> What's a prime directive resume?

     You seem somewhat intelligent, but really when you enter a new
group, you should take the time to find out who the players are, and
what their views are, before you start swinging your sword.

     Anyhow, I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and answer your
question at face value, even though you should be able to figure it out
for yourself.

     And in particular if you have ever run the Vital Information
Rundown in the Church, you would be very clear on this subject.

     When people were admitted to the secret pythagorean society, they
had to present a new and original proof of pythagoras's theorem.  It can
be proven a hundred billion different ways, so the demand was not all
that unreasonable.

     For the super power society, they demand a prime directive writeup,
concerning the subjects of demonstration, use and deployment of super
     And they need to know you will live by it.

     The term is of course stolen from Star Trek, where it meant not to
interfere with the societies of more primitive people.  In other words
don't use your advanced scientific powers to overwhelm them by solving
all their problems for them, or in some cases even let them know you
exist are watching and have such powers.

     In this case, its more simple, namely the security around research
into super powers because some people will have a very negative reaction
to you having such powers, particularly powers that can be considered
weapons of war.

     Who do you trust learning them from, practicing them with,
demonstrating them to etc.

      What do you use them for and when?

      Many think there should be no such directive, but those that are
working on the powers would not trust such a being into their group.  So
it really is a matter of trust.

      In the military its called top secret clearance.

      In pythag's time if you leaked to the public that the square root of
2 was not rational, they would take you out to the lake and drown you.
Could be legend...

     So in your resume, it would be required to present a comprehensive
writeup delineating the kinds of super powers there could be, how they
could be used, and what kind of security should be placed around their
development, practice, demonstration, use and deployment, in order to
protect yourself and your loved ones and the broad public masses from
harm, not only from the use of the powers directly, but also from the
reactives that populate the world finding out about it.

     Second, but not part of the prime directive, would be a write up
detailing your own personal failures to live up to your own prime
directives and how that resulted in the loss or diminuation of your
existing super powers, in particular how it got you involved in taking
care of bodies.


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