The subject of proof is a dangerous one, but a valid one at that.

    The real question is not whether OT powers exist or not, but
whether we are dreamballs or meatballs.

    If the physical universe is actual, and consciousness arises
out of the mechanics of space and time, then the existence of OT
powers is almost certainly impossible.  There might conceivably
be some mechanism for ESP across space and time, but getting out
of one's body, telekinesis, creating and destroying matter directly,
these things are surely not probable.

     On the other hand if the physical universe does not exist, if
the world is a dream, a projection in Consciousness from Source,
then clearly consciousness and its source are already projecting
the entire physical universe and it becomes quite likely that we
could control that projection, move the marble, create the marble,
do whatever we pleased as long as it didn't piss off the balance
too much.

     So when ever approaching the subject of proof, I always take
it up on the subject of dreamball/meatball.  Once they realize they
don't know which is the right model of things, their minds open up
to the 50/50 point and they are free to start seeing things they
were filtering out before.

     Really there isn't much anyone else can do that will prove
anything to you about the matter.  It might increase some
probabilities for you to see someone move a marble, but the
doubts WILL come back, you will conceive of every single possible
answer EXCEPT the one that is true.  That is just the nature of

     Of course if you move your own marble, get out of your body yourself,
read someone else's mind and verify it to your own satisfaction, then you
have much more reason to accept the dreamball possibility and reject
the meatball possibility.  After a life of doing this, one finds that
the probabilities that the meatball theory are right just start to
fade away into ludicrousness.  Some experiences just can't be explained
away with biochemistry!  You won't know this of course until you have
them yourself though.  Sorry.

     What the meatballs are really looking for is some clue that it
isn't a waste of time studing the possibility of the dreamball theory,
they don't even want or need absolute proof, if they have any honesty
they understand full well that they don't WANT proof of that kind,
they just want to know it is worth seeking, to spend time on, getting
their own proof.

     The only thing I have to offer in this regard is The Proof:

     Learning implies Learning with Certainty or Learning with Not

     Learning Across a Distance implies Learning By Looking at Effects.

     Learning By Looking at Effects implies Not Learning with Certainty
about Cause.

     Learning with Certainty about Cause implies Learning, but not
Across a Distance and Not by Looking at Effects.

     Unfortunately this little ditty does absolutely nothing for
many, so those I can't help.  For the ones that see something in it,
well they get jacked up to the 50/50 point quite quickly and away
we go.

     Notice The Proof does not prove that one is a dreamball, it proves
that certain aspects of one's consciousness is not meatball in nature, in
particular those parts that are capable of certainty of cause.

     One has to take it from there.  Again, when it works, The Proof is
usually enough to break open the false certainties that hold people down
below the 50/50 point and allow them to come up to the 50/50 and get a
fresh look with a clear mind.

     At that point I sell them seat belts with a LARGE mark up on
them :)


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