If you were to demonstrate moving the marble to a meatball, the
first thing that would happen is they would go into an instant state
of wondering if they were dreaming or not.

      They would then spend a lot of time trying to determine if they
were dreaming or not, and be unable to accept that they weren't

      Then they would get *VERY* afraid and covert, wondering what you
know about them that they don't.  Demonstrations of power miss every
withhold in their book, especially the ones they don't know they have
any more.

      Not only do we have memory of our past existences, that memory is

      They would then either try to enlist your aid to help them by using
your 'powers', or they would try to destroy you.  Remember no matter how
much power you have, a whole army of meatballs coming after you *AND*
your loved ones, has more power.

      Thus violating the Prime Directive is lunicidal.

      Suicidal lunacy.

      The mere fact that the meatballs and bashers are unwilling or
incapable of discussing the Prime Directive in detail, beyond putting it
down as something we hide behind because we don't have such powers and
know it, proves beyond a reasonable doubt that they are unworthy of
further discussion let alone demonstration of power, EVEN IF THEY ARE

      That is absolute.

Sun Oct  8 13:41:54 EDT 2017