SCI - 25
                 Copyright (C) 1992 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     People usually don't consider Sovereignty in relation to
themselves.  They usually think of Sovereignty as something that Kings
have or some such thing.
     This is quite wrong.
     You are a God King after all in disguise.
     Sovereignty is the natural operating ebb and flow of a Conscious
Unit cleanly connected to the Fountainhead of Source.
     That's a Clear by the way.
     Now when people think of sources or causes they usually think of
'out-there'.  They look for God in the sky or all around them.  They
look for others they love or hate out there.  They look to the sun or
the physical universe out there.  Rarely do they look to where they are.
     There is no out-there.
     It's a hologram, out there.
     Out there is a mockup, a projection made by a Sovereign Source.
     There is only in here.
     Source is in here, and so are you and everyone else.
     You see the truth is you can never really get lost, you can never
really be alone.
     Power flows from Source through your will to the outer world
projection.  It is how you create, move and operate the outer world
alone and in tandem with others.
     Someone once said that being Clear was like riding on the top of an
Endless Wave, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
     Aberration is being cut off from Source, having the power flow
gone.  This results in the apparency, real though it may appear, of
being lost and alone.
     Now the power flow can never really be cut off or gone.
     It takes power to cut off power.
     It takes YOUR power to cut off YOUR power.
     Aberration is the redirecting of your power against yourself to
give the apparency of no power.
     That is what unconsciousness is, and that is what 'death' is.
     Pain too.
     Sovereignty means, you want it, you got it.
     The problem with Sovereignty is that when you can have anything you
want merely by wanting it, you have no game, for games consist of
freedoms, barriers and purposes.
     Games need goals and limitations and opposing teams or forces and
the possibility of apparent defeat.
     Spaces, times, masses, energy, other people, ANYTHING to oppose you
to make life difficult.
     God Kings enjoy being paupers in the street fighting for their 1
square bowl of steam every day.
     They work hard to arrange this for themselves.
     If you really wanted to HAVE something you would never bother with
making a game to get it.
     You would just want it and then have it.
     That is Sovereignty at work.
     However if you want a GAME, if you enjoy the chase as much OR MORE
THAN the girl, if you enjoy the threat of apparent defeat as much as the
thrill of victory, if you enjoy the work as much as the finished
masterpiece, then clearly Sovereignty can get in its own way.
     Majesty is the Sovereign Desire that Desire not be Sovereign for a
     Majesty is Sovereign Desire's way of making itself not so
Sovereign, FOR A WHILE, so that it can have a game, so that it can play
grand majestic practical jokes on itself.
     Thus the term IMP SOUL.
     THIS is the source of humor.
     Once a being loses sight of his own Sovereignty and operating
majesty, he can become quite bitter about the whole thing and start to
do negative things to help him survive better.
     These are overt acts, accidental, provoked and unprovoked.
     Thus when running O/W (Overts/Withholds) it is a good thing to keep
Sovereignty in mind.
     'Do you have a withhold on Sovereignty?'
     'Have you ever used your Sovereignty to destroy Sovereignty
      in another?'
     'Have you ever wished anyone dead forever?'
     'Have you ever wished anyone in hell forever?'
     'Do you regret operating your Sovereignty?'
     'Is there something you are not saying about Sovereignty?'
     'Has Sovereignty been a problem to you?  How?'
     'What solutions have you had to this problem?  How have you handled
     'What would happen if you regained your operating Sovereignty?'
     'Would this make you worse?'
     'Is there some unknown you are trying to esacpe from?'
     'Is there something you are blinding yourself to?'
     'Is there some other being you are blinding yourself to?'
     'Are you withholding another being?'
     'Are you withholding other beings?'
     'Are you putting something where there is nothing?'
     'Are you putting nothing where there is something?'
     'Are you putting SOMEONE where there is NO ONE?'
     'Are you putting NO ONE where there is SOMEONE?'
     'Do you have a withhold on Death?'
     'Do you have a withhold on Suicide?'
     'Do you have a withhold on Kamikaze?'
     'What Sovereignty might have been involved in the creation of your
own non Sovereignty?'
     'What are the aesthetics to optimum non Sovereignty?'
     'Are you willing to be Sovereign?'
     'Are you willing to be not Sovereign?'
     'What good is Sovereignty?'
     'What good is non Sovereignty?
     'Is there some humor you are not telling me about?'
     'Do you have a withhold on humor?'