"Who or what do you *ADORE* opposing."
     Run against Church if interested.

     L&N items in Church to find whos and what's, run represents
on them until you have your most adored oppose Nemesis One item.

     Say the who is David Miscavige.  run,
     "What does David Miscavige represent to you?" until
you find the blow down beingness.
     Ok, so all the OT's on the planet get together every day at the same
time, and do a mass projection of intention on David that the next day he
will be this item and do the most horrible, evil, monstrous, suppressive
act of his career.  Make sure he does it.  Next day when the news reports
this, give your self the win of projected intention.
     Then next day, meet again all over the planet, and project another
intention into David that he will do some horrid suppressive terrible
crime against mankind, and make sure he does it, and notice the next day
he has, and give yourself the win.
     Continue this day after day, until EVERY bad thing that David
does is explicitly and intentionally projected onto him the day
before by the group of OI's.
     Then when you have his evil intentions completely and totally under
your own intentional control, I mean you got this guy doing things he
could NEVER do on his own, fail to meet one day, and continue to fail to
meet thereafter.
     No more David doing bad things.

     You can't get rid of, what you can't put there.

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