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                 Copyright (C) 1992 Homer Wilson Smith
     The world is full of small little people with nothing important to
     Their feeling is that the only people who have something to say,
who therefore are not being quiet, are up to no good.
     It is perfectly fine with this constituency then if the Government,
which they elect into power, passes laws outlawing privacy, in the name
of catching the bad guys, because if the government listened in on the
constituency they would hear only silence or the background chatter of
mindless unimportances, except for the loud and clear and very important
conspirings of bad guys.
     Those who have nothing to communicate have no need of privacy.
     Privacy is basically a directed channel of communication.
     It's A saying something to B and not to C.
     To the silent majority the crime is not the directing of a
communication, it is the presence of any communication (of importance)
at all.
     They consider that if you are using your rights to privacy, that is
directing a communication to B and not to C, it's only because you are
trying to hide that there IS a communication in the first place.
     Those who have nothing to communicate and in fact resent those who
do, will have no need for direct and private channels to anyone, and
will take efforts to destroy the channels built by others to communicate
amongst themselves.
     The reason why governments are elected into power such as ours, is
because of the nature of the people who elect them into power: namely
people who have nothing to say, no one to say it to, and no reason to
have it said.
     The first thing that such governments do is outlaw privacy, because
what they are really outlawing is communication.
     Such people would be perfectly happy if the world and everyone in
it were perfectly silent all the time.
     Once privacy is outlawed only outlaws will have privacy.
     And they will be our elected officials, you can bet on it.
     Silence may be golden, but privacy is precious.
     Unfortunately, those who have nothing to say, rarely have ears to
hear either.