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      ((I disagree strongly with this posting.

      Clearing may 'work' on godless meatballs, but clearing deals with
the spirit, clearing is about clearing postulates, and only a spirit can
make postulates that work.

      Maybe some people want to stay fabian on the matter and audit the
meatball covertly at the level of a dreamball, but in the end it may not
be worth the trouble, as the meatball is only interested in getting
better at staying worse and continuing to dramatize on the rest of us.

      Further there are no legal protections for practices that make
people better that are not spiritual in nature.

      There are a LOT of suppressives out there who want to own and
destroy any real clearing in the name of protecting the people from
fraud etc.

      That said, I put a.c.t under clearing and not religion anyhow.


                  Copyright (C) 1992 Homer Wilson Smith
        Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.

      I agonized long and hard over putting it under religion, and
finally decided against it for the following reason.  Many people come
into clearing tech with a religion already firmly in place.  It may be
Christianity or Judaism or Islam or whatever.

      They feel very uncomfortable if they start to get involved in
something that also claims to be a religion because now they feel they
are following TWO religions or are being asked to give up their religion
for the new one.

      Scientology suffers from this horribly, people aren't allowed to
keep their original religious practices or faiths, it is not so overt as
that but it is heavily implied, it was on me.

      Clearing technology is not itself a religion, it is just a way to
get people to look at what's bothering them in a lucid manner.  If they
are looking for greater awareness of themselves AS A CHRISTIAN the
procedures will work just as well as if they just want to get along
better with their wife.

      For example people are often bothered by regret.

      Unhandled feelings of reget can lead a person to do very self
destructive things like turn to drugs especially if they have no one to
talk to.

      Whether they have done wrong to their wife, the world, or their
God, it doesn't matter, and it doesn't matter if that God is Yahweh or
Allah or Zoraster.

     All the clearing practitioner does is help the person get into
contact with his own feelings on what is important to HIM, let's HIM
decide what to do about it, and then let's him go on his way.

      Clearing technology is really just an advanced form of lending an

      By declaring itself a religion, clearing technology would
immediately alienate itself from all those people who already have a
religion and are happy with it, even though they would otherwise benefit
from clearing procedures.

      Further clearing practitioners would also appear to be trying to
convert TO a religion those who had no religion in the first place, the
agnostics or the atheists, most of whom don't WANT a religion.

      This is highly destructive to our ends, as clearing technology has
no religious belief structure of its own, although many of its
practitioners apparently do.  Many of them are old time Scientolgists
who have a very strong belief structure, but many others come from
completely different backgrounds, such as Christianity, who don't buy
the Scientology religious line of thought at all, and in the same way
the Jews are very different in what they believe.

      But many of these different people can and do use clearing
techniques and its terminology to help them and their loved ones in
life, just as physicists of many different religions can talk to each
other about atoms and cooperate in getting things done.

      The underlying mechanisms of emotional trauma are the same for all
people, regardless of religion, thus we are trying to learn from the
Scientologist's mistakes, and distance ourselves as clearing
practitioners from RELIGION, all the while keeping our own personal
religions in full play.

      Sincerely yours,

      Homer Wilson Smith

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