One reason I am opposed to any one philosophy becoming The
Philosophy for the universe, is that all philosophies, to the degree that
they are stated in words, are wrong.  It is impossible to have a
persisting philosophy that is not alter-ised in some fashion.

     A Persisting Wrongness acts like an Anchor Point.

     Having One Persisting Wrongness over the whole universe would
collapse all of space and time to a point that would not be an

     It takes 4 persisting objects to have a space, a person with only 2
friends is sunk.  A person with 3 friends will survive, as he makes the

     So it takes a minimum of 4 persisting philosophies, competing with
each other in such a way as to never subsume each other, to allow space
and time to prosper and flourish.  Each acts as an anchor point in the
space time arena.

     The minute they all become One Philosophy, space and time
collapses, just as if all your anchor points melded into One Anchor

      Now this applies to a.c.t. also.  Presently it consists mostly of
Homer and Clear-l, and those that have joined Homer and Clear-L, and
reposts by Homer and Clear-l of other's work.

     Yes there is some of other's work, but its all under Homer, Homer
Homer Homer Homer Homer....  yeccch.  No wonder I am so irate.

     Now if we had accept-l and trom-l and noodlezone-l and clear-l all
feeding independently into a.c.t., then, for one, everyone, would be
more motivated to read a.c.t rather than veg out on clear-l, and we
would have our much needed 4 independent spaces.

     The single most deadly thing that will in fact destroy us all, not
only the freezone, is not Homer, but the newbie's propensity to hide out
on private lists seeking safe spaces and 'supportive environments'.

     They want their own sorry covert suppressive assholes treated well.

     There is no more dangerous solution than a safe solution, and there
is no more dangerous space than a safe space.  Humans of course can not
understand this logic, it sounds dangerously cracked to them, they will
go to great measures to destroy those who consider it, but then such
humans are seeking a safe space.

     The short term benefits of what they seek are illusory compared to
the long term disaster that awaits them from accumulated *LOUSY*

     There is a safe space, its called Eternal Omni Sovereignty, but
I'll tell you something, that safe space is more dangerous than any
other space you can imagine, as it is the source of all dangerous

     That space can and will cast dangerous spaces forever for free.

     Now I have called a New Unit of Time for a while with Allen to see
what he and others really want a.c.t.  and the internet to become.

     It's more a Time Out while I get to reevaluate what every one is

     And besides while Allen is cooled out, I get to sleep better.

     But its REALLY unfair for people to want me to change on clear-l so
that they don't have to crawl out of their squirrel hole private lists
and come out in the open and be heard.

     They want Homer to be polite so they can lurk or maybe put out a
pittance and not have their views trampled on.

     David's comments to Mary added up to basically shut up.  Jacobus's
comments to all of us added up to basically shut up and be polite.

     This stems from ENORMOUS PTSness, PTSness that arises when we try
to win over people who are important to us, but who are real assholes,
people who won't come over to clearing unless clearing fits their
concept of a safe space, which is basically one where no one ever says
anything disturbing to them.  Mainly no one holds a mirror up to them.

     At best they want to become a well and happy Mud Puppy, one who
can once again behave properly so that God, or the powers that be, will
approve of them and let them into heaven where they don't have to deal
with anything any more.  That's how they define Heaven: No Longer Have
To Deal With.

     At worst they want to be better able to control everyone to live
their lives for them so they take the reward while others take the risk.

     They certainly don't want any mirrors in the room, even if they
aren't pointed at them.

     An OT is a very dangerous thing.  An OT can not be harmed, but as
self creator he is sure going to try.  And they come armed with an
attitude and sense of AESTHETICS that would make any human being's hair
stand on end.

     Run "Beautiful Evil" and "Evil Beauty" for a while if you want to
know what I mean.

     More like "Beautiful Incomprehensibility" and "Incomprehensible

     An OT is not an improved human being.  An OT MAKES human beings and
AS them, throws himself into the pit.

     An OT is a very dangerous thing to human beings.  We can not, and
must not let the arena for producing OT's be constrained by human
beings, for those who are truly trying to become OT, and not just
better human beings, will burn us for it one day.

      As Filbert said, only 1 in 10,000 want to become OT in this life
time.  The rest want something else.  Clear-L is for those 1 in 10,000.

      Thus Homer is as Homer is.  Dollar Signs and Newbies be damned.

      May their fat keep the fire warm and crackly during our
Dark Night of the Soul.


Sun Feb 21 15:33:07 EST 2016