Dr. Michael Colgan

Hormonal Health

Nutritional and Hormonal
Strategies for emotional
well being

ISBN 0-9695272-7-6


     I have discovered how to extend my own life, and the lives op my
friends, I learned this from my own quest to 'solve' chronic fatigue,
Amos, I hope you are reading this, I am currently taking the

     (note times are important as they match the bodys own rhythms for
the same hormones)

     ( * ) mean exists naturally in your body right now

     In Morning:

     100mg DHEA *(adrenal replacement hormone - declines linearly with
age) 30% of members of the Academy of Sciences (Scientists) eat this
stuff.  this hormone declines so linearly with age it is used by
autopsy physicians to determine a dead persons chronological age...
boosts immune system, modulates autoimmune disorders.

     10 mg NADH *(specific for those with profound fatigue, whether
environmentally induced, age induced, stress induced- what I noticed
with this is that I didn=92t have to try so hard to effect motion, -
analogous to a car with dead power assisted brakes and when the power
assist came back on line, it took far less mental effort to move, I
GRIN every time I get up, as there is a light feeling that is not drug
mentally speedy, this is n enzyme being used at GT university to treat
chronic fatigue.  I was rejected from the study, as they got 5000
applicants but the doctor told me where to get it and to get it) I
theorize that if there is a problem in the energy creation mechanism
at the cellular level, someone afflicted with this, will compensate,
especially if he is of strong will, and will in effect use up more
neurotransmitters to push harder on the dead power steering..) using
up those neurotransmitters one then becomes tired.  Chronic fatigue
responds to any efforts that raise the levels of neurotransmitters, -
but it sure helps to just fix the power steering pump so -to speak)
boosts immunity

     25 mcg T3 Cytomel* (thyroid) - (only use this if your body
temperature is 97.8 or less 3 days in a row, temp taken upon awakening
- before moving about) if you have low thyroid, you will suffer a
forboding paranoia....  be sensitive to cold boosts immune system
There are more receptors in the pineal gland than anywhere else in the
body to the T3 hormone.  This hormone contains 3 atoms of iodine.

     500 mg Acety-l-carnitine* - evidence shows reverses aging in
hippocampus and striatal cortex, directly and dramatically improves
eyesight, improved life span of rats documented, tests show increased
memory, improved emotional state and mood in humans.


     10 mg Pegnenolone * 100 times more effective than DHEA for
improving short term memory, rats given this stuff performed at a
memory retention level 20 X the controls.  Used many years ago as an
arthritis medication in large doses.

     2.5 mg L-deprenyl - (in use throughout Europe without
prescription) available in US from a doctor or from me when neurons
die, they don=92t just die, they enter a dormant stage that may last 20
years..  this tuff brings the dormant cells back to life, causing
something called the 'substatia niger' an area in regulation pint in
the brain to produce a powerful anti-oxidant called SOD in the brain.
Rats fed this stuff live 40% longer, [all else was the same] all the
controls were dead, before any of the L-deprenyl supplemented rats
died - side effects - none except 'vivid dreams' and increased
cognitive ability.


   T3 Cytomel 25 mcg  (see above caveats)=20
     3mg Melatonin* - improves lifespan of rats, acts as anti-oxidant
in liver, and strangely enough doses in 30 mg range protect against
ionizing radiation damage.

     Intermittent courses of therapy:

     Bromocrptine - 'Lucidril' - makes rats live longer, removed
lipofuscon (the brown in brown age spots) that accumulate in the
Brian.  This is a pharmaceutical chemical, and is not taken all the
time, but there are remarkable benefits to removing this brain
sludge...  used for 30 days from time to time sort of like radiator
flush from trak auto...  but it isn=92t 'good for you' and doesn=92t occur
naturally in the body but does extend lifespan.

     Imagine having the experience of a lifetime and the energy and
well being of a 20 year old.

     The purpose of this therapy is to slow and reverse the ravages of

     and - stop eating crap

     never eat anything with hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated
vegetable oils - these oils not exist in nature..  and screw up the
enzyme process of the human system.  (e.g.  margarine, commercial
baked goods)

     Do NOT avoid fats and oils...  the low fat diets in search of
thinness are making people sick

     You need essential natural oils.

     take a decent B Vitamin complex

     eat real food.

     Eat MEAT..  (human stomachs have Hydrochloric acid for a purpose

     Your weight will come down to a youthful levels...  I lost 10 lb.
after the raid 190 to 180...  this was from massive adrenaline
hormones as a physiological reaction...

     Ive been doing this stuff for about 2 months, not all of them...

     I wanted to see/feel/know what each one did...

     here is the order I used -
  Deprenyl (subtle, takes weeks to work)
  then  Cytomel (dramatic)
  then DHEA (way dramatic) (modulated ability to deal with stress)
  then Melatonin (takes a few days to notice well-being)
  then Pregenolone (subtle but I dont lose my keys anymore..)
  then a course of Lucidril -=20
  then NADH (dramatic - this stuff cures everything - removes crap from
arteries, mobilized immune system, tonic)

  And now Acetyl-L-Carnitine.

     May you Live Long and prosper!

     Arnie Lerma

     (My three 1/2 sisters all have PHd's in molecular biology, I just
did this to feel better)