Hyenas will claim you should show your OT powers to them in order
to help them.

     That's called self medication when a patient demands of a doctor a
particular kind of treatment.

     Perhaps it will help them, perhaps not.  Most will shortly
thereafter die of a heart attack as their detested immortality turns on
with a vengence.  That might be a good thing come to think of it, the
over population of hyenas on this planet can be alarming.  The problem
is how much damage can they do between receiving their demonstration and
their final demise in utter abject agony.

     But the real question is not whether it will help them, but whether
they will help you once they have their demonstration.

     They will of course try to sell you on the idea that they will help
you, but your opinion on the matter might be somewhat different.

     The point is, if YOU have the powers, YOU have the responsibility
to determine who, how and when to help someone, and whether they will be
a liability or an asset afterwards.

     I would avoid idiots and assholes on first screening.  One expects
a seeker of the Omni Awesome God to seek it with some humility, thus we
would expect the same as he approaches the Godhead in himself.

     If the guy doesn't reek of humility and understanding, then it is
probably best to help him and everyone he touches by not helping him.

     You should also remember that the Prime Directive tells us not only
what powers to demonstrate or not demonstrate, but also what powers to

     In auditing we are trying to optimize games, games consist of
freedoms (powers), barriers (limitations on power) and purposes.

     Most of the powers that hynenas demand proof for are game
destroyers, and thus are too dangerous to even HAVE let alone to quietly
try to keep to one's self but not demonstrate.

     Remember if people think YOU have special powers, that adds up to
you can read their minds, and thus miss all their withholds, and you
don't want that ARC break coming at you or your loved ones.

     Once people get good gain in auditing, they will be very happy to
be OT's with no special powers.

     Except maybe to see beauty dripping out of the eyes of everyone
including their worst enemies, and the fabric of everything.



                                 ACT - 16
                            15 September 1993

                  Copyright (C) 1993 Homer Wilson Smith

      It is not wise for someone who has OT power to demonstrate his
powers to someone who doesn't have OT powers.

      It is not good for the person who has such powers to demonstrate
his ability to those who don't have similar abilities, especially
superhuman abilities which others can become dependent upon or afraid

      Super human powers are weapons of war after all, and if you CAN do
harm with your powers no one will want you around because you MIGHT do
harm with them.

      No one is a superman, and no one can fend off a determined populace
no matter how much power they have.

      Apprehentice: I hear you have super human powers.
      Master      : Hmmm, maybe....
      Apprehentice: Demonstrate them to me.
      Master      : Why?
      Apprehentice: So that I can know that you have them.
      Master:       Why should I care if you know if I have them?
      Apprehentice: Well if you have power you should want others
                    to know of your abilities.
      Master:       Why, so that they can demand of me that I use them
                    for their benefit?

      App: Well if you have so much power, you should be immune to such

      Master: I am not that powerful.  Even if I did have power, things
could still get very dangerous for me and my loved ones.

      App: That's ridiculous, things wouldn't get dangerous for you just
because you demonstrated powers, people would love you, they would look
up to you, they would revere you, they would want to help you.

      Master: You from the press?

      App: Ok, look, how about those who want to have power themselves,
they need to know you have powers if they are going to come to you to
learn about them.

      Master: I don't have to demonstrate powers to others to show them
how to get power themselves.

      App: Well how will they know you can help them?

      Master: They will know soon enough once they start on the path,
that the path leads THEM to power, all the power they could want.

      App: Yes but how do you expect anyone to put down thousands of
dollars for these services if they don't know for sure if it works?

      Master: Thousands of dollars?  Don't be silly, a banana will do.
However realize that I need to eat too, so donations are required
eventually or at least I need to be able to tend to my business for some
part of the day.  So if you are going to take up all of my time, you got
to at least bring me breakfast, lunch and dinner and my rent too.

      I usually offer my services to the highest bidder.

      App: Yes but even that is a big risk, if it doesn't work.

      Master: I see, you are very poor and can't afford to waste any
money.  Well check around and see if you can find any better offers.  As
for having powers, I personally don't have any and if I did I wouldn't
tell you until you had them too.  However if lots and lots of people are
telling you I can help YOU get powers, then you might check it out.
Tell you what, bring me a banana and see what happens.  I must warn you
though the banana is non refundable, because I am going to eat it before
we start session.  If you are not pleased with the results, you can tell
people not to spread false rumors about me.  But you don't get your
banana back.  Deal?

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