The solution to the problems of life consist of anatomy and approach.

      Anatomy is the anatomy of the problem, what it consists of, and how
one got into it.

      Approach is what to DO about getting out of the problem.

      Clearing is an approach based on understandings of anatomy, to
relieve a being of his self inflicted limitations and sufferings.

      The purpose of clearing is to reoptimize the game of life as best
it can be, return to the being an acceptable ratio of winning and losing
under normal circumstances, with some thrill and doubt once in a while.

      It is presumed that with useless self inflicted handicaps gone, his
ability to win at life will go up without question.

      Primarily clearing restores eternal good humor born of mastery of
songs of sin and ludicrous demise.

      Songs of sin are moments of self deceit, and ludicrous demise is
the result.

      Of course if the limitations and sufferings of a life are not self
inflicted, then clearing can do nothing about that, but clearing can
still get a being to take back his own causative postulates about
himself and his inadequacy or insufficiency to his own survival, that he
made surrounding the inflictions of nature on him.

      Some of these postulates may be incontrovertable, but most of them
will be found to be garbage, especially if made as a young child with
little power to defend himself and less understanding of what universe
he is actually in and the true nature of that universe.

      So if the universe is going to wipe him out anyhow, there is
nothing that can be done about that, but as long as he is still in the
game, under normal conditions, he should be able to play it with verve,
zest and flair, and be proud to be himself.

      And if the universe is still going to take him out no matter what,
he will go down fighting until he is no more, with his pride all that is
left still standing.

      If there is such a thing as no more.


      We are trying to clear moments of self deceit wherein the being
chose to be handicapped, limited and or suffering.

      At first he does this to make himself more acceptable to others,
you can't be a God walking amongst humans and expect to play with

      These are self installed handicaps at the beginning of life and
during the rest of it, to make others willing to play with him.

      He wants fair game more than anything, even with the worst of evil,
that's Sportsmanship up at Games and Spirit of Play on the tone scale.


      Then he does it to make others more acceptable to him, you can't be
human walking amongst Devils, so he needs to soften the Devils up a bit
so they will play fair with him.

      Most of negative case sticks in the later efforts to get and not
give sympathy, apology, cooperation or granting of beingness between
self and others.

       Spot who you are trying to get sympathy from.
       Spot who is refusing to give sympathy to you.
       Spot who is trying to get sympathy from you.
       Spot who you are refusing to give sympathy to.

       Also the effort to give and not accept sympathy, apology etc.

       Spot who is trying to give you sympathy.
       Spot who you are refusing to accept sympathy from.
       Spot who you are trying to give sympathy to.
       Spot who is refusing to accept sympathy from you.

       Since the way to happiness is a true confession:

       Spot who is trying to get a confession from you.
       Spot who you are refusing to give a confession to.
       Spot who you are trying to get a confession from.
       Spot who is refusing to give a confession to you.

       Spot who you are trying to give a confession to.
       Spot who won't accept your confession.
       Spot who is trying to give a confession to you.
       Spot who you won't accept a confession from.

      The above is called a 16 way bracket on getting and giving,
accepting and rejecting sympathy and apology.

      This one process alone can save a life of suffocation.


      In walking the narrow edge between too much ability and too little
ability, your preclear has layered deceit upon deceit upon himself
without undoing prior deceits.

      Thus he becomes a layer cake of lies about himself, each lie
intended to adjust and re adjust the balance of power and sympathy/help
in the game between himself and others, to a point where further
adjustment becomes almost impossible.

      He can no longer make himself better, so all he can do is adjust
downwards, make himself worse to elicit more help.

      He can't easily undo the mess he has made, because he can't
remember what he has been doing or why, because self deceit is self
deceit after all.

      Self deceit likes to pretend there is NO self deceit.

      Run to a result,

      Get the idea there is:

       NO   self deceit.
       SOME self deceit.

      The primary problem with your preclear is he has engaged in a tad
too much NO, and not enough SOME.

      He's got SOME NO (a lot actually), and NO SOME, get it?

      So the thing we want to do with our preclear is get him to run all
this NO that he has been laying down on himself, particularly the chain
of NO self deceits and SOME self deceits.

      Pretending NO self deceit is just another self deceit!

      When the being has uncovered the basic deceit on any given chain,
he is free to change his mind about it, or continue it for yet another
day, thus allowing him to knowingly rebalance his handicaps in a way
that suits him in present time.

      Being able to create NEW handicaps is as valuable in winning
present life games, as is getting rid of old irrelevant useless ones.

      Master of disguise.

      What we are trying to do is get him able to create, make survive
and destroy handicaps, that is become an expert in vanishment and

      Aberration is the effort to create a vanishment (as-isness) of a
SOME with a NO (not-isness).  The apparency is that the thing is gone,
but it isn't and it eventually comes back to bite him and weigh him

      He's got a SOME and wants to vanish it.  So the correct answer
is to make SOME MORE SOME until it vanishes when he let's go of it.

      Instead he engages in try to vanish the SOME by saying there is NO
SOME there, which merely buries the SOME under concrete, mental mass,
blackness and invisibility.

      That's how self deceit gets buried, he doesn't want to be self
deceived, but he feels like he has to just to survive, so he denies he
is using self deceit to survive, which is just more self deceit!

      So as it is, he is carrying around handicaps from a thousand games
from a thousand years that are doing him no good in THIS game RIGHT NOW.


      Notice that in the English language NO and KNOW sound the same,
this wrecks havoc on the preclear when he can no longer keep track of
what he KNOWs and what he NOs.

      So what is there for a preclear to NO?

      First there are the 5 senses.






      Your black 5 has something he is not seeing, not hearing, not
tasting, not smelling and not touching.

      Never ever ever ever ever ask a Black V to make a mock up.

      He can't, why rub it in?

      Making mock ups is not a muscle you flex enough times until it is
strong enough to make a mock up.

      Run instead,

       "Don't mock up something."
       "Good, now verify you didn't mock it up."

      God didn't know WHAT he was going to mock up before he mocked it
up, and he doesn't know now as a fallen being, as a being fallen into
the sea of NO, what he isn't mocking up any longer.

      Forget the WHAT, never audit the WHAT, just audit the NO and SOME.

      The moment the preclear starts asking SOME WHAT?, he is out of
session, forget the WHAT, you want SOME ANYTHING, it doesn't matter

      Keep it a nameless something.  He can get the SOME without getting
the exact WHAT.

      Asking WHAT he as forgotten (SOME forgetting), and he won't be able
to answer the WHAT.

can do that easily without every knowing WHAT he is forgetting.

      Continuing to forget something takes the NO or not-isness off the
forgetting and is the fastest way to remember what it is that was

      At which point he will probably wish he could forget it again, but
a little confront of the SOME thing that has been uncovered will allow
it to heal or vanish on its own.

      You can never vanish anything by denying it.

      Not even if you deny that you are denying it.

      Remember he is also running NO *AND* SOME on the same WHAT at the
same time.  You just want to run the intentions and efforts to make it a
NO and SOME WHAT, you do NOT need to know the WHAT.

      Then there is feeling, as in emotion.  Your average mortal meatball
preclear can be found down below can't hide on the thetan tone scale,
allowing his body to run his life for him somewhere between despair and

      What most people consider a productive life is actually powered by
a lot of whistling past the graveyard.

      Sometimes you will find a cute human body who is up in Enthusiasm
as a body, but still down in can't hide as a thetan, and frankly they
may be photographic but mostly they are for the birds.

      It's the grueling about life and its dilemmas that makes human
faces less than adorable.

      The being's case makes the face.  Pretty people generally don't
have a case because they are too stupid to have one.  They are really
being the animal one hundred percent.

      Every squirrel is cute, pretty girls are mostly squirrels.

      As they get older they get uglier, not because they are getting
older, but because they are waking up to the truth of how much they hate


      The above 5 senses can bring experiences to us in at least 6 ways.

      1.) Direct present time senses in contact with the physical

      2.) Imagination creating experiences whether gleaned from the
physical universe or not.  God didn't have to see a tree before he could
mock one up.

      3.) Dreaming, as in night dreams.

      4.) Hallucination, as in too much acid or suffering from trauma
spilling over into the day time waking hours.

      5.) Memory

      6.) Telepathy from others.

      That gives us,









      And NO PURPOSE.  He has suppressed his basic purposes, crushed them
utterly out of existence, so every time he gets up to go do something he
is dramatizing NO PURPOSE but gotta have SOME purpose.  No wonder the
more he aspires the sicker he feels, it results from NO PURPOSE *AND*
SOME PURPOSE at the same time!

      You can run

      Spot something right.

      Spot something wrong.

      for long periods of time, and he will feel better as long as
he sticks to what's right for sure, because the rest of it is
24x7 wrong, no matter how much he is trying to save the world.

      If the only thing he can think of that is right is to take
a pee when he needs to, then take the hint, you have your work
cut out for you.


      The cause of time is quest.

      Your preclear is powered in time by quest, by questions seeking

      He has a serious mis understood on the nature of questions and

      He believes that questions HAVE answers.

      In truth, questions ARE answers.

      You don't have to answer any question to feel good.

      The moment they guy said I have to answer this question or I am
doomed, he was doomed.

      So should we stop asking questions and not try to find answers?

      It depends on whether you are talking about the physical universe
wherein there is a game to play called science which involves posing
questions and answering them, or whether you are talking about the
spiritual universe where the guy has MADE a game out of being
spiritually crucified on the cross of questions and answers, pride and

      The being knows about himself, what is he doing asking questions
about himself?  That's NO KNOWING, you see?

      What happened to SOME KNOWING?

      The scientist pretends that SOME knowing always comes after
NO knowing.

      The bright preclear realizes that NO knowing always comes after
SOME knowing.

      The NO knowing is a pretense about things that were at one time

      Remember we are trying to audit out self imposed limitations and
sufferings of self deceit.

      A question about one's self or the spiritual nature of the world,
is a self imposed limitation on knowing what one knows at core about
one's self, including all these games of self deceit your preclear is
engaged in.

      The guy has confused the external game of physical science, which
depends on questions and answers, with the internal game of going free.

      Remember he didn't WANT to be free in the beginning, he WAS free,
but wanted to engage in an endless future of CHASE, and the primary
mechanism he used was obscuring the truth from himself by PRETENDING he
didn't KNOW and couldn't HAVE, but wanted to KNOW AND HAVE, via asking
questions, seeking answers and then fighting the good fight to attain.

      Let me tell you Native State has no dearth of havingness.

      And no questions needing answers either!

      Native State is COMPLETE in itself, and eternally smug about it.

      There is no liar lying like the seeker of truth.

      Yes, he will get there some day, but only if he finds some truth :)

      Which means QUESTIONS and not answers.

      Questions are the truth, answers are the lies, they Q&A the
preclear away from the truth that he seeks.

      Each answer creates another question, which then seeks another
answer which if he is unlucky enough to find it, will create another
questions ad forever and ever amen.

      The real answer he wants is the first question he set out on
a quest in time to find the answer, then give up the quest and
zone out to native state again.

      At root Q&A means to change the question every time you get a
possible answer, never actually getting the first question fully
answered, nor any of the following ones either.

      In the vernacular it means wandering away from your original
destination every time you get stopped, and changing to a new
destination and wandering away from that one too when you get stopped

      Such a being never gets where he intends to go except accidentally.

      The opposite of Q&A is dogged persistence towards your original
intent no matter what happens.

      The problem is that dogged persistence in the direction of finding
answers is AWAY from the truth he seeks.

      The game of questions seeking answers is the only game there is,
and always a game that can never be won.

      But there is a lot of glory and sympathy in trying, enough to glue
you to the end of the time stream forever more.

      It is the question asking, in particular the heavy convulsive
effort towards question asking, that powers time away from the source
point of having created the self deceit of not knowing.

      Questions are like the pedals on his bicycle with which he rides
away from the beginning of time towards the end of time.

      The answer to his SUFFERING *IS* the question which resides at the
beginning of any time cycle, not at the end, where in only false answers
await him that are not the question itself.

      False answers make you feel bad, thus when you seek the answer to a
self answering question, the very effort to seek another answer than the
one you already have in the question itself, makes you feel doom is sure
to come, right around the corner in fact.

      50 billion years later and sunk deep in timestone, he is still just
sure that doom is right around the corner.

      Powered by eternal hope, he never notices that getting to his
answer and the end of his suffering in time, is kind of asymptotic,
always getting there, never arriving, but each mile harder and harder,
forever and ever.

      So pedal he must and pedal he does.

anything further is a wrong answer, a wrong why, further down the stream
in time.

      The more he seeks a wrong answer, the more determined he becomes to
seek the truth even though he is sure it will just crush him to find it
out in the end on a total unacceptability.

      He's right, he is chasing a wrong answer, wrong answers make you
feel bad.

      So there is no truth further down the time stream, let alone a
truth that will make you feel better or ameliorate your misery, which
results from an eternal search for an answer to a question which you
already know the answer to, BECAUSE THE ANSWER IS THE QUESTION!

      You start off feeling good in time, and end up feeling bad.

      This is why all immortalities in a single time stream *ALWAYS* end
up as hells in need of auditing.

      Why?  Because time is powered by the quest for an answer to a
question that IS the answer you seek.

      The problem is your preclear no longer knows what questions he is
asking, and there are many of them.  He feels it as a massive convulsion
to DO something about something, about anything, as long as he is DOING.
Doing in this regard is pedaling towards the spiritual garbage pail at
the end of time.

      One might be tempted to say that the way to audit this is to run
what questions he is asking, and it is, but you have to be VERY careful
not to run it as a question.

      Preclears will always try to find what they did that is making
everything so bad for them, by racking their memory for the event.

      It just isn't there in the normal sense and can not be accessed
using efforts to 'remember'.

      One can however approach this delicately with

       "Spot NO   question."
       "Spot SOME question."

      Or better use

       "Get the idea of NO QUESTION."
       "Get the idea of SOME QUESTION."

      Remember NO means pretended NO, so in running the NO question part
of it, you are running the not-isness off the thing like wildfire.

      So here is the point.

      The being thinks that what is wrong with him is what happened to
him, but he can't remember it.

      He can't see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, feel it, remember it,
or imagine it etc.

      So when he solo's he tries to LOOK to see what he can't see or is
refusing to see.

      But he is refusing to see it, so how can he see it?

      You can't stop refusing to see something by simply changing your
mind and ceasing refusing to see it.

      Oh no, the time for that is LONG gone.  He had his chance on that
one long ago and threw it away, stamped it UTTERLY out of existence in

      But anyhow WHAT happened to him isn't what is hurting him, its the
collateral damage caused by the heavy efforts to NOT see it all these
years.  That will burn anyones brain out.

      And when it kicks back during a moment of pause or wonder about it,
it gives him headaches that only a circus in his head could cause.

      Wonder is itself a form of question asking.

      He is wondering, who, what, where, when, and why it all happened,
and if it did happen, but none of that is the NO he threw in front of it
to hide it all.

      Again what happened didn't hurt him, you can do anything to a
thetan forever and he will be fine.

      But the minute the thetan tries to put a NO on it, a "this didn't
happen, I don't know about it, it doesn't affect me", then he
traumatizes HIMSELF through the incidental consequences of the damage he
does to his space and his body by shutting it all down as if nothing

      Self deceit, and self deceit about self deceit.

      Simple, isn't.

      And don't get into the WHY he chose self deceit, it isn't
about character, or flaws, its not about pity, shame, accountability,
blame, regret or remorse.  And he won't find it until he finds it,
and when it does it will  be acceptable.

      So have some faith and thank the Lord (you) for little mercies and
get on with the auditing of NO SELF DECEIT.


      It isn't the WHAT that needs to be audited, its the NO.

      Eventually the WHAT will surface, but your preclear will be WAY
better before it does, because he will have stopped smashing his face in
so hard wondering what the hell is wrong with him.

      It is the question that kills along with the NO.

      And the NO that IS wrong with him, is not back there when it first
happened, its all the god damn times he continued to do it after it
happened right up to present time and into the future.

      THAT IS WHAT NEEDS TO BE AUDITED in present time.


      Some of you would just love to take your whole case by the scruff
of the ball and kick it over the goal post never to see it again.

      OK, here's how.

      Run to a result, get the idea

       There is NOTHING.
       There is SOMETHING.

      Keep in mind that getting the idea is CAUSATIVE, that things are
created and destroyed in the mere conception of them.

      If you want to be cruel about it run,

       Get the idea there is nothing.
       Good, now verify there is nothing.
       Good, get the idea there is something.
       Good, now verify there is something.

      Now truth is, not one of you has the balls or doggedness to run it,
on yourself or anyone else.

      Nothing but us chickens on this planet, so we can break it down a
bit into the areas we discussed above.

       Get the idea there is NO   sight.
       Get the idea there is SOME sight.

       Get the idea there is NO   hearing.
       Get the idea there is SOME hearing.

       Get the idea there is NO   taste.
       Get the idea there is SOME taste.

       Get the idea there is NO   smell.
       Get the idea there is SOME smell.

       Get the idea there is NO   touch.
       Get the idea there is SOME touch.

       Get the idea there is NO   feeling.  (as in emotion)
       Get the idea there is SOME feeling.

       Get the idea there is NO   desire.
       Get the idea there is SOME desire.

       Then run every item mentioned above on the following:

      Sensation, imagination, dreaming, hallucination, memory, and

      As the process runs, the NO will come flooding off your preclear,
and items will come forward begging to be discussed.


      The items are Q&A on the NO.

      Run the NO, let the items flood and let him talk about them, but
don't change the process to start asking about any item, that's total
Q&A and a way high crime.

      Look, so he finds his mother used to wash his head in the toilet
and rinsed his hair by flushing it.

      That's an ITEM, it is what happened.

      So your preclear says, "Great now I know why I was messed up!"

      NO, he was messed up because he turned a KNOW into NO.

      Question asking like "Why am I messed up?" is being out of session
because it is trying to turn a NO back into a KNOW, BY DRAMATIZING AN

      You don't audit by dramatizing, nor by dramatizing asking "What
am I dramatizing."

      You might get somewhere with

      "Get the idea of dramatizing."
      "Get the idea of not dramatizing."

      Put the SOME and NO in it if it runs hard.

      "Get the idea of NO dramatizing."
      "Get the idea of SOME dramatizing."

      "Get the idea of NO not dramatizing."
      "Get the idea of SOME not dramatizing."

      No dramatizing is creative peace.

      Dramatizing means bringing seriousness, permanence, importance and
pain to an effort or action.

      As long as he is asking the question "What happened?", he isn't
running the process of duplicating the effort to make sure that NOTHING

      The effort to make NO HAPPENING does not include the effort to ask

      Do you get this?

      Exerting the effort to ask what happened is GUARANTEED to not be
duplicating the effort to not know what happened that needs to be run

      Run the NONE OF and the SOME OF, and forget the WHAT OF.

      Running the duplication of NO properly, ends the question asking
completely.  He will learn that he is KILLING himself with these
questions, it is the question asking that harms him, not the absence or
even presence of answers.

      Once he sees this clearly, he will cease utterly the self auditing
of asking questions (called figure figure by LRH), and take up the pure
solo auditing of spotting questions AS THEY HAPPEN IN REAL TIME and
letting them pass like clouds in a summer sky and running SOME and NO on

      So your preclear has come down this 3 stage ladder.

      Something happens, he does something bad or someone else does
something bad, or maybe its too good to be true, it doesn't matter WHAT

      That's the ANSWER of WHAT IS IT?

      Then your preclear denied he knew what it was, and created the
question, "Gee what's wrong with me, I wonder if I have forgotten

      Wonder, wonder, wonder.

      Wonder kills.  Slowly and with pain.

      That's the SOME QUESTION, namely WHAT IS IT?

      Then lastly he forgets he has the question, that's the NO QUESTION.

      He becomes a 'What question?' case when you bring up the subject of
forgotten questions.  "Who me, never..."

      And then he does this a few million times across a few million
years across a few million games, and that's what your basic 9 to fiver
is, a black cannon ball of forgotten questions, never to be seen again.

      We call these guys cannon ball cases, because their space is so
dense and dark no one can audit them, and they are mostly useful for
shoving down a cannon and shooting at castle walls.

      And he is headed for the end of time on automatic at full speed.


      Items are questions or answers to questions, or anything the
preclear might have or could have ever had a question or an answer

      An item can be anything your preclear can be conscious of,
either in general like 'emotions' or in specific 'hate'.

      If you simply have to run them, run

       Get the idea of NO   item.
       Get the idea of SOME item.

      Kill the Q&A machine that is ruining your preclear's life, kill the
question asking dead.

      To make case gain, the mind has to be as still as a pond on a
windless day.

      There is nothing else to run, the entirety of your preclear's life
is NO and SOME.

      Remember moments of self deceit are HAVINGNESS to your preclear, he
HAD to be handicapped in order to join the game.

      But he didn't have to be CRIPPLED so he couldn't play at all or
never ever win.

      That's hopelessness.  Hope is always hope that one can win
a worthwhile game and thus should get up and try.

      When your preclear no longer is willing to get up and try, that's
hopelessness.  Some times its feigned to get extra, help and a greater
chance of winning, he can't stand the fear of not knowing, but
eventually the hopelessness about playing becomes real and the only hope
he will find is at the bottom of a bottle.

      But it got that way through a long and torturous route as he tried
to balance his need to have a fun game with others, with the increasing
idiocy of their own conditions.

      And they were doing the same.

      It has to do with acceptance and unacceptance.

      Run NO acceptance and SOME acceptance.

      Run it, don't get into.

      All we want to do is make it fun again.

      Being idiots that is, joyous gamers in a game stream.

      Then he can go higher if he wants.


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