Scorpio ( wrote:
> Homer, this is an extraordinary perspective.
> Have you (or anyone else) had success applying it in session?

      Too wide a question to answer, the answer is of course yes, and of 
course no.  I am still here talking to y'all, so no OT's here :)

      It is a simple alternative model to the 'everything is out there and we 
are made of it' model.  If you play with the "external universe is actual 
model" enough, you can easily reinvent the 'the external universe is a 
virtual projection' model, as they are dicoms to each other.

      You know, is consciousness in the universe, or is the universe in 

      Did consciousness rise from the phusical universe, or did the physical 
universe arise from consciousness?

      Once you get a feel for the two models, you can start designing 
processes to test the two of them and see which ones produce gain.

      For example if all of space and time are projections in consciousness, 
then the conscious unit (thetan) does not exist in space and time because 
there ain't any except as percevied, its all a hologram in a zero dimenional 
operating actuality, the dude himself.

      So in dreams for example, you are walking down the street and the world 
is moving past you.  What is moving?  Are you in the dream actually going 
anywhere?  A meatball would say no of course not, you are your brain and you 
are right there in bed going clearly nowhere, but you experience movement in 
the dream by reprojecting the space time around you as if you are moving 
through it.

      Well the virtual reality model says that same is true when you are 
awake, as its all a dream now too, shared perhaps by others, but none the 
less a projected visualization of actually non existent space and time.

      Perception of space doesn't imply existence of space.

      So you design a process.

      Go out side and take a walk, and feel yourself moving through the space 
as if space is still and you are moving through it.  Then get the idea you 
are dreaming, and are in fact still and are moving the space past you by 
reprojecting it to look like you are moving.

      Alternate between the two views and notice the use and purpose of each 

      What happened to me after long arduous hours of digging around this was 
I suddenly had a thunderous vision of my own eternal motionlessness, it was 
no longer head think or processing games, it was REAL.

      What I gained from that experience is a higher certainty that the world 
is in fact a projected dream, that one can not in fact get 'lost' because one 
never went anywhere, one has always been and will always be 'here', and that 
all beings are on the same 'here', and that separation is totally virtual and 
nothing else.

      This made auditing First Hello's and Last Goodbyes possible because I 
was able to see the joke at the bottom of them.

Mon May 22 00:40:19 EDT 2017