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>Hmm, I tried to post something to clear-l yesterday, but I don't think
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>Thanks to all who responded to my message.  Hi Christine :)

>Ok, Homer, I went back and read through your mct files more carefully,
>and I have some thoughts and questions for you.

>First of all, I don't see that I have certainty that I am able to cause
>something.  The only thing I have 100% certainty of is that I am
>experiencing (feeling, seeing, hearing, whatever).  I seem to be able to
>cause things, but I am not 100% certain that I really am causing them.

>You made some statements to the effect that... if I am seeing the color
>blue (visualizing it, for example, so we don't have to worry about
>photons.  although I myself can't really visualize), then the color
>which I created is causing me to see it, or to know that I am seeing it,
>or some such thing.  Frankly, I didn't find this statement to make much
>sense.  I know that I am experiencing the color blue, but I am not
>certain what is causing this experience.  I'm not even sure what an
>experience really is.  I certaintly don't see that some portion of what
>I am experiencing is causing anything.  Maybe this should be obvious to
>me but I'm just not getting it, for some reason.  Could you explain this
>to me a bit better?


     The proof admits to 2 flows of cause as the only cause that a
unit can be certain of.

     The first is an outflow, the second is an inflow.

     The outflow is one of personal agency, personal responsibility.

     This the outward creative cause between the spirit, his desire,
and the creation of what he desires.

     Desire to move your arm.  Move it.  Notice the causal connection
between you, your desire and the movement of your arm.

     Desire to make a mockup.  Make the mockup.  Notice the causal
connection between you, your desire and the mockup.

     Self -> Desire -> Mockup

     There is a lot of mass in the way of perceiving the cause of
personal agency, so don't just try it a few times and get fuzzed out.
Do it until you get perfect certainty of personal agency.

     The second flow of cause is the inflow of perception of the
desired mockup.

     The inflow cause allows you to check out that you really did
create what you wanted to.  Without cause and effect there can not be
any learning.  The only way to learn if a mockup is what you wanted it
to be, is to look at it and be the effect of its cause on you.  The
ONLY cause it has on you is to cause you to perceive its color, shape
and form.  This is the self luminousness of conscious pictures.

     So there are two flows.

     The first is the creative outward flow that creates a conscious
pictures the second is the inward "checking out" flow that allows us
to check out that what we wanted to create was actually created.

     You should operate and practice as an auditing action, both

     Desire to make a mockup, determine what it will be, make it, and
then check out that what appeared is or is not as you wanted it.  You
can do this even if you 'can't make mockups' because you can verify
that it DIDN'T turn out as you wanted it to be.  You can also use more
gross mockups like moving your arm or saying words, things you can do.

     As you do this process, want - make - verify, want - make -
verify pay special attention to the direct exerience of the two flows
of cause.

     As you desire and make a mockup ask, "Why did this mockup appear?
Is its appearance related to my desire, or is it a happenstance that
it happened to appear just as I wanted it to."

     Then after the mockup appears, look at the process of verifying
that what appeared is what you wanted.  Look at HOW YOU KNOW, notice
that there is cause in the process of perception, the perceived is
causing you to perceive: without cause in the mockup causing you to
perceive, you would never perceive the mockup or be able to verify it.

     The ONLY cause a mockup has is the ability to cause a self to
perceive them.

     Get this process moving fast, want - make - verify, and notice
the flow of cause out and in, out and in, until the power starts to
break open on you.  You will know when it hits.  All the bullshit will
fall away, and you will have perfect certainty of the two causes

     Then, and only then, will you know you are not a machine.

     All learning needs cause and effect to function, without cause,
there is no learning, you can't learn about what doesn't cause
anything in you.

     If something has NO effect on you, you can not learn anything
about it whatsoever.
     This is the first statement of The Proof.

     You HAVE to have cause and effect for any learning to take place,
there has to be agency for a transfer of knowledge to take place.

     Machines however learn by looking at the effects, they can not
look at causes.

     Conscious units can also look at cause directly, namely the two
causes described above, personal agency and verification of result via

     The way you know you are looking at cause is you can see the
cause there, you can ask "Is there cause here in this process or
merely convenient dependable followingness?"

     A conscious unit can see the cause between desire and mockup, and
between the mockup and his certainty it is as he wanted it, a machine
can only see effects, it has no idea if there is cause.

     This is a non trivial exercise, it is beyond most Earthlings at
this time.