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      The subject of Sovereignty is a big one.

      When you mention Sovereignty people always think of someone else,
someone big over there, they never consider that it applies to

      That's because from the viewpoint of their lives it doesn't.

      Sovereignty has become a political term used only in current events
class at school or writing a paper on some foreign land that you will
probably never get to visit.

      However, Sovereign Desire is the central core of why you exist, why
you are here, and why you are in the condition you are in.

      What, you mean I had something to do with this mess I am in?


      In fact you had everything to do with it, you engineered the entire
thing right down to the last nut and bolt, and then engineered your own
ignorance of the fact.

      This is what people find most incredible, that they would choose to
not know they chose.

      Majesty is the Sovereign Desire that Desire not be Sovereign for a

      That is HOW Creator became Creature, you.

      One becomes the Creator again by practicing becoming the Creature.

      That's what Creator's do, they become Creatures.

      Creator's create themselves AS creatures, as created things.

      Every thing they create, is an adornment to self.

      But you protest, that's ridiculous, if I were a Creator I would
never have created this mess I am in now, and look at all these other
people, surely they had better things to do than to build a life of pain
and bury themselves in it.

      Ah well, so Sovereignty is a little hidden.  That's the magic of
Majesty, to become a Creature FOR A WHILE.

      A Creature who does not like its God and would have made the world
a different way if it could have.

      People are here under protest, they live their lives because they
have to, not because they enjoy the dance.  Even if their life is going
OK, they still realize that others are suffering and the whole world is
one macabre theater of morbid fascinations, a chamber of horrors.

      Most people can think of other things they would like to be doing
than working to eat to survive, let alone EATING others in order to eat
and survive.

      Even those who enjoy eating realize that they are making a virtue
out of a horrible necessity.

      In fact a little thought will show you that who ever made this
universe, be it you or someone else, or all of us in unison, was really
weird, to put it mildly.

      So Sovereignty is a foreign state of mind to most.

      An insult to others, "how DARE you suggest I did this!"

      "No one in their right mind would do this, create such a thing."

      As such, sovereignty becomes lost in the sea of despair.

      But this is intentional, this is what Sovereign Desire wrought,
hiding itself in the darkness, under the cover of incredibility,
impossibility and preposterousness.

      Sovereignty created full out refusal to operate sovereignty lest it
'do it again.'

      That's the veil.

      This is also the dark night of the soul.  For once a soul gets the
slightest glimpse of the beauty and the power that were once his, he can
not rest until he again has them under command.  But that journey is the
longest, hardest, darkest, saddest journey he will ever seek to under

      To admit you lost something that good and forgot about it, takes
the making of a God.

      Sovereignty is like limitless power and class that is totally
unenturbulated, totally calm and at peace.  It is endless resting
potential always on the verge of creating (becoming) some new world
without the slightest inclination to do so.

      It's a wonder that every once in a while it does do so.

      For what would move absolute peace?

      Power in this world stems from operating Majesty.

      Majesty is the Sovereign Desire that we not be Sovereign for a

      Well here we are.  The Way In is the Way Out.

      If you can come in and maintain awareness you are doing so, you
will be out, because you have to be out to come in.

      Sovereignty is having, but it is also having the ability and
willingness to NOT have for a while.

      By one's own command intention.

      Bereftness is a kind of havingness to a GodSoul who can have anything.

      Sovereignty is the only light there is, the only peace there is,
and the only salvation there is.

      It is the light at the end of the tunnel, and it is the light at
the end of the dark night of the soul.

      A new and glorious morn...


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