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>	Please define rettam.

    Missed a few postings have we.

    Rettam is Matter spelled backwards.

    Rettam is the 'stuff' of which consciousness is made, including
self and its perceived conscious color forms, often refered to
as self luminous 'light'.

    What lights a mockup of a red ball.  Nothing of course,
the mockup is self luminous.
     The Guru's tell us the whole world is made of one thing.  They
don't mean quarks, nor space/time, as these are virtual realities in
an illusion making machine called consciousness.

     However conscioussness itself is made of something, not a
material something with dimensional space/time or MEST, but stuff none
the less.  So we call it rettam.

     Since the whole world is displayed in consciousness, the whole
world is made of rettam, the one thing the Guru's talk about, self
luminous conscoius "light".
     People use mockups made of rettam to symbolize the alleged
external universe of referents made of matter.

     If the world is not a dream, then the matter is also actual.

     If the world is a dream, then the matter is not actual but
virtualized in rettam.


>	Thanks,

>		Enid

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>huggieoh (huggieoh@clear.net.nz) wrote:

>>  I know from past experience that Homer
>scorns my questions when he can't
>>answer them but if I dared to ask him one I
>would like to ask him to define
>>"DREAM" What IS a dream anyway?

>     Fuck you Huggie, the only questions I
>can not answer of yours are
>those questions based on a total
>misunderstanding of anything I have
>said in the first place.

>     A dream is a planopy of symbols without
>referents, a virtual
>reality pretending to be an actuality.

>>Does he believe they can be controlled

>     Yes, complete OT power would involve
>complete control over the
>dream and one's presence in it i from
>multiple view points.
>     One can not move a marble made of
>matter, one can move
>a marble made of rettam.

>     The Guru's like to talk about how "God
>is light and in Him
>there is no darkness at all".  But that light
>is not meatball
>light made of photons and frequencies, it is
>conscious light,
>self luminous self aware light in the mind of
>God and each one

>     God could never create a marble made of
>matter, but he could
>create a marble made of rettam, a conscious
>color form in His own
>mind's eye, a MOCKUP or a marble, and
>*PRETEND* it was an marble made
>of matter.
>>Can a dream be agreed upon and shared?

>     Yes.  Most dreams are, including sleep
>     >Can one evolve in a dream?  Can one
>benefit the race and other
>>dynamics or
>>are all dreams self-masturbation?

>     Both.  They are co masturbation.
>>Dream on, Homer.
>     You too Huggie.

>     Learn to read what I write with
>understanding, before you make an
>ass out of yourself charging me with being
>unable to answer your
>stupid MU questions.

>     Homer
>>Huggie, LOL all the way to Eternity!

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