Hit square radio button to mail entire directory.
     Hit circular radio button to mail single articles.
     Hit on link to see contents of directory or article.
     Enter e-mail address at bottom to receive articles.

DETAILED HELP The Archives are stored at which you are free to browse directly and download using any ftp or web client. If you wish a personal directory to upload your files to, please read PERSONAL DIRECTORIES at the bottom of this help. ARCHIVE WEB BROWSER For those of you with web access, the archive may be accessed through the web at This will present you with a listing of all directories and files at the archive. If you click on a directory name, the contents of the directory will be displayed. If you click on a file name, the contents of the file will be displayed. Directories are preceeded by a square radio button, and files are preceeded by a circular radio button. If you wish the contents of a directory or file mailed to you, click on the radio button to the left of the directory or file. You may click as many as you wish on each page. At the bottom of each page there is a form to enter your e-mail address and a submit button. When you hit the submit button, the marked items on the single page above will be e-mailed to you one by one. Only those on the present page will be mailed. If you wish articles from other pages, you will need to enter your e-mail address again on that page and hit the submit button again. Be very careful about sending entire directories to youself, some of these directories have lots of files in them taking up megabytes of room. MAIL2FTP GATEWAY For those who do not have ftp or web access, there is a simple mail to ftp gateway that will allow you to list the directories and files available at the archive with commands sent by e-mail. Send mail to saying help and you will receive a help file describing how to list, get and put files into the archive. PESONAL DIRECTORIES If you wish to upload files to your own pesonal directory in the archives, you will need a directory and password assigned to you. Meatballs need not apply. Send mail to specifying the directory name and password that you wish. All files uploaded to the archives become candidates for roboposting to Homer