CB Willis ( wrote:
>Homer, do other living beings exist?
>Your statement now assumes that they do.

      1.) I do not know that others exist.  I suspect that if they do, it
may yet be impossible for me to know that they do.  If I am able to know
that others exist eventually with the same certainty that I know I
exist, then I would bet that it will turn out that they and me are in
some sense one, and that I will actually be certain of a deeper part of
myself in being certain of them.

      2.) I prefer to assume that others exist.

      3.) The proof shows me that I do not and CAN not know that the
alleged external physical universe exists, which I see in my conscious
colorforms.  Other visionary experiences indicate that it is very
unlikely that the external physical universe exists.

      Therefore I am pressed to assume for the moment that it does not
exist, that the world is a dream among dreamers, at least one me,
perhaps more.

      I am also pressed to assume that the world is a virtual reality of
apparently real but actually nonexistant external objects and causes
projected onto our conscious color form for our amusement, much as an
arcade game projects virtual realities onto the 'conscious color form
screen' of the TV monitor.

      4.) I can make mockups, another word for conscious color forms.

      5.) I experience mockups that I am clearly not making and can not
make go away.

      6.) It is therefore reasonable to presume that maybe others are
making these mockps and I am in resistence to them.  The resistance is
clear, that others are making them is not.

      7.) If others are making mockups that I am resisting, thus
resulting in stuck mockups that I can not control, then it makes sense
that spotting the correct who, how, what, where, why, when, and which of
the other being or beings who are making the mockups will allow me to
disentagle my self from their power in my universe.  My own overts of
like kind would be handled in a similar vein.

Wed Mar 18 23:17:12 EDT 2015