Use get the idea of, or Spot... if tell me about doesn't work.


     Tell me about before this body.
     Tell me about after this body.
     Tell em about during this body.

     Tell me about the past.
     Tell me about the future.
     Tell me about the present.

     Tell me about before this life.
     Tell me about after this life.
     Tell me about this life.

     Tell me about before now.
     Tell me about after now.
     Tell me about now.

     Tell me about before this universe.
     Tell me about after this universe.
     Tell me about during this universe.

     Tell me about before Earth.
     Tell me about after Earth.
     Tell me about during Earth.

     Memory of past lives is related to revivification of the
beingnesses of those lives.

     Someone who is a computer nerd like me is going to have a hard time
remembering a life as a sailor on a Spanish Galleon, because the
beingness of the salty dog is very different than the beingingness of a
unix guru.

     It is perhaps even impossible to remember outward scenes without
also reliving the inward beingness that experienced those scenes.

     Thus one needs to shift upwards from the present beingness to the
Creator, and back down into the past or future beingness, in order to
flash on what happened or what will happen there.

     Someone who is young will have a hard time remembering the older
times in his earlier lives, when he was more worldly, accomplished, at
the height of his career, expert in his field etc.

     Lots of mothers, fathers, wives, mistresses, children, sons,
daughters etc.

     Someone who can't picture being a winner, will have a hard time
remembering the scenes of a life where he was a winner.

      Overts get committed during lifetimes that are inconceivable to the
younger mind.  
     One is enaged in the Manhattan project, 65 years old, top flight
scientist with a long distinguished career behind him, torn by the need
to create and not create the atom bomb, living a life of unspeakable
secrecy, dread, hurry, indecision, horror, guilt etc.
     Day of crowning achievement is day of greatest gloom.

     The problem accrued in that life time, go/don't go, do/don't do,
have/don't have, carries forward to this life time as petty
dramatizations on unimportances like should one ask for a date or not.

     Revivs are usually guite violent, they are death engrams acting as
walls between the beingnesses of that life and this one.  One slams into
the past life, and then slams back into this one.  One feels one might
die doing this.  
     One did.

     Implants are machines, they don't make us forget they help us
forget when we throw the switch.  The way out is to throw the switch
again and watch it work.

     Lives of greatest overts are those of greatest leadership,
influence, reach, scope, span, depth and field.  Lives of being a King,
Queen, President, Leader in any field.  Lives of total devotion to
projects or causes that go wrong.  Lives of artistic achievements and

     Later humdrum lives are solutions to the dangers of being able.

     Too trite to say, but more true than not.

     You don't become humdrum and banal without a lot of reason to do

     One's present life 'restimulates' past lives because one is
literally dramatizing the efforts of the problems in the past life
against the problems in this life.  A million reasons to create the atom
bomb, and million reasons not to.  Inability to decide which to do leads
to suspension of trying to decide, which leaves one doing something
else, doing both at the same time, or one goes where the pressures push

     In this life, one dramatizes the efforts of that life in smaller
and inappropriate arenas, and this is 'restimulation'.  Restimulation is
an effect word, its false.  Restim comes from dramatizating out of
present time problems towards present time problems.  
     That's cause.

     The AND on it turns it from an outgoing cause to do PLUS an
incoming crushing restraint to not do.

     He becomes the effect of his own hand.

     If you don't ignite the rocket, you won't have to hold it to the
ground to keep it from taking off.

     The being will be most concerned with those lives in which overts
affect his present time situation.  Someone chose oil over trains, so
now he's surrounded by buses polluting the air and driving him nuts.

     Overts of a spiritual or religious nature are particularly bad, as
they introvert the being into now, obliviating his past and future.

     Overts against others are ultimately their own responsibility, but
the being is very prone to blaming himself only, as an effort to take
full responsibility for all sides, this leads to catestrophic affects in
his life and loss of humor, its not funny any more that others were done
in by his own hand.

     Humor comes from recognizing true responsibility all around, that
that Justice is that you get what you postulate and thus deserve, and
what you have is exactly and only what you want, covered and interleaved
by multiple levels of Jokes of Eternal Self Treason.

     The solution to the problem IS the exact problem, once the exact
true problem is found, it begins to evaporate as too funny to consider.

     Thus one wants to find the channel of this life time dramatizations
and take them back to the real problem in its real area in the past and
the future.

     It's a WHOLE TRACK problem, get it?

     Whole track is not just the past, that's only half a track.

     In between lives is as important as the lives themselves.  However
the lives themselves are like dreams, the in between state is more
awake, although ultimately just another dreamtime in the sea of the Big

     One may live mortal lives periodically, one lives spiritual lives
for a few, aware that life is a dream and that one has dreamed before
and will dream again, then one sinks into mortal lives, live once, die
once, that's it bud, for a few lives, then back to spiritual lives for a
while, sort of like a sine wave up and down.

     It's not just one long decline into lower and lower states,
although the sine wave will in general be heading down due to
accumulations of overts and motivators, DEDS and DEDEXES.

     The time reversal of accumulated unconfessed ded/dedex sequences is
what creates the dwindling spiral of a being.

     "I hit you 20 years ago, because you hit me today."

     That's because the dwindling spiral of a being is a dwindling
spiral IN TIME.

     One suspects therefore, that over all, things may be going
downwards for some, the core of dead thetans in the center of the body
reads and runs for those with the confront to be in the center of a dead
thetan grave yard.
     It may not be our fate, but it seems to have been the fate of some.

     And auditing it can be hard.

     That's the "find one's self in the sticky dark alone" that Hubbard
talked about.

     Waking some of these guys up before their time can be disasterous
to the body, certainly give you a run for your money.

     That's the channel "that's better left closed".

     Not forever.


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