As you probably all know by now E.  was hurt in a car accident
while on the job doing an install.  The truck started to roll down hill
while E.  was taking things out of it, and knocked her down and rolled
over her legs, but buried them in deep snow, rather than crushing them.

     No bones broke, not even a bruise, a miracle if you believe in such
things, and she is healing.

     This was written when I hurt myself long ago, and I spent many days
applying the basic principles of Dianetics and Scientology to the injury
and having Jane do basic touch assisting on the injured leg.

     Basic Dianetic theory says that injuries form recordings that
remain existing unless fully run out during the injury or afterwards.
These recordings contain the ability to enforce, at a semi subconscious
level, the pain and force of the injury on the body when they come into
restimulation later in life.

     Worse the recordings contain postulates that are made during the
injuries, considerations about life and self, that take hold because of
the force and pain behind them.

     Therapy consists of contacting memories of the injury and running
through it detail by detail many times until all postulates are off, at
which point the force and pain no longer have a serious hold on the
person's future life.

     All postulates recovered = recording erased.

     The worst such injuries are those that happen in past lives, or
between lives, or prenatally, or during birth, or during early years
where we can not remember them at all.  Next in line are those injuries
we remember but never fully ran out with a competent listener at the
time they occurred.  Last in line are those events that continue to
remind us in present time of such injuries, whether remembered or not,
which produce yet another emotional jolt however slight that is also not
fully confronted.

     A major loss causing anger, fear, sorrow or apathy also acts as an
'injury', like the death of a parent or pet or a friendship etc.  They
don't have physical pain in them, but they do contain postulates about
life that are erasable.

     A 'clear' in this context is someone who has contacted and run out
all postulates from all injuries in his entire history.  'Memories' of
early life are not normal memories as the myelin sheathing is not yet
formed in the nervous system, but the recordings are made just the same
and are apparently not physical in nature and are stored in a medium
science does not presently admit exists.

     The whole concept of birth and prenatal memories was held in
contempt until Janov supported their existence in therapy (Primal

     The same goes for whole track memories, past universes, past lives
on Earth or elsewhere, and between life memories.  If they exist, they
clearly are not part of the body.

     Authur Janov claimed that postulates made during birth trauma,
trying to get out, suffocating etc, governed how the being dealt with
the rest of life.  By contacting birth and recovering the sensations and
postulates made at the time, the life rearranged itself into a postulate
free life.  I have not been able to do this myself, but I have read many
case histories of this stuff, and if true it is mind blowing.

     Homer, who is not a clear and who has no clue if any of this is

      Jan 8th, 1998


      Last Friday evening I sprained my right foot *REALLY* bad.

      I was walking out of our home at night on the concrete runway and
stepped on the edge.  The grass on the right side was wet and gave way
and I slipped off to the right.  It was dark from very high snow and I
did not see the edge of the concrete.

      Apparently I have started a home business so that people don't have
to kill themselves going to work on the roads everyday, just to do
myself in at home.  How charming.

      I spent the next four days in bed running out the injury by going
over the incident many times using standard Dianetic therapy.
Particular attention was paid to the shock moment, the exact moment of
injury, and the postulates that overcame me at that moment, mostly
having to do with the ruin of my one and only precious life.

      I also tried to imagine by direct telepathy all the other people on
the planet who had injured themselves on that same day, many in far
worse condition than I, trying to run their injuries as well as mine.

      One planet can burn out an empath pretty quick, if you don't do
this competently.

      As time and days went on, more postulates came to the surface and I
tried to let them release like a receding wave rather than going into
agreement with them and taking them on permanently.

      I am still getting reverberations from this.

      Postulates ran from "There is nothing I can do about it" to "I am
not competent to run my own life", and "Life is too dangerous to live"

      Questions also came to the surface, "Do I really want to live?",
"What would make life worth living with these risks?"

      Serious injuries can really make you feel like crawling into a
pillow and staying there.

      I noticed that these questions had unresolved echos in my childhood
during similar injuries as serious as this one, questions that were
never fully answered, and were kind of put into the background as

      Besides I had to go back to school, 3rd grade was clearly more
important than resolving the questions of life, and so I didn't have
time or permission to think about such things.

      As I ran the present incident, I was able to start running earlier
injuries to this body that were not properly or fully run out when they
occurred, such as major accidents as a child, where the postulates that
I made during those injuries stayed with me for my whole life.

      It is becoming more and more clear to me that my general accident
proneness in adult hood stems in part from these unhandled injuries in
early life, some of which I don't even remember, but which throw
haunting hints at me as I start to poke around for them.

      Almost all of my childhood injuries, accidents and losses, were
never really confronted or run out properly, and so they never fully
healed emotionally and even physically in some sense, and so in present
time I am trying to live my life under the constant denial and burden of
these accumulated and unhandled damagings.

      An entire life can be colored and degraded by the postulates made
during injuries and loss.  One should probably end up wiser in life at
the end of such things, but not lower.

      But one needs to spend significant time with the injury when it
occurs and listen to it carefully until there is no more story to tell.
Even if its done years later, as in therapy, its better than not
happening at all.

      But it is way better to do it while the injury is still alive.
Running it out while it is still unhealed will GREATLY increase the
speed and completeness of healing avoiding all kinds of infections and
after the fact complications.

      Sometimes of course the physical damage is truly permanent.  But
most of my injuries were healable, but the soul never got over the
shock, and never released the emotion and so the healing process never

      Anyhow, I have been scooting around from place to place on the my
knees on a pillow, when I allow myself to crawl out of it, that is.

      Nothing seems to be broken and the pain is pretty much gone and
well on its way to becoming a 'non event'.

      I can walk again, but just barely.  Stiff as hell, a bit swollen,
but its healing.

      Jane went over to tell an neighbor today about this, ironically to
ask if she knew any good doctors with some spiritual awareness to check
out my ankle, and she found out that the lady had broken her leg last

      She didn't just sprain an ankle, she broke her leg in TWO.

      She is doing 'well'.  As well as can be expected.  Another friend
sprained his left ankle a few days ago too.

      I don't know if something is going around, but if you have hurt
yourself recently, please let me know.

      Homer, who is still not in a good mood, and only a little wiser.

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