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                 Copyright (C) 1992 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     The following was taken from The Free Spirit Vol X, 1993 Issue 1.
     Defense of Dynamism.
     Like the Magna Carta of England, the Constitution of the United
States of America was written to avoid Government interference in the
lives of common men and women and to ensure them rights to live in
freedom and peace.  In the United States it went quite a bit further in
as much as it guaranteed to the people their right to have and practice
their own religion and not have it dictated to them by the State.
     It will probably horrify you to learn that there is a large and
wealthy Church who has found a way to use the court system of the United
States to destroy churches of which they do not approve or which they
see as competition.
     To my knowledge at this time the Reformed Church of Scientology,
the Wisdom School, the Church of the Science of Life, the Church of
Scio-Logos, the Advanced Ability Center, the Church of the New
Civilization and many other small Churches have been hounded out of
existence by the Church of Scientology.  They bring lawsuits claiming
trademark, copyright and trade secret violations against anyone who
practises the religious principles and procedures developed by L.  Ron
Hubbard outside of their Church.  This effectively is the use of
Government enforcement by one Church to close down another Church.
     Additionally the Church of Scientology has made it so burdensomely
expensive with suits, that most of the smaller Churches have been unable
to continue in existence.
     I was a Minister of the Church of Scientology from 1967 to 1982 and
have dedicated my life to the practice of Spiritual Clearing, also known
as auditing.
     I run a small parish in San Diego which is a dissident offshoot of
Scientology, and they have recently brought suit against me for using
the materiels of the religion that were not purchased from them even
though they will not sell them to me or my parishioners.
     In this way they are using the laws and courts of the United States
to prevent my free exercise of my religion and that of my parishioners.
     I am going to defend this lawsuit on the basis that it is a
violation of the first amendment.
     Whether or not you share my beliefs, I am sure every true American
who is not a member of the Church of Scientology would uphold my right
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practice my religion as I see fit.
     Yours in Truth,
     Reverend Enid Vien
     7507 Ohio Place
     La Mesa, CA 91941
     (619) 462-5160
     (619) 465-8848 Fax
     Addendum by Editor:
     Anyone who wishes to join the Campaign to Ensure Religious Freedom
can send an application with a donation, however small, to the above
address.  Make it out to the Enid Vien Defense Fund.