STRUCTURE OF CASE the series.


     We describe the true nothing-there at the top of the tone scale as
nothing there.

     We describe the apparent 'nothing there' at the bottom of the tone
scale as 'nothing there'.


     A God can create himself as anything.

     Your preclear longs for the days of walking in limitless undying

     He can do that.

     But if he is is going to love again as a God, he will have to learn
how to hate and regret again like a God too.

     And, in the end how to feel nothing at all, as only a God can.

     Either as ultimate truth, or as ultimate lie.

     This is the emotional curve that takes a being from the beginning
of time at the top of the tone scale, to the end of time at the bottom,
and which echos itself over and over in every loss, both large and
small, in between.

     The cycle of feeling starts at native state with nothing there.

     It then enters ecstatic love at first isness.

     It then falls down through hate and no sympathy at second isness,
to regret.

     From there it sinks out of sight, finally and permanently to
'nothing there' again, total and utter not-isness, at the bottom of the
tone scale.

     A God can and would do that to himself.

     For a while :)

     Nothing there is the birth place of the Gods at the top, and
'nothing there' is the dying place of the Gods at the bottom.

     The final burial ground.

     So if you are walking in 'nothing there,' tread softly, for how
many souls are there, beneath your feet?

     The only difference between the top and the bottom, is at the top
the God is free to put something there, and at the bottom he isn't.

     The bottom is ENFORCED top.

     All aberration is enforced native state.

     The whole thing is held together by beauty, admiration and humor.

     The humor of ludicrous demise.

     The humor is hidden in the brilliance, simplicity and intelligence
of the mechanism of descent.

     The mechanism of descent is not seen on the way down, except by
others high enough to see it, but is seen on the way back up.

     Thus salvation from nothing there at the top or 'nothing there' at
the bottom is a matter of understandings.

     Understandings about nothing there and something there, and the
apparencies of 'nothing there' born of black something there.

     In particular the way to get rid of bottom scale 'nothing there' is
NOT to try to put something there, but to put 'nothing there' some more.

     That's because the 'nothing there' at the bottom is an apparency of
nothing there, it is in actuality a lot of something there in the form
of force, effort, mass, blackness, and invisibility, not to mention the
many something theres that it is trying to cover.

     The way to vanish any something there is to put it there some more,
until it's true as-isness appears, then let go of it and make something

     Thus the way to get rid of the apparency of 'nothing there' at the
bottom is to put more 'nothing there.'

     As you audit the 'nothing there' in this way, your preclear becomes
aware it is very much something there, mega tons worth of it, and
eventually, as the 'nothing there' vanishes, the something there it was
designed to cover starts to surface.

     At which point the surfacing something theres are handled the same
way, put more of them there, let the significances drain off until a
pristine as-isness is clear, then let it go.


     Your preclear has the top of the tone scale confused with the

     The top of the tone scale is truly nothing there.

     The way to 'get rid' of native state nothing there, is to indeed
put something there (first isnesses).

     But then your preclear has tried to get rid of those something
theres, first by putting more OTHER something theres (second isnesses),
then failing that, by putting 'nothing there' using bottom scale forms
of effort, force, mass, blackness and invisibility.

     THEN, God forgive him, and Lord save him, he tries to get rid of
the bottom scale 'nothing theres' by putting more something there.

     But he can't, he has 50 percent of his beingness putting the
original top scale something theres, then he's got the remaining 50
percent of this beingness trying to cover them with bottom scale
'nothing theres.'

     With what energy now will he resist the bottom scale 'nothing
theres' by putting more something theres?

     The way out of a top scale heaven nothing there is to put something

     The way out of a bottom scale hell 'nothing there,' is to put MORE
nothing there.

     You don't solve a Black V case by forcing him to peer into the
darkness to see what is there, or to put something ELSE there anyhow.

     You find out what he can see, even vaguely then you make sure he
can't see even that.

     You turn a Black V case into a Black Infinity case, and then he
will suddenly see how it works, and become an infinity case that can see

     A being can lose utterly.

     This is how he does it.

     This is the mechanism.

     You think spirits have it bad, it's the same for animals.

     There is nothing sadder than seeing a starving animal trying to

     The spirit is using methods to handle top scale nothing theres, to
solve bottom scale 'nothing theres.'

     By putting something more there.

     That's it, that's all there is.

     He is trying to put something there, instead of more 'nothing

     If he can't CREATE what is killing him, he can't remove it and
become independent of it again.

     One has to see it work both going down and going back up to
appreciate it.

     High appreciation for ludicrous demise, powers the dance of
existence from top to bottom, via the dwindling spiral of creation,
survival and destruction at the bottom of the sea.

     It can be turned around at any time.

     It can and will be turned around for everyone at some point before
the end of the present while.

     It shouldn't be turned around too early, people enjoy their games
of sinking ship.  
     Such games are havingness that distract from the terror of total
'nothing there' forever for free (avichi).

     The mechanism of descent is the only mechanism there is, it is not
a mistake and, for a totally self responsible being, couldn't be any
other way.

     It is born of a self locking conception loop, the conception
that conception is not causal, is causal, so then conception
becomes non causal as conceived.

     He has to become facile with creating that loop in order
to stop putting it there.

     Handling A by doing anything at all with B is a waste of time and a
spiritual death trap.

     Descent can get out of control as understandings wane and darken,
and no one is left to audit or be audited.

     It can become impossible, through those lack of understandings, to
turn any of it around for anyone, until understandings arise again,
through reading the words on their tombstone, or through prime
postulates in one or more beings who can help.

     That's called the Messiah Postulate and it rings true through out
the while.

     However God help you if you are the first or only one during such a
time of rebirth.

     A prime postulate is a positive or negative postulate that is
issued by beings, independent of any thing going on before, in the
present or after.

     Prime postulates therefore can help or harm equally well.

     Prime postulates are like a major roll of the dice affecting how
the present turns into the future.

     However that may be, the while WILL end one day, by our own efforts
to understand TRUTH, DESIRE and CAUSE, all significances will vaporize
into humor, all something theres will return to nothing there at native
state, and all will be free to create again.

     Humor and peace are not a REWARD for those that make it go right or
are 'deserving', humor and peace are home to all.

     The fewer that hang out worrying about those who are descending and
what to do about them, the easier it becomes for the descending to wake
up from their descent.

     That's a big statement, don't go by it, lest you believe it without
knowing it.

     We all know instinctively how it works.


     Our artful dodge is well arted.

     Freedom comes from taking posession of your masterpiece.

     These understandings get covered not only by the being's own fair
chosen not-isness, but by the postulates of everyone else to the effect
that others will 'never make it out', either as a worry or as a 'good

     No one can confront the damned, so everyone not-ises them too,
which makes it worse for them.

     They get stuck and have to swim in everyone else's darkness.

     Between 'no one can help you' and 'you don't deserved to be helped'
the descent continues and solidifies.

     Everyone dumping darkness into everyone else's future helps make it

     Think about it, its almost impossible for a being to stay stuck in
anything he alone created.

     That is why we always bring other's along for the ride, so we can
ride the wave of THEIR postulates too.  
     It's our postulate to do so, but it works.

     You can postulate for others too, so watch it, forevers kill.


     Postulating or considering that someone else is or might be
unhelpable forever makes things worse for them.

     But notice, considering that someone is unhelpable makes YOU

     Every abandoned unhelpable being is a blot on the face of God, and
you ARE that God in carnation.

     Where do you think your pimples come from.

     You are your brother's keeper, and I don't care WHO it is, that
person is your brother.

     If you can't help your brother from ruin, that's YOUR RUIN!

     NEED FOR CHANGE is trying to help someone else.

     Guess what?
     FEAR OF WORSENING IS you failed.

     The helpee did a good job of messing you over eh?

     There is no MANDATE to help someone, except if you issue a mandate
to be helped back.

     That kind of help has to be a two way flow even if all you can do
after being helped is to pay it forward, by helping others as you have
been helped.

     And yes, help is often given from a point of view of altitude and
greater skill, scope, span, depth and field, but you can always help
back those who helped you by flowing power uphill to whence power came,
and anyhow you would be surprised who can help who if they want to.

     But in any case, sometimes the best way to help another is to go
clear and get the hell out of the postulate pool so your considerations
about how bad off others are doing don't crystalize down on them like a
ton of gold.

     You don't have to be the one that helps them, you just have to know
that one day they will be helped and will come to help others.


     Wouldn't that be a hoot.

     That forever worry about others, keeps the worrier in and
descending too, because they can't confront leaving the damned behind
forever, who are all laughing to the bottom of their grave anyhow.

     Thus worry can be counter productive.

     That can be a hard one to swallow, we want so much for people to
hurry up and help us, we can't allow ourselves to just be there in

     But if we could do PEACE, we wouldn't NEED help anymore, would we?

     Often the help we WANT, is help to help others we have loved.

     It is not a matter of letting God take care of His own, but of
allowing the High US to take care of itself by whatever means, some of
it you.

     So don't allow your worry about EVERYBODY EVERYWHERE drown out your
ability to help this one now in present time.

     You can make up for your failure to help everyone everywhere by
helping this one here now spectacularly.

     It is an untenable failure in self to be unable to help another, it
doesn't matter whether you love them or hate them.

     A dog pc is someone who can't be helped.

     A dog auditor is someone who can't help.

     A dog auditor is someone who can't blow the final not-isness off a
case.  and who can't deal with the revealed second isnesses of hate,
no-sympathy and regret.

     A dog auditor is someone who handles second isnesses with
not-isness, and then handles not-isness with third isnesses.

     What's a third isness?

     I haven't a clue, but it ain't going up.

     There may be no such thing as a dog pc, but the dog house is filled
with dog auditors.

     Mostly all barking at each other.

     Help powered by love and good humor is worthwhile, but help powered
by drama is a death trap for both, helper and helpee.

     Remember the NEED FOR HELP was originally a fair chosen deceit to
mess you up.

     It became solid and dramatic the day it wasn't confessed.

     Drama means seriousness, PERMANENCE, importance and pain.

     The lack of confession FOREVER thus leads to permanent demise, or
the apparency thereof.
     And also remember that no one could have fallen for the deceit
unless they had tried the same deceit themselves whether it worked or

     Overt do not become overts because of success, overts become overts
because they were TRIED.

     So you do not want to wait around for the end of the while (time)
before you turn yourself and your friends around.

     The days of love and humor await your return *NOW*.


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