SCI - 16

                  Copyright (C) 1992 Homer Wilson Smith
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      There is a difference between a human being and an OT.

      OT's like to become human beings and human beings like to become

      The primary difference between a human and an OT is exactly one

      That postulate is,

      'I didn't choose to BE here.'

      So you find some kid when he is 10 years old with no awareness of
his assumption or the moment that he took over the body, rueing the day
he was born because his parents were so mean to him.

      Thus birth is in restimulation because he is back down his time
track trying to stomp it out of existence, and he has colds and
headaches and generally feels miserable.

      Truth is he rues conception more than birth so if you are going to
run this, run it as conception too.  Birth is not basic on the chain FOR

      But of course the real basic on the chain is the decision to become
human and the assumption of a body.

      This can happen at different times, but somewhere around birth is
the usual time.

      Anyhow the result of all this is a time track full of the postulate
'I didn't choose to be here!' (stomp, stomp stomp).  Pretty soon he is
wearing glasses and gets a degree in spiritual debunkery or some such

      Now true enough once you decide to be in a universe or playing
field, things can happen that move you around, that put you here and
there, and generally give you the idea that you 'didn't choose to BE

      But you did decide to come in, and when that is lost, the protest
and complaint about being here becomes super charged and pretty soon
people are walking through life constantly fighting the back current of
not wanting to be here.

      A thetan can resent being anywhere even if it is a good place to
be, if only he thinks he didn't choose to be there, because it violates
his personal self determinism.

      As long as he knows he entered the game himself, he could care less
where the game puts him or prevents him from being.

      OK, so how do you audit this?

      Well what you want to do is get the pc to recognize that he DID
choose to be here, so ultimately you want him to spot that decision.

      For an OT that is the decision to become a human.  Contacting that
decision would blow the game and the pc would exteriorize.

      But if you just ask the pc directly 'do you remember choosing to be
here', he will usually say no.  More often than not he will punch you in
the nose to convince you that you didn't choose to be here either,
because it really is sort of an insult.

      'Choose to be here?  What kind of a person do you think I am?'

      So you have this problem, the being chose to be here, but he is
totally swamped by the charge of believing he didn't choose to be here,
for every moment on his time track after his decision to be here.

      'Who me?  Decide What?'

      So you have to audit this covertly, which is what most auditing is
anyhow.  This way you get the person to approach the moment of greatest
charge without letting him know what you are doing, and without
evaluating for him what he is going to find out when he gets there.

      That's called an E/P or end phenomenon.

      When he reaches the E/P, he will have regained the power of his own
postulates and will be free to make them again, maybe not so hard the
next time.

      But hey man, if you produce an OT, he is a free agent, and if he
wants to become a human being again, its none of your business.

      Besides, just think, you can charge him all over again when he next
comes in complaining of headaches.

      So how do you audit this?

      Well one way is simply to run the following process repetitively to
full E/P.

      'Where have you chosen to BE?'

      (Get the idea of chosing to be some where or when.
       Get the idea of not chooing to be some where or when.)

      Now the first thing he will tell you is 'nowhere' because after a
stint in hell, he isn't likely to take too kindly to being responsible
for anything.

      But you acknowledge his answer and continue with the process,

      'Where have you chosen to BE?'

      Eventually the pc will realize that although there is an overall
protest to being anywhere in the arena that the finds himself, he is
indeed choosing to be in various places.  He chooses to go to bed at
night, he drags himself off to work every morning, he sits down at the
dinner table to eat pot roast that he detests, he goes to the movies
with his wife who slaps him every time he looks at the lead lady.

      It's all hell to him, but within the framework of that hell he is
plodding along BEING places that suit him more than other places.

      Although this is a very obvious process and to an outside observer
pretty dumb, what it is actually doing is getting the guy to touch, just
to TOUCH, those moments on his time rack when he is actually taking some
responsibility for being where he is.

      This is called touching, and is the fundamental action of all

      This will cause charge to blow even if he is screaming bloody
murder all the way.

      Now actually you might want to add to this process one more

      That command is,

      'Where have you chosen to NOT be.'

      This gets him to run those moments he successfully decided to not be
somewhere and managed to not be there.  These are small wins in a life
full of misery and slavery.

      Or it helps him run the times he chose to not be somewhere because
papa promised him a licking if he went there.

      It helps him realize with some emotional certainty that 'Hey there
is SOME freedom of movement in this joint even if I do hate the place
for the rest of time.'

      He probably already knows that and so do you, but this process goes
a lot deeper.

      So you run this on your preclear back and forth, back and forth,

      'Where have you chosen to BE?'
      'Where have you chosen to NOT BE?'

      (God no, "Get the idea of" please.)

      and pretty soon you will find whole stretches of his memory
beginning to shift and move.  All those dark areas where he most failed
to be or not be when he was a child start to kick him in the face.

      At about this time the pc will tell you 'Hey I don't want to DO
this any more, I don't want to BE here!'

      During auditing PCs often dramatize the very aberration that you
are trying to audit.  They think it is you they are referring to or the
auditing room, but it's their time track that is coming unglued by
constant touching.

      In fact one reason that pc's 'don't have a time track' or can't
contact anything real on it, is because of years of accumulated charge
that says 'I don't want to be here', so they can't move to their time
track to find anything on it.

      (And remember can't = won't, to an OT)

      If you keep running the process, then heavy engrams will start to
turn on,

      'OUCH!  Boy I sure didn't choose to be THERE!  God damn it!  (you
sure we're supposed to be running this stuff?)'

      But you see he is getting a somatic blow off, things are turning on
and he is getting violent and fast moving OUCH's that signify the
release of charge.

      He will also get the release of emotion, sorrow, fear and anger
that was buried in the stony silence of unexpression when he had to be
where he didn't want to be, or couldn't be where he wanted to be.

      That pretty much sums up the injustices of childhood, doesn't it?

      You keep running the process as long as things are changing and
soon the pc will attain a higher state of equanimity on some of the
trauma of early life, not to mention laughter, joy and peace.

      This trauma boils down to one and only one thing, 'this is going
on, I don't like it and I didn't choose to be here.'

      If the process were to be taken to completion the pc would recover
the decision to BE HERE.  That is, the decision to be in a body and no
longer uncognizant of his decision to be so.

      So that is TECH.  In this case it is a repetitive question or
series of questions asked in a certain way using the Auditor's Code and
the Code of Honor during its application, which gets the pc to exercise
his ability to touch his time track in highly charged areas in such a
way that allows some of that charge to blow or be as-ised with each

      This produces case gain, increases the pc's responsibility, and
eventually produces an OT.

      His attention certainly isn't going to go to those places by
itself, it needs to be DIRECTED there, but beyond that, release happens
in the mere touching of things that need to be touched.

      OT's are produced solely by the recovery of recognition and
responsibility for the decision to BE HERE and its adornments.

      I am not suggesting this one process as a one shot clear, but it
has its merits.

      So how could you do this wrong?

      Well you know the pc is building up charge on his time track every
time he thinks and feels, 'I didn't choose to be here.'

      You know that in general this is based on a lie, Truth is good and
all-vanishing after all, so you know that every time he touches himself
or his track, with that postulate, he is building up charge and loss.

      In other words, no relief.

      When he does touch things, he becomes MORE adamant about never
touching them again, so more mass is laid down that is not erased.

      That's called bypassed charge, charge that is created in
the touching of something but then not released along with some
of the charge that was already there!

      That's how pressure is let off, because the touching of
pressureized areas CREATES MORE pressure, but if he stays with it, the
new pressure dissipates and pressure that was already there dissipates
with it.

      That is why people who are dwelling on the past or who are swimming
in self sympathy are restimulating themselves continuously because each
time they think of their losses they are thinking, 'I didn't choose to
be here.'

      So it just builds and builds and builds until the only thing they
can do is turn to drugs or suicide.

      So at first sight it might seem really stupid to run, 'Where have
you chosen to be?', because really the person could care less, all the
places they have chosen to be certainly do not make up, in their mind,
for all the places they are stuck now that they did not choose to be.

      Their attention is already on all the places they did NOT choose to
be, so why go digging for other things in the memory when there is
already so much presenting itself to run?

      In other words why not run,

      Where have you NOT chosen to BE?

      Seems like it would be so much easier to run, as everywhere the pc
looks is somewhere he didn't choose to be.

      Because its a lie, that's why.  All it does is make the pc look at
the most highly charged moments of their track and reaffirm, 'well yes I
didn't choose to be here, and I didn't choose to be there, OW!  oh, woe
is me.'

      THAT is out tech.

      You will drive your pc right into the ground doing this.

      In fact you will make them worse and this is a high crime.

      Yes you say, but why not just explain to the pc, 'Look you know its
a lie all this 'you didn't choose to be here' stuff, so let's just take
look at where you are lying the most, recognize it is a lie and be done
with it.'

      So you run,

      'Where do you most consider that you didn't choose to be?'
      'Now you know that's a lie, right?'  (Evaluation!)

      Well this style of auditing just won't work, not to mention is a
flagrant violation of the Auditor's Code.  If you don't see why, have
someone run the above process on you for a while until you do see why.

      If you don't end up killing your Auditor you will have learned a
powerful lesson in out tech.

      Another form of out tech takes adavantage of the above
mechanism where every time someone touches something he makes
more charge, but if he doesn't run it out with more touching
and holding it there etc, the new charge will stay put.

      So you can spin a preclear in by getting him to touch areas of charge
only once, then get him to touch another one etc.  That's called Q&A.

      So that is what out tech is.  It is any process that causes the pc
to create more charge with each touch of the time track rather than blow

      It is also what squirreling is.

      Squirreling is altering something that does work to make it into
something that does not work.  You try something, touch something,
and 'it doesn't work', so you in desperation start trying to touch
a whole mess of other things, until you find one that 'works'.

      Yes you can grind on a wrong item, touch the wrong thing, or too
late on the chain, bypassing underlying charge, so too much touching
after a flat point is just as bad.

      And that is the sum total of the matter.

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