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     Now what we are talking about here is Scientology stripped of all
of its accoutrements.

     We are talking about the Vessel of alleged Truth.

     We are not talking about the Church, and we are not talking about
its followers.
     We are not talking about its founder and we are certainly not
talking about any possible coterie of con men who may have gathered
around the Vessel and who, with backs to the wall, are holding the fort
against all possible efforts to look into that Vessel to see what Truth
might be found there.

     We are talking about what Scientology has to say for itself.

     What's in the Vessel.
     All the rest didn't happen.
     We are not saying that these Truths in the Vessel are correct.  We
only want to see why possibly so many people take such great exception
to them.

     Assuming they know what they are.

     So let's put aside for the moment all the bad press, all the legal
battles, all the financial intrigue, all the fanaticism and bad
feelings, all the whirlwind of criminality, terrorism and fear that
swirls around this subject, and let's just take a look at the subject


     Now I walk on dangerous ground here, for the Church is very
protective of what Scientology IS.  
     There is what Scientology is, and then there is what the
Church wants the public to think what Scientology is.

     Thus is a public reality, and a private actuality.

     They consider the word Scientology itself their trademark, and they
consider themselves the last word on what Ron said and didn't say.



     Fortunately Ron himself laid down some very severe rules about what
he did and didn't say, for he knew damn well what aberrated people would
do with his work if these rules were not put in place.

     The first rule is that no one must ever say what Ron said without
showing a direct reference.
     This is the no verbal data rule.
     You are not even allowed to ELABORATE on it, or clarify it, and
heaven help you should you attempt to explain it let alone change or
improve it.

     That last is called ALTERING the TECH, even to make it better.

     The first thing some people do when they leave the Church is write
for weeks on end getting it all out, because they had all these things
to say that they were never allowed to express.

     Putting things into your own words is actually a sound part of
Scientology study tech, it makes sure that you understand what you have
read.  You are just not allowed to apply it to Scientology itself when
trying to teach someone else what it is all about.


     The second rule is that if Ron didn't write it, it isn't true, so
you can't say 'this is Scientology tech or policy' unless you got
something in his writing that says so, in which case they should be
reading that rather than listening to you.

     This is not to say that everything Ron said was true, or that
everything that is true Ron said.

something about Scientology may very well be true, but if Ron didn't say
it or worse you don't have a bulletin in your hands showing him saying
it, you are forbidden to pass the datum along, on to other people.

     That's called verbal data, and they will cut your tongue out
for it.

     Some people got around this by posting things for LRH and putting
his name on it.

     Weeding this stuff out is difficult, especially during a time when
the Church has still not caught on to the forgery itself.
     You may KNOW the article in question is junk, but no one will
listen to you.
     Even the official Technical Query lines can fail you.

     Then later it becomes habit to cleanse themselves of the past
by saying, 'well Ron didn't write that', 
     They disclaim anything that makes them uncomfortable or gets them
into hot water, by saying 'Ron didn't write that'.

     Sheesh, he's dead already, he can't even defend himself.  
     If given a chance Ron would probably say "Of course I wrote that,
now get busy and implement it!"

     Of course some people just SAY 'Ron didn't write that' to appease
the masses, and then they move the policy or tech to the inner sanctum
sanctorum and use it from there.

     Of course this was never actually done.  It never even crossed
anyone's mind.
     Half of FAIR GAME was never written, never intended, never existed
or repealed long ago, yet there it is still in force in some inward top
secret circles of the upper Church.

     "We don't cut peoples head off any more."

     But they keep the guillotine sparkling clean at all times
in a back room that no one dares enter.

     Look I have nothing against the Church, I do however detest
aberrees, being one myself.  
     I also know how to write up a security
check list for an organization.  
     You sit down and think out everything anyone could do that was bad,
dishonest, corrupt and underhanded in an organization and you write it
all down like the Johannesburg Security check list.
     If you have trouble thinking of things, you wouldn't want to miss
any after all, study the US government, CIA, FBI, and rest for a
reference implementation on what not to do.

     You then put the Org on the meter, or its executives, and
you read the list off to them.  
     If it reads, they done it, thought about doing it, wish they could
do it, or know someone who did, or they been accused of doing it when
they didn't.

     Auditor: 'Have you ever used policy that was not publicly
     E-meter: Long fall blow down, rock slam, rock slam, rock slam...

     PC: 'Uh no, not me'
     E-meter: rock slam, rock slam, smoke, rocket read, rock slam...

     You see how it goes.

     I would question anyone in the Church who claims to not be an
aberration, who claims to not have any withholds of any kind whatsoever.

     And I would question anyone in the Church including LRH, who thinks
he can hold a candle to Source, *TRUE* source, the HIGH US.


     The third rule is that no part of what Ron ever said must ever be
considered old, out of date or no longer used.

     Now this is interesting because 99 percent of what Ron ever said is
very old, very out of date, and never used.  
     So many a field Scientologist will tell you that if you aren't
familiar with, and using, his material from 1952 to 1963, why then you
just aren't making any case gain.

     But the fact is that the Church continues to publish all of Ron's
tech just like he wrote it yesterday, which is a very good thing because
if they didn't, it would all be gone tomorrow.

     But nobody's getting any auditing with it, that's for sure.

     Most of his early work was canned because the auditors couldn't
handle it (rock slam, puke, die, rock slam, rock slam.)

     Sometimes you wonder if the rock slams you see on the dial are the
pc's, who is holding the cans, or the auditor's.

     Much of the work that was developed after Ron attained his own
personal height on the Bridge was developed solely to allow those still
at the bottom to run the processes without ruining everything to hell.
     The pc was paying for all this after all, he had some right to
expect to come out of it alive.  
     And solvent.

     Anyhow the tech being developed in the 60's was just so powerful
and fast that the auditors couldn't stand it.  
     It restimulated their own cases, so they altered it, and screwed it
up and then complained it didn't work, all the while breathing a sigh of

     "Scientology is the GREATEST!  It just doesn't work on me!"

     Direct quote from one of my auditors.

     So you see Ron put these rules in place to prevent his own people
from burying in the ground a technology that they might otherwise prefer
to never see the light of day again, lest they have to handle their own
case or have their own withholds pulled.

     That's not a criticism of the Church, that's just the God's honest

     Just because someone is in the Church does not mean he is good or

     Just because a Church has the technology to pull withholds doesn't
mean anyone is pulling withholds.  
     They could be withholding doing so!

     By the way any GPM goal any one has ever had IS a withhold, that's
why he has no clue about his extant GPMS or what he has done and had
done to him in the process of dramatizing them.

     "What goal are you withholding?"

     Same is true for entities, BT's and Clusters.

     "Are you withholding another being?"

     You can not be tortured or victimized by anyone or anything
unless you have a near and dear withhold about them.

     It may be a laudable withhold, or it many not be.

     But in any case that's why they are always trying to pull your
withholds by torturing you.

     Ron was ALWAYS up in arms because even his best people would take
what he wrote, refuse to confront it, alter it so it was unusable and
then complain that it didn't work, and that they had to do something

     Squirreling means to run around like a squirrel looking for some
nuts that it has buried in the ground.

     At first the squirrel does the right thing, and starts to dig
where he knows the nuts were, but manages to do it wrong and so does
not find them.

     Then he starts second guessing himself, and digging in all kinds
of places where there are no nuts for sure and driving himself
to exhausted hysteria when no matter what he does he can't find his nuts.

     That what an auditor does when a good process doesn't work, he
alters the process and starts to do something else that of course
never works.

     You can know them by the exhausted hysteria they manifest trying to
get a preclear to complete a process.

     One way you can handle this is to have the auditor find the
original process, then track its failure to what he is doing now, and
find out where he did the original wrong.

     Lord save him if it turns out that even the original process was

     An unbelievable amount of what Ron wrote was written to deal with
this one problem alone.

     Of course now that he is dead and gone, nobody is altering tech
anymore out of respect for his memory.

     "Competition is a trick of the weak to fetter the strong." - LRH
     HCOPL 19 March 1968  New OEC Vol. 0, pg 193
     Anyhow Ron put one more rule in place to make very sure that his
tech was not destroyed.

     The fourth rule is that Ron is the One and Only Source for Tech,
and that no one else may make, create, discover, invent, improve upon or
research tech, all of which add up to ALTERATION of tech which is
crucifiable offense.


     Now here is where you will find the Independents and the MIGS
really at odds with each other.

     MIGS = Members In Good Standing.

     The MIGS of course believe that Ron held himself up to be the one
and only Source, because he WAS the one and only Source, and the one and
only one capable of doing this work of Tech Finder.  
     Therefore anyone else trying to do this work too was really
committing a high crime of hubris that goes without peer in the Church.

     Trying to mislead people into some new tech away from real tech
that is known to work, well we just really don't need such people

     The people in the field of course have a different story to tell.
     They claim that the reason Ron did this One Source thing, was
because if just anyone IN THE CHURCH were allowed to create tech, then
it would leave the door open to someone burying Ron's tech to make way
for this new tech, when the inventor of the new tech knew damn well that
the new tech didn't work at all.

     It was Ron's opinion that Church's tend to attract that sort of
fellow, being a drain and all for society's lowest.

     Ron didn't want new tech that didn't actually work to push out his
old tech that at least had some hope of working.

     So what Ron did was close the door on any excuse for anyone to bury
Ron's own tech, because he knew it worked even if it could be improved,
and Ron knew that people would try to bury it BECAUSE it worked.

     The problem is of course that these rules also prevent anyone else
from expanding or continuing the research, and it also means that
anything originated by anyone else is wrong and invalid because it did
not come from Ron, even though much of what came from Ron actually came
from someone else, including his own co workers.

     MIGS take this very seriously, actually literally as the God Given
Truth on the matter.
     No they don't consider Ron a God, just a big thetan.
     They are however more scared of Ron's wrath than of God's.

     The field of course has a different view which is that Ron is the
founding father of a new and growing science of religion, and that Ron
fully expects them to take up the torch and forge a new frontier just
like any other science.  
     Imagine if Newton had said, 'Here I am dying, this is all there is
to physics, there is nothing else to physics and if any one should dare
to add to or correct my life's work, he should be condemned as a

     The Church is still looking for its Einstein.  someone to correct
Ron's work.
     So the field considers that Ron meant for them to carry on the
research work, even though the Church was told directly by Ron to oppose
any efforts of the field to do so.

     The field claims that the only way Ron could ensure the survival of
his tech from the grave, was to put in place mandatory constitutional
mechanisms IN THE CHURCH that not only prevented any tech from being
altered, but also prevented any new tech from being found.

     They wouldn't dare get RID of any old tech if there was no new tech
to replace it, don't you see?
     Further there could be no slightest question as to what the good
tech was, as it was ALL of the extant writings at the moment of Ron's

     At least you could know the intentions behind the original tech
were good, while the intentions behind any new tech by someone else
could very well be a trap on purpose, particularly for making more

     People will tell you that even some of Ron's later tech was
designed in the end to draw out auditing length of time in order to
increase income.

     So even if there were times when actual delivery of the tech
started to fail, and there were, the tech itself would continue to be
pumped out of the Church's book bindery just as it was originally
written for all to see for the rest of time.

     Ron knew the field would go right ahead and read everything that he
wrote and advance the science in his absence anyhow.

     Anyhow, that's the field's point of view.


     Many MIGS by the way don't consider that Ron is coming back.

     The field of course wants to wring his neck, so they are definitely
planning for a return.

     There is also open debate in the field as to whether Ron could take
back control of his Church or would want to, if he did come back.

     Personally I think that Ron will come back, but if he tries to take
back his Church he is going to have quite a fight on his hands.  
     It would just exceed the credibility of too many people.

     Not to mention the resistance of those who had grown fat in his

     It's one thing to piously BELIEVE in past lives, it's quite another
to have it staring you right there in the face.

     Anyhow sure enough, someday someone is going to be up on a stage
somewhere saying 'And Ron said...', and a voice from the audience will
thunder out '...THE HELL I DID!'

     Talk about a hush.

     I would like to be there on that day.


     Ok so now that every one is appropriately enraged, let me continue.

     The facts of the matter are that any given present day stance of
the Church on the subject of what Ron said, is NOT the final word on
what Ron said.

     In the first place Ron said many things, often in direct
contradiction with each other.

     Believe it or not Ron was a human being who grew into this subject
just like anyone else.

     As he matured into his own auditing and case gain, his view of the
world evolved and changed, sometimes drastically.  Thus you find him
very warm and friendly towards 'coffee shop auditing' on early tapes and
absolutely rabidly rancorous about it in later policy.

     Lots of auditing works well in the hands of beginners and lends
itself quite well to coffee shop auditing, or helping someone out on the

     Auditor: "Tired?"
     Preclear: "Yes."
     Auditor: "OK, so is that from not enough sleep or from a failed

     Preclear: "Yak yak yak..."

     Auditor: "Thank you.  Tell me about..."

     Other auditing, namely GPM item finding, can be wildly dangerous in
the hands of beginners or those who have not made that particular
grade themselves.

     Almost everyone is walking around all twisted up in 'medical' pains
that they have no idea where they come from.  Eventually physical
manifestations show up to explain the pains, and they fail to realize
that the pains came first and he physical manifestations came second to
explain them.

     GPMS are what thetans have been up to for AGES, so there is a LOT of
power in them.

     Finding a wrong item or missing or bypassing a right item can spin
the preclear into an ashen grave before he is dead.

     In early Dianetics Ron said 'so let's get together and build a
better Bridge' implying that other's work was valid.  Later he stomped
on other's work as merely the aberrations of 'group think'.

     Just as an aside, some of Ron's most personable lectures were done
when he was at the height of his work on withholds and security
checking.  He was positively light as air and a friend to behold.  It's
almost enough to make you think we should have someone like that leading
the way.

     I mean the guy was feeling GOOD, and he KNEW everyone else was good
too no matter how bad they were feeling in present time from their

     Perhaps we should give withhold technology a another look.

     A missed GPM item is an enforced withhold by the way.

     Anyhow there is this history of what Ron has said, it is recorded
in the time track of his bulletins and tapes, and because of the
'nothing must be destroyed or altered or considered old or not used any
more' rule, ALL of it is available, for a price, to anyone who wants to
look at it, including all the stuff that should have been stomped out of
existence a long time ago lest it show the Church up for what it has

     The whole bridge can be bought for a song and a dance on ebay by
the way as old time auditors are end of life-ing it and selling everything
they have before it gets thrown out.

     Ron detailed the entire case of the Church itself and how to audit
it, many years before the Church became the asshole it has become.

     By the way complete original sets of the Saint Hill Special
Briefing course tapes are selling in the field for $500.  The Church has
recently released new versions of these same tapes to the public for
around $1000, maybe in Clearsound.

     As a group these tapes have long been classified as confidential
because many of them were individually confidential dealing with GPM's
and OT levels.  Another reason for their confidentiality is that on some
of them Ron is being quite candid about his own case and his own
sessions with Mary Sue during the times he was going clear himself in
the early '60s.

     Wide public issue of these tapes would reveal very clearly that Ron
was not the expert that everyone pictured him to be, his own case was in
dire trouble, and that Scientology, ALL of Scientology was really quite
experimental and on shaky grounds.

     The public face is that Ron always knew what he was talking about,
and was giving out this great knowledge to the rest of us as we became
ready for it.

     The truth is that Ron was an experimental pioneer into one of the
most dangerous territories in existence, we are eternal Gods after all
pretending to be prime rib, and his own health and stability were always
on the line, looking over the brink of Hell as he says in A History of

     Ron was actually producing first goal clears in other people BEFORE
he became a first goal clear himself in early February of 1963, and all
during this time he was trying to produce and maintain stable case gain
in others when he hadn't even attained this himself!

     GPMS are chains of goals, all of which have to be found.  A First
Goal Clear is someone who has found and erased his first goal on the
chain of goals.  Its not the first goal on the chain, its the last goal
on the chain in present time, but the first one found headed into the

     It's also called the 'present time truncated GPM', because as a GPM
it is still being dramatized maybe half way through its stack of related
goals, and thus rules the preclears present time, interest and actions.

     The goals on his present time are what gets him up in the morning.

     That is a big reason why these tapes are so secret, the Church just
didn't want anyone to get the jitters by seeing that the Captain of the
ship was sweating it out in his own nightmare.

     They also didn't want untrained apes trying this tech out and
getting it wrong, which could become a real problem to keeping the tech
legal or around at all.

     But these tapes have always been available in the field from
disenfranchised Scientologists or those who had just gone out the top
and didn't need them any more.

     Thus the field has in general had a more accurate view on what Ron
was like and what he was really about.  They received an unfiltered
view.  Of course higher level people in the church knew the truth too,
because everyone gets to listen to every tape on the SHSBC, Saint Hill
Special Briefing Course known as the Wall of Tapes.

     I can't imagine why anyone would sell their collection of LRH
materials for any price, but many do.

     These tapes were the notorious wall of tapes, about 400 of them,
numbered from 1 to whatever, that detailed just about everything that
Ron ever said in time order.  This allowed his students on the SHSBC to
gain a clear understanding of the track of Scientology up to present

     The Saint Hill Special Briefing Course was the 'super' course of
Scientology, the one you finally got to do once you decided to get
serious about it.

     The Church of course holds that what ever Ron said last was the
truth, or at least the enforceable truth, but you have got to realize
that people mature into Scientology the exact same way that Ron did.

     Thus new people who first come to this subject resent like hell
being told they may not contribute to it, as every newborn wants to

     That's their Dianetic stage.  'Let US build a better bridge.'

     "Contribute to" is very high on the Scientology Havingness Scale.
Telling people they couldn't be there, sent them lower.

     ((Havingness Scale: Create, Responsible for (willing to control),
Contribute to, Confront, Have, Waste, Substitute, Waste substitute, Had,
Must be confronted, Must be contributed to, Created.

     You will notice that as Scientologists are not allowed to
'Contribute to', they fall down into 'Must be contributed to' which is
what you usually find them dramatizing.  This can be read two ways,
either the low tone scientologist insists that HE be contributed to, or
he considers the HE must contribute to the group, which is what he
originally wanted to contribute to but no longer wants to.))

     After the Dianetic stage, people want to get into solo auditing of
electronic implants and things talked about in Scientology 8-80 and
other books.  That's their 'let's go off and solve this thing by
ourselves' stage.

     Thetans have been going around killing bodies by sparking them for
a long time, so eventually a preclear gets real on this, sparks himself
a few times and decides he is not ready to be fooling around with his
own mind.

     Eventually they may come around to seeing things the Church's way.
be a good little boy and let the Church lead you and help you.

     "Scientology is for those who are willing to be lead..." - LRH

     Perhaps as they grow into the subject themselves, they decide they
would be better off leaving the tech to Ron, and so they become more
aligned with present Church policy.  If they don't, they go off and
become Independents.

     Unfortunately for the newcomer the only way to find out what Ron
said is to listen to what the Church says Ron said.  Usually via
convenient excerpts from Ron's writings that the Church wants him to

     Trying to learn about Scientology by reading what the Church
publishes, is like learning about the world by listening to CNN.

     So they don't show you what RON said, but some mish mass of what
THEY say.  Eventually on course you will probably get the real deal
     But those who have devoted their lives to this subject, who have
read every book five times over, who have listened to every one of
hundreds of tapes, who have spent 1000's of hours auditing pcs of every
kind, will tell you in a flash that what 'Ron said' is a subject as wide
as the sky, and only poorly, if at all, represented by what the Church
now says Ron said.

     In fact many a time, while listening to tapes, I couldn't believe
what I was hearing, I mean I was just totally dumbfounded, I couldn't
believe that the Church was letting this material out in the open, that
it was PUSHING this stuff on its public.  It was just totally damning.

     There was Ron laying out the entire anatomy of evil and the
dwindling spiral, and the later day Church following it to the letter
all the way down the line, like it was a manual for terminal

     I mean the tapes detailing the design of terminal evil, were not
meant to be a user guide for the Devil.

     Completely hysterical.

     In fact the best analysis of later Church behavior one could ever
hope to find is completely contained in Ron's early tapes on withholds
and aberration.

     It's all there.

     Check out tape 6101C24 (1/24/61), Withholds and In-Session-ness
(Essentials of Auditing Series).
     You'll find out what Ron REALLY thinks about Coffee Shop Auditing
(a form of chipmunking) and you will understand the entire anatomy of
the dark side of the organization, any organization including world
governments.  He also says very clearly what the fate of these people
will be if they continue in their ways.

     Certainly publishing this stuff broadly could not do the Church any
good, what with its corporate terrorism, its illegal conspiracies, its
extortion and blackmail, its dirty tricks departments and its lie

     Why sell tapes that point out all your own flaws?

     The Church's usual response when someone points out its flaws is to
sue them for libel and slander.

     Sometimes I mused that if the Church knew what it was publishing in
these tapes it would sue itself.

     But you see that is exactly the self protective mechanism that Ron
built into the fabric of the Church.  While they were busily destroying
freedom and communication on a world wide basis, they were at the same
time putting out not only a complete confession of their own operation,
but also a complete analysis of the auditing techniques necessary to
handle it, and they HAD TO DO THIS BY RON'S MANDATE!

     No matter how strong the aberration, fear of Ron was stronger.

     And the beauty of this was they were charging people good money for
the knowledge.

     I always thought this was brilliant of Ron, that a corrupt and
rotten organization should be surviving by selling the very plans
necessary to rescue it's butt from the mire.

     Totally bloody brilliant.

     Would that anyone was there to hear.

     Or maybe there was, the present day Church claims to have cleaned
up its act.  Perhaps it has taken up reading Ron?

     So here is the point.  In trying to explain my views on the subject
of why Scientology is not liked, I am going to have to trespass a bit
and express my views on what Scientology IS.

     Of course anything stated about Scientology that does not jive
exactly and to the letter with the Church's present day policy could and
probably would be considered libelous slander by the Church lawyers.

     And if what I did say were to be correct in every detail they would
consider it a copyright violation that I dared to post it to the net
without permission or payment due.

     In other words there is just no freedom to speak around here any
more, and that from a subject that taught us a man is as free as he can

     What a Joke.

     Oh well, Ron's Whole Message was that aberration consisted of an
unwillingness to communicate, within oneself and with others, so one
figures that an organization manned by aberrees would have a hard time
communicating and allowing others to communicate.

     So here goes, bombs away...



     When trying to solve any problem, you need to first discover the
anatomy of the problem, then devise an approach based on that anatomy.

     Scientology is a posited APPROACH to a problem, man's suffering in
the world, specifically what do DO about it.

     It's what you want right?

     We want to know how do we go about moving a desperate present scene
to a more ideal scene.

     This change needs to take place on all 8 dynamics of existence.

     A dynamic is a thrust towards survival, dynamis is the tone people
exude around them and dump on us due to their failures to resolve their
suffering and the suffering of others.


     The are the 8 great urges to survive as

     1.) Self (no body)
     2.) Family, sex, parents, children, past present and future
     3.) Groups, communities of families, and work and play groups.
     4.) Mankind, species homo sapiens
     5.) Life, biological life
       5a.) Plants
       5b.) Animals
     6.) MEST, space time, physical universe of force vs force
     7.) Spirits, conscious units, consciousness as actual life.
     8.) The Infinite Unmanifest.


     Scientology also presents an ANATOMY of that problem, how it arose
and what it is made of and what it's purpose was and is.

     Creation, discovery, expression and trade.

     High Action, Exhilaration and Spirit of Play.

     Serious FUN in other words.

     In the words of ADORE:

     "Tragedy and Travesty
      Romance and Sin,
      Miracles and Majesty
      That's where I've Been.

      Miracles in Majesty
      Romance and Song,
      Tragedy and Travesty
      That's where I've Gone.

      The fact I am still here
      Is PROOF don't you see?
      In the Omni Long Run
      It's better to BE.

      Halcyon and Thrill
      High Cool and Romance
      Class and Free Fancy
      Power the Dance.

      Pride is my Willingness
      My Willingness to BE
      I ADORE me forever,
      Forever for Free."

     From Adore.com

     Scientology as a science of anatomy and approach to a problem can
thus be considered a 'technology' to deal with that problem.

     What to DO about what you WANT based on what you KNOW.


     You choose to do based on what you want and what you know about how
to accomplish it.

     Scientology as a technology and as a philosophy is very unpopular
with the victim crowd.  
     Past lives are very scary to someone who is a victim because they
have to ask how they came to be a victim in the first place and what
possible hand they may have had in it.

     "Que fait moi dans cette galere?" - LRH
     ((What am I doing in this galley.  A galley is a hot kitchen often
in the bottom of a large sea going boat.))
     They wonder perhaps what they did did to *DESERVE* it, most people
are terrified of the justice they fear coming to them.

     And they KNOW there is NOTHING they can do about THAT!  :)
     Note God does not judge, neither does the thetan judge itself in
the after life.  High tone life just simply does not judge.

     "Verily verily I say unto you, God is light, and in Him there is no
JUDGMENT at all.

     A God creates, how then can He judge what he just created?"

     That is the basic OT trap, to get an OT to judge what he is
creating and later to regret judging and to judge himself FOR judging.

     This is all handled by the way on the Basic Judgment Rundown at
your nearest Church of Scientology or Freezone center.
     You know when an OT or God (same thing) puts on his ninja suit
his left side radiates unlimited evil and ugly, and his right side
radiates unlimited good and beauty.

     Banal grey is a perfect balanced combination of the two.

     Who're you gonna call now?

     Scientology does NOT teach various forms of KARMA, things like if
you do bad you will get bad, and everything that happens to you in this
life happened because of something bad that you did in a past life.

     That just leads to a life of AMENDS, VICTIM and SELF ABASEMENT.
     However Scientology DOES teach that you have lived before and will
live again, and you may have committed REGRETTED BUT UNCONFESSED harmful
acts in your past lives, WHICH YOU REGRETTED, just as you have had
harmful acts committed against you in this life which you are still
trying to get people to regret.
     Lower level basic theory here is that every one has a time track
that records everything that he has done, both good and bad, and also
everything that has happened to him, also good and bad.

     Your time track is the mechanical aspect of your memory.

     If a thetan begins to rue some part of his time track he will go
back to that time in his memory and try to nail it out of existence.
     This is called not-ising.
     The problem of course is that he can never successfully not-is
something that he actually did or actually did happen to him, so he has
to STAY there at that moment of time on his time track forever making
SURE that it STAYS 'out of existence'.

     Thus he can not remember much of this life, little of his babyhood,
and none of his assumption of the body, in between lives, past lives,
nor times before having bodies at all.

     His basic error was not in having a body, or owning, controlling,
protecting, punishing or being responsible for one, his greatest error

     When you get a kitten, you own it, protect it, take care of it, you
don't BECOME IT because a kitten can't take care of a kitten.
     Becoming the baby body, called a control transfer into the body,
condemns him to live under the control of his mother rather than himself
as a knowing willing thetan.

     Oy, don't do that.

     What 'memories' or 'dreams' preclears can come up with in session
are most often delusional or hallucinatory.

     Getting at the real memories that are there and a true confession
gleaned of who did what to whom, is the real game of true auditing.

     Mostly he will see 'nothing there'.

     He is sticking himself in the areas that look the most grey and
bleak to him :)

     Yep nothing there, nothing to see or relate to there, just keep
moving on...

     When trying to take these moments apart in session, when trying to
get the preclear to stop sticking himself to or burying himself in his
time track, you will often find that the pc is stuck in moments of great
fury, turmoil, shock, surprise and failed expectation, moments of
supreme injustice perpetrated on him by his parents or supposed
teammates, and the other significant figures of this life.

     These purveyors of injustice can also be things like some One God,
the Devil, other entities, and even the universe itself, space, time,
matter, energy and force etc.

     This is the injustice of things as they are.

     It is a view of the Cosmic All that is not kind.

     He may tell you how wonderful the universe is, he is addicted to
morbid mysteries, and is generally no auditable until he is willing to
hope for a better world than this universe.

     You will also find he has committed misdeeds of his own in this
life, sometimes accidentally, sometimes out of pure unprovoked
cussedness, but most often in an effort to deal with those who were
harming him either knowingly or unknowingly.

     Pcs often regret what they did to others even if those others fully
'deserved' it at the time, those sad eyes you know.

     You can and will always love a dying person.

     So the auditor has his work cut out for him.

     The pcs underlying upset is based on his own lack of trust in
himself for having BECOME a body in the first place, blow that joke of
self treason, and you blow his entire case of upset.

     That would be somewhere around a Grade III, ARC Breaks.

     ARC Breaks are a sudden sundering of Affinity, Reality/Agreement
and Communication, along with Knowledge, Responsibility and Control.

     However, often you will find that no matter how much you get a pc
to look at and reoperate a moment of despair and shut-out on his time
track, it just will not alleviate.

     Electra tells us 'The way to Happiness is a true confession.'

     And 'No hell can out survive a true confession.'

     Mostly about the hells and death forevers the preclear is still
wishing on others or the Cosmic All.

     But then in real session you find it hard to audit preclears.

     What, a true confession doesn't work?

     Preclears do not like life.

     Scientology offers to help the preclear like life again, it is
what they came into Scientology to get handled.

     If Scientology fails to help them like life again, they won't like

     It's really pretty simple.

     No, the moment the preclear most needs to take responsibility for
is BEFORE he became human, don't you see, as no human would ever choose
to become human.

     So he remains stuck as a human as long as he fails to contact
himself as a fully divine OT choosing to come into being as a human.

     The guy is a divine cause become human, he can't become divine
again pushing off from his now being human.  
     Scientology can not help him to become a better divine being
from being a human being.

     Scientology can however help anyone become a better human
being from being a divine being.

     Remember divine is total judgment free facility with good and
evil, beauty and ugly.
     The human judges that good is better than evil, that beauty is
better than evil.

     The divine being considers whether the story he created was
worthwhile, a story of good and evil, beauty and ugly in engaging
balance worth jumping into it as a human and playing it out to the
bitter end.

     There's a lot of bitter ends in life, and every one is a portal
back to the being's own Divinity as Author.

     The human can not do anything about himself as a Divine being.

     The auditor can only audit divine beings to help them become
better humans, characters in the story lines of life.

     Auditor: Yo! Schmuck!, You are an OT right?
     PC:      Uh well, er, I don't know...
     Auditor: Good enough, conceive yourself as a bigger better schmuck.
     PC:      Uh ok I guess (I am paying for this?)

     Rising scale postulate processing, right?
     You can't make a human being become a God.

     That's because the human doesn't have the abilities required to
change himself.

     You can only make a God become a human being.

     That's because a God has the abilities to become a human being.

     THAT IS WHAT GODS DO, its their native plan, drive and ability.

     The prime ability is to be unable for a while.

     Thus if you audit towards rehabbing and reoptimizing DISABILITY to
increase optimum win/lose in life, not losing all the time, not winning
all the time, he will require is willinging and ability to to be an
OT creator again, an Author rather than only a suffering Character, a
God rather than only a Soul.

     Native state is able, everything it creates is a limitation on

     Even as a human, that divine thrust inward from having been a God
to becoming a human is still there in present time, as he is ALWAYS over
and over again being a God and becoming a human being.

     Remember a better human being is better from the point of view of
the creating divine being, not the human looser who regrets what he is
and is judging himself into hell forever or death forever.

     We are not trying to create a kinder, nicer more compassionate
human being.
     Oh God no.

     We want to make what the divine author wants to be, a more worth
while character in the human story.

     A book with nothing but good people in it you will never read to
the end.

     But a book with rip roaring story lines, stories of falls and
redemption, death, damnation and resurrection, these you will read over
and over again.

     So as you audit him on all this stuff he is totally afraid to look
at, Oh the shame and the guilt etc, he will find his rip roaring story
of falls and redemptions and back again that he will prize no end once
he sees the DIVINITY of it all.

     As a human he is ashamed to show himself lest others see
what he has become and turn to stone.

     Girls in particular have this problem no end, they look
in the mirror every morning and think "Thank God I still haven't
quite yet turned to stone!"

     As a God, this travail of filth, well its amazing anything
lives that could have gotten so low.

     That's called High Appreciation for Ludicrous Demise.

     And that is the prime warp drive for a divine being to become
human.  *LUDICROUS* demise, you see?

     He has come to feel he is not worthy as a human to being a God any
more, boy is that wrong.

     The opposite of shame is glory and laughter.

     His story line AS A HUMAN *IS* his worthiness of Divinity once he
his sense of cause and responsibility come right again.

     The only people who come in for auditing are those who feel they
are not advancing as a human back to their creator :)

     "I would never create me as I am, who would ever want to be a
creator then?"

     But with the auditor's help, once they get back there, what are
they going to do?

     What is there TO DO?

     So all the auditor has to do is to grab that incoming thrust and
direct the preclear to come in from being a God to being a better human

     Humans don't want to become gods again because then they might
choose to become human again and THAT must never happen ever ever ever
again, don't you see?

     Their unwillingness to COME IN sticks them in because they are
unwilling to GET OUT, because then they might get the idea to come in

     But that's the human's view, he can't conceive of what would WANT
to be like him.
     "Who or what would become a human being?"

     Gods are divine, humans are Holy.

     Holiness is care operating Divinity.

     So the transition from divinity to human is easy, but the
transition trying to go back is a bear.  
     Only by auditing coming in can you get out.

     He has go to see what a God is, in order to be willing to be that
human being he has become and wants to be.

     Thus we have the way out is the way in.

     The creator becomes the creature.

     The author becomes the character.

     The God becomes the soul.

     The creature becomes the creator by being the creator becoming the
     The character becomes the author by being the author becoming the

     The soul becomes the God by being the God becoming the soul.

     That's because practice coming in, puts you out.

     You can't come in, unless you ARE out first.

     Thus being in and trying to get out is a trap, it is the wrong
vector, starting in and trying to get out, especially swearing to never
come in again, oh no, been there done that!

     But the vector coming from being out to coming in as you wish, is
always available to anyone.

     If you can't stand being in, well then come in to someplace else!

     Don't try to get out forever and never come back.
     You have to rehabilitate the divine willingness to become human to
free yourself from being stuck in being human.

     Being human is SAFE don't you see, live once, die once, that's it
bud, how much trouble can you get into?

     Even dying on a cross ENDS at some point.

     But being Divine, oh no, that's for Gods, that's FOREVER AND EVER
AMEN, and you don't, as a human, want anything to do with that.

     It was this fact that led Ron to get his pcs to go 'earlier
similar' which meant to find earlier and earlier material of a similar
nature.  Pretty soon pcs were reporting that they were before birth and
then before conception and then plunk in a past life or between lives,
even a past universe.

     The horrible thing was, that there in that past life, they were
doing to THEIR children what they were so upset about their parents
doing to them in this life.

     Electra called that a Co-Excused Withhold, the preclear in this
life says to his parents I will forgive you for what you are going to
me, if you will forgive me for what I did AS A PARENT to my child in
past lives.

     That deal with the Devil and his own personal integrity is he can no
longer remember what his parents did to him, nor what he did as a parent
in the past.  
     Nothing happened, you see?  

     "Get the idea Nothing there"
     "Get the idea Something there"
     So no auditing takes place because there is 'nothing' there to
audit either in the past nor in the present.

     So in this life his mother tried to Munchausen him 3 times a week
but to the preclear under he delusions of present time his mother was a
real dear and never did a thing.

     However once returned to the 'scene of the crime' in a past life,
the auditor can then help the pc confront and erase the charge of his
own overt acts as a parent against his own children (usually of the
opposite sex) in a past life (NOT IN THIS LIFE!).

     So you have to audit back and forth mother in this life, and as a
mother in a past life until the agreement to not remember either lifts.

     Don't forget to audit his mother's postulate that he is a 'good
boy' in this life and his postulate that his mother was fine.

     In relieving this charge of regret over what they had done in a
past life, the present life abuse is then willing to erase and the pc
becomes like new again.

     The end result of getting guilt born of regret off the time track
is laughter.

     This means no more not-isness and restoration of full recall, at
least on that incident.

     And no little amount of wisdom that serves one well into the

     This is called the OVERT-MOTIVATOR sequence in Scientology.

     This means that motivators in this life are often locked in place
by the overt of an earlier life.  It is the pc's effort to JUSTIFY and
nail out of existence both incidents together that causes the lock up.

     He really wishes that neither happened.

     But he's dead when he starts to claim that the earlier overt
justified the present motivator.

     I would again stress that there is no implication here that the
motivator in this life happened BECAUSE of the overt in a past life,
only that when a motivator happens in this life that has a similar overt
in a past life you get this double lock up situation and both must be
audited for either to clear.

     Sometimes it works the other way around.  Say you are a little girl
in a past life and your father is sexually abusing you, but there is no
earlier similar incident of this kind at all on your time track and you
yourself have never done it to another in an earlier life.

     You grow up and die, and then you take on a male body in this new
life.  In this life the memory of being abused as a girl by a father
gets restimulated when you have a daughter, and then AS a father in this
life you dramatize it on her by abusing her.

     In Scientology that is called going out of valence, or doing to
others what others did to you.

     When the perpetrator gets into session in this life, his overts of
abusing his daughter in this life just refuse to erase and the impulse
to abuse does not go away.  It is this phenomenon that has lead many to
surmise that some people just can not be rehabilitated.

     However if the auditor gets the perpetrator to dig around for the
lifetime when he was a little girl being herself abused by a father then
the two incidents together erase and the problem is gone.

     This is called the MOTIVATOR-OVERT sequence.

     Now needless to say this theory of life is very unpopular,
especially in these climes when being an innocent victim is fashionable,
and profitable, and incarcerating people for criminal behavior is big

     Actually there are innocent victims, it happens every day, but they
are easier to audit.  No matter how many times some one has been done
in, no matter how bad it was, if it is not locking up on an earlier
misdeed of their own, then the pain will erase using standard Dianetic
reverie.  The patient will recover full access to the memory of the
incident, and little or no address will have to be made to past lives,
except maybe to chase down earlier times they were also an innocent

     But if you get a pc who has had the slightest thing done to him in
this life, who is also guilty of serious harm to others in a past life,
the stuff in this life won't reduce or release no matter how often you
audit him on it or how long.  Get him to contact what HE did though in
that past life or series of existences and the whole thing clears up.

      Now these are just the facts reported by pcs and auditors alike.
You can reject them or accept them as you like.  It doesn't even matter
if past lives are REAL, if you refuse to allow a pc to go past track and
refuse to let him run out past life incidents as if they were real, he
will often not get better and the present life trauma will not lift.

     Also preclears are sitting in oceans full of OTHER PEOPLE's
MEMORIES and traumatic experiences, so the incidents the preclear gives
you to audit may not be his own.

     It makes no difference WHO the incident belongs to, it is the
preclear's USE of incidents to justify and restrain himself that cause
them to lock up and not go away.  He can't get rid of them, because he
has wrapped himself in them, the more horrible and unrecogizable the

     By the way don't ever tell your pc that his past life memories are
a delusion, you will lose him as a pc.  He just won't come back.

     So there is nothing special in any of this except the surmise that
we have lived before and have found life rough enough to rue, and have
engaged in not-isness to justify and restrain ourselves and others, to
make our lives more sufferable.

     Who among you considers Truth so beautiful that you were willing to
know it all?

     Abused children often forget their abuse only to remember it years
later.  Well, if you keep going earlier similar, memories of your past
lives and your misadventures there may also start showing up, unless of
course you have some sort of strong preexisting bias against allowing
for the existence of such things.

      That's a sure sign though, you know.

     However, given the existence of past lives, it is reasonable to
assume that we have done bad things there, and have had bad things done
to us.

     It is also reasonable to assume that some of those bad things that
we did there, were similar to bad things that happened to us in this
life, especially between parent and child, man and woman and body and

     It is also reasonable to assume that some of those bad things that
were done to us in past lives, were similar to bad things we did to
others in this life, again between parent and child, man and woman, and
body and thetan.

     And most especially between the archetypal protagonists and
antagonists of our primary trans lifetime basic purposes (GPMS).

     All that Scientology is adding to this is that when bad things in
this life time lock up with bad things in past life times, through
justification and restraint, you get an unrelievable mess unless you
audit both of them to completion.

     So every confession becomes a dual confession.

     That is the sum totality of what Scientology has added to a very
old and respected subject, confession.

     And it is kind of obvious, isn't it?

     You could have figured it all out for yourself, now couldn't you
     Children in this life don't like to think they were mean and
heartless parents in past lives, and men and women in this life don't
like to think they were women and men in past lives.

     And someone stuck in a body hates to think they used to be free
thetans a while back.

     Thus no one can remember their past lives, as they have effectively
nailed them out of existence.  It is much more socially acceptable to
remember being abused in this life than to remember that you were also
an abuser in a past life.

     The irony is that the thetan is totally stuck on his time track at
exactly those moments that he thinks doesn't exist.

     Just remember its almost always TWO different moments, the time
you did it, and the time others did it to you.  So when you ask for
a date and location on a 'nothing there', get both at the same time.

     The real catcher is that you may have been an abuser in a past life
even if you weren't abused in this life.

     That's a karma trap waiting to happen if and when you become
victimized yourself.

     Such people may even go so far as to deny the validity of your
memories of being abused in this life because it misses the withhold on
them of being an abuser themselves in a past life.

     They are just not-ising YOU.

     Sometimes people who are afraid of what they have done in their
past lives, and who yet do not know, will pretend that nothing that
happened to them in this life is bothering them.  They hope in this way
to assure that their slate is clean from the past.

     'If nothing bad happened to me in this life, that means I have been
good in my past lives (I hope).'

     That however is the essence of the co-excused withhold.

     A co-excused withhold is when you forget what mother is doing to
you in this life if she will forget what you did AS a mother to a child
in a past life.

     Nothing here, nothing there.

     I assure you, if you can't remember it, you did it.

     So cut the sweetness and light and get to work.

     Sometimes people 'make up' for being bad in past lives by being
really really good in this life and insisting that everyone else be the
same way.  They are full of righteous indignation at your slightest
misstep from the true and narrow.  The maddening thing is you can never
find anything on them, they are just so squeaky clean.  As long as you
keep your investigations to this life, that is.

     So were does justice come into all this?  Well as I said there is
no implication that bad things happen in this life BECAUSE you did
something bad in a past life.  Sometimes bad things just happen to you
out of the blue.

     Someone has got to start it.

     In fact auditing is best directed at finding out where YOU started
it.  That is the day you rue the most and which locks you into all those
other days when other people started it.

     Therefore, there IS an implication that if you did do something bad
in a past life, then when it happens to you in this life you will hold
onto it harder because it helps you justify what you did in a past life.

     Thus you wont heal from the pains caused to you in this life.

     "It's ok I raped my daughter when I was a father 300 years ago
because my father is raping me now.  God, I am never going to get over
this.  (Thank you Lord)."

     The present life incident is impossible to audit out because the
person is relieved they have it because it helps justify something they
did long ago.

     Another thing that happens in this same vein is people get raped
and they feel guilty.  That's ridiculous, they were wronged and yet they
feel to blame.  Well, it may not be a this life time blame they are
feeling!  So now they know what it feels like to be on the other side of
that same overt motivator sequence.

     If someone is holding on to a motivator in this life because semi
consciously it is helping them justify and feel better about their
overts in a past life, then it will be impossible to audit out the
motivator in this life without running out the overt in the past life.

     They just never get better, and that's why therapies that are
addressed only to this life, just sometimes don't work.

     The guy's got a record and he is not telling you about it.

     It could be you don't want to hear it as an auditor either.

     A psychiatrist is some one who wants you to forget your past life
mis deeds and sell you drugs to help you suffer through the outrageous
slings and arrows of misfortune in this life.

     It can happen the other way around too.

     This person was raped 300 life times ago, and so now in this life
"It is ok I am raping my own daughter" because of what was done to me
long ago.

     So people justify what they did long ago by what is happening to
them now, and they justify what they are doing now by what happened to
them long ago.

     In the first case the OVERT is before the MOTIVATOR.

     The MOTIVATOR NOW justifies the OVERT THEN.

     In the second case the MOTIVATOR is before the OVERT.

     The MOTIVATOR THEN justifies the OVERT NOW.

     Both end up in a failure of confession.

     About the only way that "justice" enters into this, is the old cat
in the bag theory.  If you let the cat out of the bag it MAY come home
and sit in your own lap.

     In Scientology this is called contagion of aberration, and 'you
reap what you sow'.

     If you abuse your children as a parent, and they dramatize this
trauma by abusing their children, who likewise then abuse their
children, well then, finally when you come back as a child yourself, you
may get one of those abused children as a parent and they will abuse

     Some people consider this sweet justice.

     Really it is a pit of despair.

     So this is one of the sore points that people have with Scientology
and with Immortality (in time) and Eternality (out of time) in general.

     My Humble Opinion.

     Note that an Immortal who clears all this stuff out, finally goes
Eternal and can freely pass back and forth from in time to out of time
and back in again.
     That's the end of his eternal damnations and deaths forever.

     That's the end of suffering until he chooses to engage in time
again and its concomitant lies and refusal of responsibility for the
transition across the verge of time.


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