasonableness is a condemnation to
     Basically, this is "hands on" case handling.  You don't programme a
case "in the chair" but you sure had better be able to think on your
feet.  There is no substitute for FULL AND COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING OF THE
experienced auditor will then know that much bigger wins are sometimes
available to the preclear and not end off at the first round of end-
     Finally, I want to mention ADMIRATION as a button.  We are
currently still checking this one out.  The idea comes from the early
1950's writings of L. Ron Hubbard.  According to him, anything which is
not fully admired tends to persist.  He was talking here of concepts at
the junction between psychology and the metaphysical.  This is really
what the spirit or being is doing.  What little investigation we have
done to date shows that by fully admiring a bad experience, the people
in it, one's self and one's reaction to it, it will simply dissolve.
But run it and get the main charge off first.  This is for really tough
core implants.
     Think of it like clearing up a mess in the parlour.  You carry off
all the rubble and sweep up: admiration processing will get rid of the
nasty stain on the carpet!  Look out for a future issue on this.
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