Anything that is killing a preclear somatically is caused by
suppressed anger, fear, sorrow and apathy, or the intent to murder in
other words.

      This will be very hard to run on some preclears who are into
playing games of non existence with their emotions, but very easy to run
on just about anyone real out on the streets.

      The trick is the ability to run it without the preclear actually
going out and murdering anyone he might regret.

      It's not that murdering people is bad, its murdering the wrong
people is bad, and above that one can usually handle these things on a
postulate basis rather than a force basis for which your preclear can
and will be held accountable.

      The original murder rundown is here:

      But below is the simplest way once a person gets high enough toned
to know what he feels.

      It is similar to a part of terrible trio, "...what could you
dispense with."

      Terrible trio is

       "Look around here and spot something you could have."
       "Look around here and spot something you could let be."
       "Look around here and spot something you could dispense with."

      Because of its wording, terrible trio is generally run on THINGS
not people.

      Terrible trio was originally meant to be run on immediate objects
in the room around the preclear, but to run it on people, places and
things, it would need to be run on his whole track, past, present and

      Future?  Well he might want to dispense with The Grim Reaper at the
end of his life for example.  :)

      The murder rundown is run on people mostly, so it goes very deep
very fast.

      If the preclear can't answer who or what questions, change over to
"Get the idea of...".  Who or what will show up quick enough.

       Make sure to define 'who' as a particular person such as his mother
Margaret, and 'what' as a class of whos such as mothers in general.

      Notably 'what' does NOT refer in this case to an inanimate thing
like a chair, but take his items as he gives to you regardless.

      On the other hand if your preclear is giving you only Margarets as
whos and Chairs as whats, you know he is missing Mothers as whats which
are the real target.

      There is an often missed inbetween item which is a description form
of the item, someone who 'likes to make me wrong when they are wrong.'

      So items can be whos, whats and descriptions.

      This process can, should and will be run many times over the course
of a life time.

       It is very simple:

       "Who or what would you like to murder?"
       "Who or what would like to murder you?"
       "Who or what would like to murder another?"
       "Who or what would like to murder themselves?"

       "Get the idea of murdering another."
       "Get the idea of another murdering you."
       "Get the idea of another murdering another."
       "Get the idea of someone murdering themselves."

      You gotta run this with another, to get the benefits, not just read

      A couple of 30 minute sessions should do it.

      Run each line until no more answers or a big win.

      Then go to the next line and do the same.

      If no big win by the end of the group, start back at the beginning.

      If your preclear gives you answer from line 2 while you are running
line 1 for example, take his answer, ack it, and then continue running
line 1.

      If it becomes obvious your preclear is running line 2 no matter
what you are doing, run line 2, but make sure to go back and run the
other lines once line 2 is flat, until all lines are flatter than a one
sided pancake, no more answers, wide grin and floating needle.

      Sometimes your preclear will put a restraint on his answer "Well I
would like to murder Goober, but I would be caught and punished and so
no I wouldn't like to murder Goober."

      He is being dishonest with himself because he ends up pretending he
doesn't want to murder anyone, and suppresses the murderous intent
instead which ends up murdering him.

      They end up in an old folks home with dementia, not able to
remember that they just had breakfast 10 minutes ago.

      You want to get your preclear to run something like, who or what
would you like to murder if you could get away with it and no one would
know.  That should open it up for them.

      Also let them Itsa on HOW they would like to murder something.

      Mocking it up in gory detail goes a long ways to releasing
the charge.

      Once you get it pretty flat, your preclear will start spotting new
items as the days go by and he runs into them in real life, which were
not obvious before.  You gotta clean the screen in order to see what's
really broiling your preclear into overwhelm, which enlightenment will
for sure come later after the formal process is long finished.

      That's the point, after the process is finished, your precleear
will be able to spot and deal with murderous rages as they come up
rather than try to sink them or worse dramatize them.

      His basic computation on murderous rage is to not think about it,
but the truth is, one really good way to let the pressure off is to mock
up endless ways the murder could happen until he's bored with it.

      The inventiveness of his mockups will eventually make him laugh.

      You can see why conservative folk might be a bit charry about you
running this thing on some people, but someone who is coming uptone to
taking full responsibility for their murderous rages is safer to have
around than someone who is suppressing them all day long and being a
good boy.

      Although the process does not ask 'why?' for each item found, AND
YOU ARE NOT TO ASK FOR IT, it is expected the preclear will offer up
whys a-many.

      They will often be in the area of use of force and illogic against
someone in order to maintain an injustice, criminal rip off or
enslavement of one sort of another.  But the reasons can be many.

      Justice can be defined as a fair chosen balance of duties and

      Beyond that there are so many ways a being can invent and design to
piss himself off, it would be misleading to claim anyone has it all

      The key though is the violation of his sense of being responsible
FOR and his unwilliingness to take responsibility OVER the situation.

      He ain't putting it there and admiring it.

      So he goes into destroy FOREVER mode, which is a loss of class for
him, that all should live forever and be his friend, and a violation of
his sovereign desire that everything, even hate, last only for a while.

       He WANTS to hate forever, and that's the ruin of him.

       The rage will not resolve as long as the forever postulate is
still active on it.

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