Konchie and Phil, when cornered, seem to be able to conceed
points, however Roland and the meatballs don't, at least I have never
seen it.

     It is not true that I am ALL wrong, so when someone NEVER
conceeds any point with me no matter what, then I know something is

     However Konchie, Roland and the meatballs (not Phil) all seem to
suffer from a common problem, they are below 'apparencies are reality'
and very much stuck in the implied actuality of the apparent external

     Although one can sympathize with them, having been there myself,
I can at least see and think with the alternate view, the world is a
dream and you are projecting it from inner Source into your outward
     What surprises me is that even though Roland has directly and
personally experienced many OT phenomenon, he continues to argue as if
he is a complete nitwit on the matter.  Surely he knows the answers to
his own challenges and needs not waste our time making us write the
obvious and proper responses to them, then to only fail to acknowledge
us that we are right in our response.

     There tone is continuous ridicule and contempt, no matter what is
said.  We will never gain their respect unless we conceed that because
"WE can not move the marble, and no one has ever moved it for them,
that therefore no one can move the marble because marbles can't be
     Thus one can only conclude that either he is trolling
suppressively, perhaps trying to anger us for the sheer joy of it, or
he is truly mentally handicapped, incapable of seeing the stupidity of
the position that he puts forth.

     One imagines him putting up the meatball theory in his own mind
with total force in order to shut out any other world view in order to
solve the unsolvable problem of a detestable eternity.

     The continuous catcalls of ridicule and contempt give them away
for what they are, service fac cases riding forever on the fixed idea
that there is no forever.
     I mean if a serious group of pre OT's were to call a scientific
congress to study OT powers and their absence, Roland in all
likelihood would not be invited as he does not act like a serious
researcher in the field.  Maybe he would be invited for his money, but
he would be tolerated with embarassment as the unfortunate Spiritual
Tourets Syndrome case rather than embraced for the wisdom of his
     He acts like he is overwhelemed by his experience into a single
broken record make wrong of anyone who continues in this path he was
already on.

     Perhaps he thinks he is doing the right thing, but just as Alan
and Hacker and a few others think I am destroying the clearing field,
I would find his behavior at a scientific congress to be highly
destructive and inappropriate.

     One certainly wouldn't publish his writings or counter arguments
in a journal, as they are simply too embarassing.
     Acting like a cackling jackal is not the way to get serious
research done.

     As for Konchie, just as Phil warns against the tech of Hubbard
due to his own personal failings, one is tempted to be wary of UCP due
to the personal failings of its speaker.  One imagines that UCP has
its place in the scheme of things, but the guy pushing it is a nut
case of little import whose chances of going real OT in this life time
are vanishingly small.

     As Adore says, attitude is everything.

     "The exact attitude that one approaches asking a question,
determines whether or not one gets an answer.
     The correct attitude is Omni Sovereignty."

     Adore also says,

     "There is peace in the thought that one day all men will attain
the awakened state.

     All endings are happy endings.
     You could not, would not have chosen it any other way.

     It is payment for the long strange trip it's been.

     Responsibility is a big thing, certainly bigger than our parents
told us.
     Responsibility for Response Ability.

     Do not doubt you chose it and then look to see for evidence.
     You chose.  What proof did you leave behind you now?

     There is only one Proof.
     Learn it, love it, teach it, master it,

     All can.
     However for some, it may be a long time between now and then.
     You can't move your house around town, if you have locked
yourself inside it.

     In Excelsis Deo." - Adore


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