Now Sten does have a point about the Churchies.

     If any pogroms against Churchies ever gets started they will to
some extent have pulled it in on themselves.  This is in part because
THEY have a covert pogrom going against the whole planet and anyone
that isn't a Standard Scientologist.

     Perhaps this isn't overtly stated, but anyone with any direct
experience with Keeping Scientology Working, and their treatment of
anyone with ANY disagreements about ANYTHING, can sense it in the wind
as easily as a thunder storm 5 minutes away.

     The scientologists have a view of a clear Earth, well that means
a Standardly Clear Earth, meaning that everyone on the planet from the
citizenry on up to the rulers is in good standing with the Church and
on their bridge to total freedom.

     Now if you have been inside the Church, you are well aware of how
much mental suppression on oneself it takes to remain in good standing
with the Church under any circumstances.  Imagine a whole planet full
of people in good standing with the Church?

     It's enough to make one reel.

     But that's what Churchies want, one church, one state, one
planet, one flag, one thought.

     It *IS* what Hubbard wanted.  On one tape he says "Can you
imagine it, some people on this planet are not on staff?" He said it
as if he couldn't imagine anything else anyone could ever want to do.

     So Hubbard had a vision of a one religion planet, almost a one
*ORGANIZATION* planet, and one way or another the Churchies follow
that same vision.

     That the vision is a pogrom against any and every other form of
religion or therapy on the planet that ever was or ever will be
escapes them.  Then they wonder why they are attacked so heavily.

     On top of that of course, are those that attack Scn because they
are in fact a danger to the criminal element in the world, especially
in the governmental sectors.

     This criminal element itself wishes a one world government, with
everyone under control, and they use religion as the opiate of the
masses and have no tolerance for anyone coming along waking people up
to their own soveriengty, getting them out of bodies so they can't be
regimented, and returning them to their own goals so they won't go to
war at the drop of a pin hoping to get to Heaven faster.

     Churchies know very well they are a danger to the criminal
element, and they know very well they have been attacked for these
reasons, Hubbard was right about suppressives, they *HATE* freedom.

     But the Churchies miss that not all attacks come from
suppressives, but from normal people who see them as suppressive and
rightly so.

     During the early days, I would dare say most of the attacks
against the Church were from true suppressives.  But as time went on,
the Church took on the methods and manners of the suppressives
themselves in order to fight back, and further took on the bigger
vision of a clear planet, and thus started to BE suppressives
themselves without realizing it, and now they are attacked by
everybody, including their own friends in the Free Zone like myself.

     Finally their attitude is "To hell with all these nattering
assholes, we don't care who you are, we just want to *OWN* the place!
Then there will be peace on Earth and Good Will towards men forever
for free."

     Churchies just want to help you by putting you in the RPF under
restraint where you won't hurt yourself, and Sten and the meatballs
just want to help the Churchies by putting them in the Psych Wards
under restraint where they won't hurt themselves.

     Looking at it from the outside, it is hard to tell who is who,
although I am sure each side thinks they have a clear view.


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