Session Notes 02/09/2001

     It has to do with infinities.

     Eternities are a kind of infinity but are a wrong item.

     The being does not care for eternity, the being cares for infinity.

     One can put a finite being into an eternity for example and he will
get overwhelemed as he doesn't feel it is his own *INFINITY* in

     Running out eternities and replacing them with infinities is
probably useful.

     Mortality is an infinite loss of both eternities and infinities.

     Also an infinite loss of finite items as well, games, people, jokes
     At the moment of mortality, the being returns to his infinite self
and ridges with the infinite loss and thus produces an infinite ridge
that can only be taken apart by the infinite being.

     Accessing this infinite ridge recovers the infinite being for the
     A being can seek the wrong kind of infinity in trying to escape
from a game.  This will create a failure to retain a true infinity and
create an ARC break with infinity which may lead to further descent into
finiteness and mortalities.

     Recovering the correct infinities is important.

     Recognizing the infinite ridge against incorrect infinities and
against the loss of correct infinities and running it with the pc at the
infinite being point is important. 


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