04/20/11 Wednesday 4:50pm EST
    This was written prior to NO and SOME, so run NO and SOME
on all items below.


    Session Notes: 7/7/1999


    Since the recreation or starting of anything again in its original
space and time creates an as-isness and thus its vanishment, it follows
that becoming totally devoted to stopping something by any other means is
nuts, resulting in persistence forever and total failure to stop.
    Thus LRH SAID the "person goes psycho on any subject the moment he
becomes totally devoted to stopping it."

  This is because he has let go of the start point of the cycle and is
totally fixated on the stop point of the cycle.  By going back to the
start point completely he can stop anything he wishes, so concentrating on
the stop point of the cycle results in certain failure, persistence and
thus psychosis.
    Ron also said that the primary arbitrary was time.
    The recent posting on OT IX in alt.scientology.binaries expands
greatly on the nature of Incident I and clarifies certain issues that
were heretofore collapsed into a single event from previous readings
of it.

     Apparently Incident I is not a single incident as we normally
understand it, its a long drawn out process covering quite a bit of
'happening', from the snap through the light and to the darkness, and was
the seminal incident to the creation of the MEST universe as we know it
and live it today.  Also separation from others and the all that is.  One
became interiorized by withdrawing from others, so there was an I am here
and you are there, and that helped create and solidify space itself. 
     Interiorization doesn't mean necessarily being stuck in a body,
that's a small subset of being interiorized.  More widely it means being
here, and not there. 

     Inc I is also the incident where time was inserted into the
perception of existence and is thus 'the beginning of track'.  Lots of
stuff existed prior to Incident I, but it was in a timeless universe
without consecutive sequence as we know it, an all-at-onceness. 

     Since time itself was a solution to a problem, time itself became a
problem as all solutions do by design.  Thus one finds the thetan very
much in the throes of trying to control time, to stop time, to change
time, to make time go faster, slower, backwards, return it to zero etc. 
     Anything but START it again, don't you see?

     So this fits the definition of nuts above and immediately
indicates a process to run.
     "Start some time."
     "Perceive a new now."
     Run repetitively to EP:  Timelessness

     Other versions for the solo auditor are,
     "Perceive a new now."
     "Perceive an old then."

     That is very similar to time breaking and UCP.

     Also get the efforts to
     "Speed time up"
     "Slow time down"
     "Stop time"
     "Reverse time"
     "Go before time"
     "Make time"
     "Destroy time"
     "Roll your own...."

     Also be aware that there are multiple beings, multiple bodies,
multiple higher and lower layers of this universe, multiple higher, lower
and other universes, and multiple time lines all going on *NOW* in the
composite called the human being. 

     Spotting the various parts of the composite goes a long ways towards
loosening up the intractable solidities. 

     It's not just *ONE*.


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