The only way to learn about an object across a distance is to be the
effect of that object.

     ((One then computes back from those effects to what the nature of the
object must be like. One never sees the object (cause) directly. If the
object has no effect on one, then no learning is possible.))

     Effects do not prove cause.

     Thus learning by looking at effects does not provide certainty.

     Certainty is only provided through learning by looking at cause

     This is not possible across a space/time distance because effect and
cause are two separate events.  Effect can not see cause except through
itself as effect.

     The only way for effect to know about cause with certainty, is for
effect and cause to have no space/time between them, that is effect and
cause must be one and the same event.  Then effect can see cause directly,
because effect IS cause.


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