Your preclear has a case.

     Case consists of desire and view in opposition.

     Desire is the creative thrust of his basic purposes.

     Natively a being creates in the mere conception of things.

     View is the constellation of postulates or conceptions the being
has made about the AllThatIs, that limit and direct his desire.

     Unlimitedness is native.

     All postulates are postulates of limitation.

     All creation is creation of limitation.

     All conception is conception of limitation.

     A being can not conceive of the infinite unlimited.

     Desire then becomes his pursuit of basic purposes through time
towards a final havingness, in other words a game.

     A game is 
     1.) a matrix of freedoms which are native,
     2.) intrinsic purposes which are also native,
     3.) barriers which are postulated, and
     4.) instrumental purposes which are also postulated.
     Intrinsic purposes are those things which are fundamentally
valuable for their own sake without further say so.  For example peace
and pleasure.

     Instrumental purposes are those things which are valuable only
because they lead to intrinsic valuables through the matrix of
conditions set up by the game.

     We chase the intrinsic via the instrumental.

     Intrinsic purposes are things like attaining pleasure and avoiding

     Instrumental purposes are getting a good education or job which
provides survival, because non survival leads to pain.

     The primary barrier is time which places time between desire and
havingness, but provides chase between the two, which has a desirability
of its own.

     When view is balanced, it provides an optimum playing field, and
game to play.  The being is happy playing, winning and losing, and lives
at Spirit of Play.

     When view is not balanced, either towards to many wins, or to many
losses, the being is no longer happy, as playing becomes overwhelmed by
winning or losing.

     Both winning and losing mean END OF PLAY, end of game, end of time.

     People cry when they win because they have lost the game.

     Happiness is PLAY.

     Sorrow is loss of game through winning or losing.

     Who is harder to audit, the guy who won the Olympics or the guy who
lost the Olympics?

     They may be two different kinds of sorrow, but sorrow they be.

     Play is entries in one's appointment book far into the future.

     Sorrow is an empty appointment book.

     Happiness is looking into one's appointment book with promise of
future pleasure.

     Sorrow is looking into an empty appointment book with downcast

     Happiness is a plethora of operating connections with others.


     Sorrow is no more connections forever for free.

     A connection is a CAUSAL operating flow of affinity, agreement,
communication and understandings between beings or things.

     A connection exists where ever there is

     Harmony, Accord, and co-communication.  (Adore)

     Affinity, Reality, Communication and Understanding (Scientology)

     Affection, Comprehension, Communication, and Communion (Meta

     In the absence of connectedness, shared reality drops to zero, as
does affinity and communication.


     A shock is a moment in time when one runs into an unexpected
counter postulate, that exceeds one's acceptance levels, that stops one
from forward motion towards one's goals, leaving one bewildered,
incredulous, indecisive and unable to decide which way to go or what to
do next.


     The stop produces a return to native state, a moment of

     When one's chase is serious, shock is painful.

     View becomes polluted, unbalanced, through shock.

     Pollution is a non balanced surfeit of lies in one's view.

     View is setup through native desire to be susceptible to loss,
resulting in unrecoverable surprise and thus shock.

     When a being experiences a moment of shock, a moment of stop, from
which he cannot recover his sense of responsibility, he will change
directions and go somewhere else than where he was originally going.

     Both his desire and his view become clouded with further
limitations and impossibilities that lower the optimum level of play.

     His Spirit of Play becomes less.

     Eventually he becomes serious, and then criminal, he gets others to
play for him, and then inverted or counter productive, he plays to lose,
to get rid of the game before he loses it anyhow, and then apathetic as
he goes through the motions of play because he has to.

     People are in shock about being alive.

     "What?!!!  I am alive?!!!  Who the F*** ordered that?!!!"

     People are in shock about being a body.

     "I am a WHAT?!!!  How the hell did that happen?!!!"

     If a shock won't run, it is probably under the duress of a bigger
shock.  Find the bigger earlier/later shock and it will run.

     Remember the preclear has shocks at the Eternal, Immortal and
Mortal levels.

     See TRIAD

     Thus he has shocks in the future too.

     Immortal means forever within a single time stream.

     Eternal means forever outside of time.

     If a mortal shock won't run, scout the immortal area.  If the
immortal area won't run, scout the eternal area.

     The first shock will run like explosive shocking wildfire.  Watch


     Thus auditable case consists of moments of

     Balanced desire and view -> shock -> polluted desire and view.

     The result of pollution of desire and view is Q&A, meaning changing
course to something else.

     Q&A means Question and Answer and refers usually to an improper
mode of auditing wherein the auditor changes the question every time he
gets a new answer from the preclear, rather than continuing with the
same question until he gets all answers to it.

     In our case here, Q&A means changing the question because one
failed to get the answer one needed.  Thus one gives up, and changes

     The question would be "How do I get what I desire?", followed by an
"I can't", followed by "Well I don't actually desire that, I desire
this, so we will chase this instead."

     Some people's whole lives are a circus of astounding acrobatics of
Q&A, because every time they get stopped no matter how weakly, they
change direction rather than handle the stop and get on with the
original purpose.

     These people make you feel like you are in kind of a whirlpool.
     That's them going around in circles never getting anywhere but
smaller and smaller.

     Deep pity is often the result.

     The pollution of desire is the alloying of original desire with
other lesser desires in order to keep going at any cost, even if in the
opposite direction one started in.

     One can try to get better by getting worse.

     For example a bum who tries to invest by throwing his capital away.

     Pollution of view consists of further postulates of limitation,
barriers, debasements and the futile vanity (failed attempt in vain) of
taking responsibility for the stop, putting it there, that then make it
impossible to recover from the shock.

     These are called God Postulates, because the being creates them
during the moment of shock from a native, if painful, point of view,
thus they have absolute power over his future.

     He thinks they are true because he observes they are true, when in
fact they are true only because he considers they are true.

     A God postulate is a stuck conception that conceives it is not
cause of what it is conceives.

     Thus the stuck conception out persists the being.

     Running into a God Postulate is like running into a spiritual wall
of failure.  You bounce off it, so there you have your proof that its
true, clear observation of failure.

     The being has a choice at that moment, to believe his observation,
or be with the wall until it turns back into a consideration, at which
point he can drop the conception of the barrier and other cause, and the
barrier of limitation will vanish in the mere deconception of it.

     As the being sits with the wall, feeling his bruises, the charge of
the shock flows out like a huge flow of energy, IF the being lets it.

     As the energy flows away, the wall changes from a forgone
conclusion of limitation, back into a consideration, and returns under
the control of the being's sovereign desire.

     Once the being considers that the wall is an observation and not a
consideration, the charge that he builds up on the loss prevents him
from being with the wall enough to unconsider it.

     As the charge runs out, the being recreates HIS connection to the
wall.  It becomes HIS wall again, he starts to own the wall again,
rather than the wall owning him, and when his reconnection is complete,
he can drop it or leave it in place, but now its his wall operating
under his sovereign conception and command.

     At this time he has restored his God Postulate to its proper place
AS a God Postulate, and the joke is he won't be able to keep it around
unless he goes into shock about it and falls away from it again.

     All pollution of desire and view is through this mechanism of the
God Postulate.  Polluted view is merely original view with good games
prevailing, alloyed with negative God Postulates pretending to be
observations of "its just the way things are", resulting is bad games or
no games prevailing.

     Thus all pollution of desire and view is auditable.

     Even if one has to run 'unauditability' once in a while :)

     Spot the stuck conception which conceives he is an effect,
and audit it back to a conception which conceives it is cause.

     When you think something you get it, but you think you are
getting it BECAUSE you thought it.  Conception is causal.  Stop
conceiving and it will vanish.

     But if you get something and think that your thinking it is NOT
causing it, you have just conceived that things can exist and persist
independent of your conception of them, so of course that is
exactly what you get.

     The conception that conception is not causal is causal!

     Thus only conceptions about the non causality of conception can
hold conception down at effect.

     Auditing is the process of locating these moments of shock, and
conceptions invalidating their own causality in the matter, and
recovering the before and after desire and view, and any possible pre
setups that existed from native state, and through the erasure of the
polluted views, restore a strong unalloyed desire and ability set
producing forward motion again in Spirit of Play that is as strong or
stronger than the original moment before the shock.

     If the original desire can not be recovered fully for practical
reasons, a bigger better one can always be put in place.

     A being can ALWAYS out create his prior self.

     He may never be able to have what he once wanted, but it will fall
away as insignificant compared to what he WANTS NOW!

     You see?

     Before he was merely superman, not he is actually dangerous!

     Thus people who failed miserably and recover, go higher than those
that always had a good time playing.

     Small games may come a cropper, but when recovered, bigger games

     So don't ever let your preclear tell you 'Its too late to get

     Happiness in the end is not the ability to win every previous game
the preclear once attempted, time has moved on, there are new games and
new playing fields aborning every day all of which are BIGGER AND BETTER
than the old bitter ones.

     You don't have to WIN THE PAST to attain operating happiness and
spirit of play in the present, you have to be able to win the present
and the future.

     Forget the dead, they will not follow you.

     Native state doesn't have to win any game at all to be happy.  It
has to be ABLE to win any game, which it can if it sets it up that way.
But if it set it up that losses were to happen, then it becomes a win
that you are able to create a loss.

     But that was then, this is now, its not time for the games of then
any more, so get on with the games of now, eh?  You do not HAVE to set
yourself up for more endless losses, if you operate from native state
with some rationality and clarity of view rather than from shock.

     Native state puts things there, oh boy does it put things there,
in the mere conception of things.

     So make sure there is an awake captain at the helm of that

     Case persists because of the effort to as-is shock by not-ising it.

     It is as simple as that.

     The effort to make nothing out of something by covering it in black
or 'not there' ness, followed by the effort to make something out of

     It might seem reasonable since native state inherently makes
somethings out of nothings, that making something out of nothing might
be a good thing.  But at this level that we are talking about here after
a good solid not-isness, one is mocking native state at a lower
harmonic, and putting something there where there is just simply nothing

     You can vanish any created thing you wish, but not by covering it
in heavy effort, black, invisibility and pretending it isn't there,
because it always will be there just a bit, to bite you later through
the steel and concrete clouds of obscurity, obfuscation and oblivion.

     The least absolute there is, is oblivion, there will always be
something inscrutable shining through.  The 'WHAT IT IS' will forever
elude you, even while it bites you in the ass or your face over and over

     That's the upside of oblivion.

     The downside of oblivion, well you don't want to know it, that's
why its in oblivion.

     Notice the way to audit NOT-ISNESS is to run not-isness, not to run
as-isness.  If you have covered something in black, you do NOT look
inside the black to see what it is.  You replicate the covering in black
by covering it more in black until the black vanishes naturally when you
let go of making more of it.

       Spot NO   not-isness
       Spot SOME not-isness

     To spot means to get the idea of or conceive.

     Duplication of the not-ising process will result in a visible
is-ness.  Then get the alter-isness off the is-ness through the same
procedure of altering it more, and you will be left with an as-isness.

       Spot NO   alter-isness.
       Spot SOME alter-isness.

     The as-isness will vanish on its own the next time a pretty girl
walks by.

       Spot NO   pretty girl.
       Spot SOME pretty girl.

     Yes even girls need to spot pretty girls too.

     A pretty or ugly anything will do, anything to take your attention
off the as-isness.

     When you finally come back to it, it won't be there, and won't ever
have been there.


     The 3 levels of shock are:

     1.) The Lock level, consisting of reminders of loss.

     2.) The Secondary level, consisting of actual moments of loss, loss
of games, unique, fragile, ephemeral preciousness and other survival
assets, through permanent death, departure or reversal.

     Secondaries are moments of anger, fear, despair, sorrow, pity and
apathy.  Secondaries can happen long BEFORE the loss happens, during
first awareness that the loss WILL happen.

     3.) The Engram level, consisting of moments of physical injury and
unconsciousness to the body or the spirit.

     Notice a secondary is a loss of a potential survival asset, an
engram is the loss of survival period.

     Engrams happen because to too much of something or too little
of something, namely force, otherwise known as non optimum randomity.
     These 3 levels tend to correspond to thought, emotion and heavy

     Emotion buries the thought, and effort buries the emotion.

     Thus sorrow will bury what he lost, and engrams will bury the

     Thus a heavily charged case will seem like 'nothing there'.

     But most will have some awareness that they lost something or did
wrong in their 'long ago'.

     Below these three case levels is a level of pure shock, independent
of any particular event that has ever gone on.

     By running the pure shock level, the entire case is run out at core
and falls away without need for inspection of particulars.

     However running the pure shock level is almost impossible without
running a lot of the other 3 levels in round robin order.

     There are a couple of things to know about running case.

     One needs to run the secondary level, before the engram level will
open up, and then one needs to run the engram level before more
secondary level will open up.

     Thus after running much effort (engram ridges), one suddenly finds
oneself crying about everything and anything.  Then it dries up until
the next layer of force, effort, pain and unconsciousness is run out.

     Running locks can be useful, but running pleasure moments will work
better.  By touching the good points in life, one is dropped into the
sorrows and losses much faster.

     If there ARE any good moments in life for your preclear.

     Good moments in life consist mostly of moments of strong connection
between beings, moments of clear and unrestrained relating (reality) on subjects
of importance to both parties.  This produces high affinity or love.

     To relate means to communicate about what is important to one.

     Relationships consist of relating.

     Where relating is blocked due to upsets and withholds, just so is
the relationship blocked.

     When a relationship is more blocked than not, it tends to end.  as
the relationship IS the flow of realities and agreements back and forth
between two cause points.

     When the relationship gets seriously upset, each party will debond
and disown each other as peers in the static.

     Then you get wars of forevers, intended death and damnation.

     Relating depends on connection, comm lines built of affinity,
reality, communication and understandings over which one can operate,
transmit and receive relatingnesses.

     Connection takes place on the physical, emotion, mental and
spiritual levels and results in good operation and being fully
comfortable and trusting around another being.

     Trust and respect is critical because intimacy is in part the
relating of vulnerabilities.

     Vulnerability leads into the 'take care of' chain.

     The vast proportion of life is the desire and goal to take care of
and take responsibility over the survival of others, and to have them do
the same for you.

     That's called HELP and is the opposite of HARM.

     Help is co operation towards a mutual benefit.

     Harm is co operation towards a mutual detriment.
     Watch out, the desire to take care of something FOREVER, is a
violation of the sovereign finite while in which everything exists.

     You can take care of anything for a while, but never forever.

     Same thing for yourself.

     Upsets are often the result of contempt and betrayal of respect and

     ReSpect means to see again, namely willingness and desire to see

     Much loss is built around the "I will never see you again" chain.

     Or worse the, "I don't ever WANT to see you again" chain.
     So of course he is a black V, and can't see anything, if he did see
something it would be his ocean of everyone and everything he would
never see again, all screaming good bye, or perhaps just screaming.

     A body can only cry so fast, a few gallons a minute.

     In any case sonic may turn on before visio during auditing, so
watch it.


     One can relate or express anything, feel anything, and communicate
anything on a clear connection, and it is these connections that make
life worthwhile as they create affinity and pleasure waves called love.

     When all connections are broken or severed there is no reason to go
left or right, forward or backward, as the only reason to GO ANYWHERE is
to find and operate a working connection, a working productive
relatingness (relationship) with someone or something.

     When all connections are gone, people cry themselves to sleep,
become catatonic or kill themselves.


     Sorrow is not about the past, sorrow is about the future.

     Charge builds when sorrow is not cried and expressed.

     Dry eyed sorrow, UNEXPRESSED sorrow, never heals.

     Thus one wants to find those moments in the past when sorrow was
not expressed, but it won't be at the moment of loss, but at the moment
of first awareness that the loss could or would happen.


     First awareness of IMPENDING death, departure or reversal of
affinity is critical.

     All of the sorrow that needs to be found is about the future, about
things that haven't happened yet, even if that moment of first awareness
of future loss is now in the past.

     A preclear's first awareness that his mother WOULD die someday,
even if would be 80 years in the future, is a much heavier incident than
his sorrow on the day she actually did die.

     Now that the preclear is 30, his first awareness in the past at 5
years old that his mother WILL die in another 10 or 20 years is where
the charge lies, even if mother is still alive now!

     The preclear is building up charge all during the time she is still

     If a person can not find sorrow in his past, he needs to find it in
his future.

     Spot a present time pet, and imagine how it will be on the last day
with that pet.

     Get the words, the feelings, the love, the sorrow.

     No sorrow means no love, no love means no sorrow.

     No sorrow or no love means no realatingness which means no
connection, which means terminally debonded with self, others
and the AllThatIs.

     You should be able to love your own body and your self as much as
you love your pet.
     Suppress sorrow and one suppresses the love with it, because sorrow
is merely love in inversion.

     NEVER EVER lose a chance to cry when it comes, and not feel it out
completely until its gone for the moment.

     It will come back, as love always comes back if you let it.
     Like fine wine, sorrow must be savored to the last drop.

     Eventually you will get laughter out of it, the enormity of the
love and lass are just too great to countenance without a smile or
Impish grin.

     How much can you love?

     How much can you cry?

     How big are the oceans?

     Every time you suppress sorrow about the future, you suppress love
and you get worse.  You block a connection before it gets broken.

     Every time you feel sorrow and release it completely, you get
better.  The connection goes co eternal.

     Eventually you will find the laughter of Eternal life and love at
the bottom of that ocean of tears.

     The world of Sabe is the world of immortal sorrow.

     The world of Dura is the world if eternal laughter.

     People feel small.
     They feel their sorrow is bigger than they are.

     And if their sorrow is bigger than they are, then so is their love,
and so the person feels (wrongly that) both love and sorrow must be
corralled (controlled) lest the two together DO something uncontrolled.

     People are afraid of their sorrow, it wrinkles up their faces,
humiliates them, makes them wail, feel vulnerable and out of control.

     It's this last thing that worries people and makes others ridicule
those who don't stay in control.

     But mainly people are terrified of how oceanic sorrow can be, they
get into it a bit too deep, and they just KNOW they are being carried
away by an overwhelming undertow in a bottomless ocean never to be
seen again.
     Surrender for a while is the only answer.

     Once they let go and let the power take them where it will, they
finally see that their sorrow is their own enormous love.

     Love is there life raft that floats indominantly on any ocean known
to God.

     That's when the laughter starts and they see the ludicrousness of
their own demise.

     Then they get the idea that they aren't small at all, they just
care too much.  And thus they recover some of their size, enormity

     Power, size and beauty.

     That laughter at the bottom of the well of sorrow, is God's promise
and gift to those who are honest with themselves, and with others, about
their love, and cry it out fully, holding nothing back, as holding back
sorrow is holding back love, which makes you smaller, less than oceanic.

     And when the sorrow breaks into laughter, laugh it out fully.

     Even at the funeral.

     Those who aren't laughing, aren't loving.

     No tears, no life.

     And less life after wards.

     Excess of joy weeps, excess of sorrow laughs.

     And since we all are God in carnation, that's a lot of love, a lot
of laughter and a lot of tears.

     Vulnerability is that anxious cross over point at the bottom of the
well of tears, between sorrow and laughter, and wondering if the love light
will ever come.

     How deep do you dare to go into sorrow, to find the light of
Eternal love?

     Sanity is keeping those connection lines open even if nothing flows
on them any more.  You don't turn the radio off just because your friend
at the other end doesn't answer you.

     And for heaven's sake, when someone or something dies, don't say
good bye.

     Say hello, and send them your sorrow, they will receive it as love.

     For no one ever goes anywhere else but HERE and NOW.

     That's called immutability.

     And maybe, just maybe, if you do it right, you can keep that
connection line open and flowing for real, across the trans life time

     Wouldn't that be a hoot?

     Better than moving the marble on the table, eh?

     Leave the magic tricks to the buffoons.

     But the price is willingness to flow the full power of your being
and your FEELING across that line.
     If you shut down who and what you are, you shut down the reach of
your connection lines.

     After a while, they can barely travel around in this life, let
alone into the next.


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