There is:

     As-isness which leads to vanishment.

     Alter-ising which leads to persistence.

     Is-ness which IS persistence.

     Not-ising which leads to a persisting apparency of vanishment
called a not-isness.

     As-isness is the moment of creation without significance, which
leads to a vanishing truth.  He takes his attention off of it for a
moment, and bang it is gone as if it had never been.  It can't impinge
upon him later when he isn't looking, because it isn't there any more

     At the level of as-isness, there IS no WAS.
     Alter-ising is the addition of significances to an as-isness,
leading to a persisting truth.

     Further alter-ising is the addition of contradictory significances
to an already existing persisting truth, leading to a persisting lie.
The lie persists powered by the original underlying persisting truth.

     Is-ness is the perception of persisting truth or persisting lies.

     Not-ising is the addition of effort, force, mass, blackness, and
invisibility to an Is-ness to create the apparency of nothing there i.e.
a vanished as-isness.

     A Not-isness is a (false) "It isn't, never has been and never will

     First the shape and form of mama is created with no significance
that it is a mother.  That is an as-isness.

     Then all the significances of motherhood and motherly love,
support, and nurturance are added on, co dependencies are established
and interactions start to take place in time.  That is alter-isness
operating creating a persisting truth.

     Then mother starts to turn out to be slightly less than ideal, and
layers of hate and regret are added on.  That is further alter-isness
taking place, creating a persisting lie powered by the underlying
persisting truth.  The persisting lie of hate is powered by the
underlying persisting truth of love and invite plus one's own guilt.

     Eventually mother dies, and there is no feeling about her at all.
That is not-isness taking place.

     The continuous alternation of love and hate, sympathy and no
sympathy for mother are covered in "nothing there."

     The vanishing truth is the shape and form of mother.

     The persisting truth is love, based upon the original as-isness of
shape and form of mother, and the added significances of ideal

     The persisting lies is hate and death (if they die, no one there
any more), based upon added contradictory significances of un-ideal

     Eventually the person just stops thinking about mother, which
completes the process of debonding, creating a final physical,
emotional, mental and spiritual nothing there, never was, never will be.

     The incident is perceived as 'nothing there', but is a powerful
something there, covered in black but powered by the underlying and
original love.

     Any really truly detested mother can and MUST be run back to a
lovely mother, or else case gain will not prevail.

     Any preclear who can't mockup and BE ideal mothers forever
for free will eventually become turtle food.

     Once he gets his ability to create lovely mother's back, and his
understandings of how she became less, his actual mother and chain of
mother's, including himself, will start to heal on their own.

     Auditing can end off there, we do not need to as-is her, nor do we
want to.


     The apparency of nothing there is called a ridge.

     A ridge consists of two sides, one side is something there, the
other side is nothing there.  The being, facing the nothing there side,
thinks there is nothing there.  Ridges only run by creating both sides
at the same time.

     A ridge is an AND, there is something there AND there is nothing
there; ridges must be run as an AND, or they won't run out.  Ridges are
not created by alternating between something there and nothing there,
which is an OR.  Ridges are created by creating BOTH something there AND
nothing there at EXACTLY the same time, which is an AND.

     ANDS are a kind of mental isometrics and is the death of a being.

     If the preclear is surrounding something from all sides, and
not-ising it from all sides, the nothing there will be on the outside of
the sphere, and the something there will be in the center, compressed to
a point.

     Any event, object or idea can be compressed or spatially warped
until it is unrecognizable, without in any way diminishing the integrity
of the event, object or idea.  Once the suppression releases from the
event or idea, they will spring back to their own normal size, shape and

     Thus trying to 'squish, squash or squush' something out of
existence does not work.

     It may get it so small you can't see it any more, but it maintains
its original power to kick you in the face anytime you put your
attention on it or near it.

     Especially if you have (a pretended) "no clue" what it is.

     Once made these things are indestructible until as-ised fully
without suppression or alteration as they were originally made.

     Further it is much easier to render sensory perceptions invisible,
all black, or nothing there, but very much harder to fully render the
EFFORT and the force in the event into apparent non existence.  Thus
your preclear is surrounded by ridges that he can no longer see, hear,
feel, taste or smell, that can none the less kick him in the face any
time they want, or he "runs into them" in the dark.

     Notis-ness is sticky, once made it persists 'on its own'.  It needs
to be duplicated exactly as it is being created, to be run out.

     Since a not-isness is a moment of not thereness, the preclear can
not find these moments by hunting around for them analytically, by
ransacking his memory for a time he chose to forget something or nail
something out of existence.

     He is nailing out of existence a memory of a most detested event,
you think the memory of doing so will survive or be easily accessible in

     Memory of suppressing memories does not work well :)

     However not-isness is also repetitively convulsive, it needs to
happen over and over again in present time with a certain periodicity in
order to maintain itself.  Otherwise it would vanish on its own accord
after a long time.

     Thus if one sits in session waiting for a not-isness flow to
happen, it will, usually under the guise of doing something else
'constructive', a substitute goal.

     The preclear can't sit still, he keeps getting the itch to get up
and go DO something.  THAT effort to do something is the one he is using
to not-is the thing he doesn't want to know about.  Prevented from doing
the substitute, the not-isness starts to break open in pain, but not

     One forgets A by trying to remember B.

     One tries to not think about A by thinking about B.

     One tries to not feel A by feeling B.

     One tries to forget failure at A by trying to succeed with B.

     One tries to not know, be, do, or have A, by knowing, being, doing,
or having B.

     For example his efforts to think about B will grind against his
efforts to NOT THINK about A and thus keep them in place.  The more he
thinks about B, the more he is making sure he never thinks about A

     Thinking about B lays down mass on NOT thinking about A, so the
more he thinks about B, the further A gets buried away from him and the
harder it is to get it back once he gives up nonsensing about B.

     It is a still mind indeed that can spot a not-isness flow for what
it is, an effort to make nothing out of something, to nail something out
of existence FOREVER, often by making something out of nothing, by
making something else exist instead.

     The computation on this is:

     The way to not create A is to create B convulsively.

     The effort to create B pushes against the existing efforts
to not-is A, and thus enforces and increases them.

     Since most of the efforts a preclear does while creating new but
substitute things are efforts to NOT create something else prior, you
can see how he might not be doing too well in life.

     The FOREVER in his upsets is scary because these are Immortal flows
and the preclear has debonded for good with his apparent Immortality in

     That is why your preclear is in a mortal meat body, so he can live
the pretense that it will all end one day in total nothing there.

     He wants to BE NOTHING, and the body promises that to him at
Death's End.

     It's a last ditch effort to live a sham, in place of awareness of
the disgrace and ignominy of what he lost as an Immortal being.

     His primary stuck conception of his immortal universe is it
consists of reponsibility without repairability.  
     Once something is done, it is DONE, there is no going back.
     Immortal regret is immortally futile.

     Eternal regret doesn't exist, because in eternity there is no time
to turn backwards.

     He might be able to make amends for some of his miscreancy, but
this is handling a crushed A by creating B.
     People may forgive but they will never forget.

     A damaged A plus a brand new B is not the same as a pristine A.

     Thus there is endless glory in doing something right, and endless
shame in getting it wrong.

     His Immortal time stream is not only in a state of ruin, but is
also in a state of permanent disaster and catastrophe.

     It can't be any other way, ALL time streams go to hell after a
while if they go on too long.

     That's why all time streams are created as a finite while, that way
all hell's end one day by force of termination of the while, whether one
wants one's hells to end or not.

     But the same is true for heaven's.

     That is why peace rests in eternality, being above space and time,
and not Immortality, which is being (apparently) stuck in a single time
stream forever.

     Your preclear has been seeking oblivion ever since his most present
Immortality went to hell.

     Your average meatball is down BELOW UNEXISTENCE as a spirit on the
Awareness Characteristic Chart, and below failure to BE NOTHING on the
emotional tone scale.


     That's right, a spirit that wants to die forever hides instead,
dreaming he is a live once, die once, meatball that 'will die'.

     A spirit cannot 'die', but it sure can think it 'will die.'

     After a fall from glory to shame, He may never recover his original
standing, other's may never forgive him while they are still in the same
time stream too.

     If he is too far gone, your preclear's only salvation MAY be to
return to eternality, and start a new time stream, where he can mess up
again a fresh.

     Since everyone in your preclear's present time stream is going
through the same decay, they will eventually all become as disgraced as
he conceives himself to be, and maybe they will finally come to forgive
each other.
     But it may be a long time.

     On the other hand, maybe your preclear will just stand up one day
and say 'To hell with this, no one is pure before source, the High Us
forgives the High Us, and so I forgive me and you, and you will forgive
yourself and me in return, as that is the absolute power of the
forgiveness of the High US, by the High US, for the High US.'

     The reason why prayers made in the name of the High-US don't work,
is because your preclear's conception of the High-US is polluted with a
few detested terminals that your preclear wishes were not part of the
High-US, so the prayer is not to the FULL HIGH-US and it falters.

     "Uh, maybe I don't want to forgive HIM! Let me think about this."

     All it takes is one exception to the preclear's sense of
connectedness and bonding, just one debondee, and your preclear will be
a "Davey Jones' Locker" case a few million years hence.

     Dead Meat.

     A most detested terminal is another being which causes the preclear
to refuse to be part of the High-US, he is actually trying to pull out
or withdraw from the High-US, because the detested terminal is part of
the High-US.

     "You can be the High-YOU for all I care!"

     That's like refusing to get on a bus because your worst enemy is on
the bus too.

     The preclear first supplicates the rest of the High-US to kick the
detested terminal out of the High-US FOREVER, to debond permanently with
the miscreant, which of course fails because it can't happen anyhow, and
then, feeling unsupported, the preclear refuses to be part of the
High-Us himself.

     Which of course fails because it can't happen anyhow, but your
preclear is pretending with all his life force that it can happen and

     Your preclear is 'out of here'.

     Uh, there IS no space or time, where is he going to go?

     So with a little auditing your preclear figures all this out and
maybe he says something like:


     Some people can not handle being forgiven.  They haven't admitted
they are guilty yet.  They will be most detested terminals on other
people's track.
     Many will be detested terminals TO THEMSELVES!

     However, no one walked away from The War clean.

     "You lost your High Masters, and you blamed your High
Apprehentices, and now no one is pure before Source." - Adore

     But presently all this drama is covered in convulsive self
perpetuating not-isness flows.  This results in what happened on the
spiritual plane, trying to repeat itself as history on the physical

     You think atomic war is bad.

     Atomic wars are for a while.

     What we are talking about here was FOREVER.

     Or so it was wished.

     And attempted spiritual murder counts as murder, even if the
preclear lucks out in the end when the while ends in spite of himself.

     Only forgiveness forever can melt the FOREVER, in or out of time.

     Eternal Forgiveness means it never happened.

     Because that is what a full confront and as-isness offers you.

     Dig it and don't leave it.

     You don't need your memory of wrongs, because wrongs are a lie.

     That's what the Cosmic All does, it LIES.

     The almighty creator (you) creates LIES, nothing but LIES.

     That aren't worth remembering.

     What a hoot.

     Thus seek peace, not beauty nor ugly.

     If the preclear would only be there with the convulsive flow of
not-isness when it happens and RECOGNIZE IT AS SUCH, it would lessen in
power and force, and eventually the preclear would be able to smoothly
interrupt it when it happens again, thus reducing it to zero.

     There is a pattern to auditing convulsive not-isness flows.

     Watch it, they are big, like the ocean moving all at once.

     The service facsimile sits like a 40,000 ton cap of stone on the basic
purpose of the being.

     You had better know what you are doing if you are going to remove
that cap and let the well spring gusher free.

     The last time people were free was before The War, that brought
*EVERYONE* asunder.

     At first the not-ising convulses on its own throughout the day and
the preclear has no clue, he gets pushed around in life from here to
there being a nine to fiver.

     Then the not-ising convulses and the preclear notices it AFTER the
fact, way too late, but the preclear says 'I saw that!' and DOES NOTHING

     "Remember the battle and do no more." - Bible
     He is now aware of what that particular convulsion looks like.
     Then the not-ising convulses again and the preclear wakes up into
it as a convulsion somewhere in the middle of it, and can continue it
willfully and let it off smoothly.  This reduces the power of the
automatic flow to the degree and for the period that the pc controls it
consciously and ends it off smoothly under his control.

     Then the not-ising convulses and the preclear wakes up into it
earlier and earlier after it starts, until finally the preclear can wake
up into the convulsion AS it starts and then BEFORE it starts.

     At that point he can say 'Oh Phooey with this!', and the not-isness
convulsion will be no more.

     It is the purpose of the auditor to restimulate, under auditor
control, the start of a not-isness convulsion that is going on
periodically anyhow, that the preclear does not know about, so that the
preclear can begin to see it when it happens and run it out.


     Case is the sum total of illogical efforts to survive.

     Actually to create, survive and destroy.

     If you wanted to be cynical about it, you could say that case
consists of the sum total of VIOLENT ILLOGICAL efforts to solve problems

     Case consists of:

     The effort to vanish via alter-isness or not-isness rather than

     The effort to persist via as-isness rather than alter-isness or

     Case is compounded by questions and answers, particularly wrong
questions and answers.

     Question asking causes continuance of persistence.

     Question asking is the effort to determine how to alter-is or
not-is a condition in order to vanish it.

     Question asking is usually of the form, 'What should I DO about

     Its an effort to vanish A by creating B.

     To unmockup something by mocking up something more.
     Case consists of events of the application of all of the above.

     Each event contains wrong answers to the following questions in the
following order, cementing the event into permanent persistence.


     How long (duration) is included in when, as events happen in a SPAN
of whens called a while.
     Every event exists in its own while.
     Spanning the while then allows as-isness of the whole event at
     Some things can not be as-ised piece meal within the event's while
because the preclear is still in the event as a whole, you see.
     Spanning the while, exteriorizes the preclear from the while of the
event, and thus he can drop the while as a whole upon inspection.

     Yes poking around inside the while helps, but the while and its
event will remain in existence with some force until the while is
spanned and dropped from outside the while.
     Each question higher on the scale hides the answers to the
questions lower on the scale.

     Thus one needs to run when before where, where before how, how
before who, who before what, and what before why.

     When the why is fully gotten, the event will erase.

     Part of the why is the preclear's motivations surrounding putting
the while and its event there, at which point the preclear has total
cause and control over the while, and thus can drop it.

     These questions can and must be run around and around from top to
bottom many times before an event will fully clear.


     Spot NO event.  Spot SOME event.

     When a no event or some event or its masses or entities have been
spotted and is reading well on the meter, run,

       Is there NO when?  Is there SOME when?
       Is there NO where? Is there SOME where?
       Is there NO how?   Is there SOME how?
       Is there NO who?   Is there SOME who?
       Is there NO what?  Is there SOME what?
       Is there NO why?   Is there SOME why?

     Exact wording it not important, but the running of NO and SOME in
sync is utterly important.

     The above are worded as questions, but if you can stay away from
questions you will be better off, because questions cause persistence of
the bank.
     The bank is MADE of questions, and thus questions restimulate
the whole bank.

     The bank is an answer to what should I do and what should I think.

     Asking questions is an invitation to operate your full bank, the
whole thing all at once.

     If NO and SOME won't run on an item that is obviously charged, use
REFUSED and NO until NO reads again.  Then bring it back up to NO AND

     You MAY have to take it down to SUB REFUSED AND REFUSED, but that's
pretty deep, you are auditing mud, tar and solid rock at that point.

     This process will pick up areas of stone and obsidian glass that
need to be opened up with REFUSED until they start flowing back and
forth again with SOME and NO.

     The pc doesn't want to know about it, he really doesn't, and you
are trying to help him know about it anyhow.

     Remember he gave up FOREVER, and tried his best to condemn himself
and everyone else to nothing there forever.

     He can have nothing there forever, but not in time, only out of
time, only in AEternum (latin: Eternity).

     And there is a LOT of something there between where he is now
digging holes and graves at the bottom of time, and where he wants to be
outside of time.

     It is your job to pull him up from the apparency of nothing there,
through millions of years of detested something theres, up through
adored something theres, up to the true nothing there that made all the
adored and detested something theres worth while.

     It is the finite while you are auditing from beginning to end, the
cycle of creation, survival and destruction.

     Notice destruction does not always mean vanishment, although it

     Destruction normally means buried at the bottom of the sea entombed
by all its broken parts, and all the something theres he said were
nothing theres.

     Creation, survival and destruction are simply as-isness, isness and
not-isness, with alter-isness providing the mechanism every step of the

     It starts with peace, moves into love, love becomes hate, and hate
becomes death.

     How do you turn death back into peace?

     You audit the WHILE.

     You audit the FOREVERS out of the while.

     Whiles only persist because everyone is wishing off forevers, first
on others, then on themselves in regret.

     Only the good feel guilty.

     Only sad eyes cry forever.

     Find the good humor, find the sad eyes and the laughing eyes
wailing tears in concert, and you will find the forevers that need to be

     Once the while is gone, all that is left is omni awesome humor and
peace forever for free.

     Until he creates another while.

     But that's another story.


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