UCP = Universal Clearing Process

      Scientology is the science of knowing how to know.

      Aside from being able to tell who your friends are, sanity is the
ability to spot similarities and differences.

      Those who can not spot similarities or differences are insane,
their minds do not work.

      One can argue "But who is to say..." and the insane often do.

      KP's continuous statements that UCP is not Scientology are on the
face of it absurd.  A total refusal to spot, admit and enhance the
significant similarities between UCP, its sessions, methods, and
results with the basics of Scientology is insane.

      Changes of words like auditor into witness or viewer etc do not
alter the above conclusions.

      KP has not and can not post one fundamental that explains why UCP
works that is not fully covered in Hubbard's axioms.

      UCP theory expounds heavily on Scn scales, and does not have one
scale of its own not taken from Hubbard.

      The process of UCP itself depends heavily on operating the
"What's it" line while looking at the past, the objectives line while
looking at the present, and the creative processing line while looking
at the future.

      The UCP model session enforces the Auditor Code or the most
important ports of it, in Listen Style auditing.

      That UCP is not a part of scientology is absurd on the face of

      KP denies the existence of or importance of BT's and our
relationship with them.  He treats us pretty much the same way he
treats his 'other beings', we don't exist, we are unimportant, or we
are village idiots.  Thus he talks AT us, rather than WITH US, and
thus has no reality on BT's or the relationship he has with them.

      KP NOTS session:

      "You are unimportant!  Get a clue village idiot!"

      KP is *REGGING* continuously, non stop 24 hours a day.

      Consider Church Regs you used to know.

      Consider KP.

      UCP deals with the past, present and future.

      Since there IS no past, present or future, UCP deals mainly with
auditing a lie.

      For those to whom their time track is very real and alive, this
will work for a while.  For those at a higher level it won't work at
all but will in fact cave them in.

      Once one gets higher on the tone scale, one sees that there is no
past, present or future, just the AllThatIs which is a system of
infinities.  It is not even a present time or 'Eternal Now', it just
IS.  Present time, now, or any similar concepts does not describe it.

      Everything that is wrong with the pc is actually a problem the pc
is having with the system of infinities called the AllThatIs, NOT with
his past, present or future which are way late on the chain.

      When the pc is in the middle of running out this charge,
directing his attention to the past, present or future is a session

      If he is very clear, he will be recreating his past just so he
can have something to run.  Worse his BT's will start to run also, and
unless he admits that BT's exist and runs them with their own dignity
and sovereignty in place, the mis ownership will cause the session and
the pc to crash.

      By BT here, I don't mean just OT III BT's but all other life
forms or thought forms that the pc is encased in, grouped, melded,
joined, entombed, or clustered with, or in compulsive unknowing
relationship to, including team mates, other disincarnate spirits,
demons, deities, and elementals.

      The sea is FULL OF LIFE, to claim there are no BT's, or that they
are unimportant to relate to in session is absurd on the face of it.

      If one is only auditing self and not others also in session, one
just isn't going to make it very long.


Mon Oct 16 13:18:54 EDT 2017